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West Coast Cure

Ashram Kush Live Rosin Fresh Press

Rated as high potency.

Ashram Kush Live Rosin Fresh Press is a solventless extract of the Aphrodite, Shangri-La, Stellar Berry, SFV OG, and a Tahoe OG cross. Cultivated by Sunrise Mountain Farms and processed by West Coast Cure’s team of artisan hash makers, its unique terpene profile creates a complex flavor with hints of earthy spice, sweet berries, and zesty citrus. While the high immediately feels like a meditative retreat for the senses, its overarching effect transforms the uptight mindset into a place of relaxed inspiration.

West Coast Cure
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West Coast Cure brings years of connoisseur cannabis mastery to the table, effortlessly offering consumers the best marijuana experience. With an award-winning pedigree and that extra something special, West Coast Cure is the go-to cannabis label for the true connoisseur. It’s not something West Coast Cure works at; they simply have a Passion for Cannabis..

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