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Traditional - Root Beer Float

Root Beer Float 3.5G Jar

Root Beer bong straight to the dome, you’ll be floating like David Blaine. 


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It’s all in the name, TRADITIONAL™. Who we are and what we do is synonymous with loyalty and trust. Born and bred in Los Angeles in 2005, our ethos has always been to exceed and set the standards for the cannabis industry. Alongside other brands and operators, we’ve all matured and grown together symbiotically while assisting each other in our successes. We’re not in the business of competition, but in the business of unification and the elevation of all like-minded parties. We believe in honoring Traditions. From seed to sale, from CEO to customer, everybody on our team is part of our family.


Los Angeles born and bred, we are here to lift up our hometown community by employing the members of our communities, while simultaneously continuing our growth of interest in connecting more with the great people of this city. When we say Pass It On, we’re not just referring to rotation etiquette. We say it more as a calling, a duty to pass on our virtues and build a new generation of people steeped in the Tradition of keeping legacy cannabis authentic and in the hands of those that will build what is to come. We are Traditional. Pass It On.


From our food to our friends, we value quality. And when it comes to cannabis, we only grow and cultivate what we too would consume. Our product has to match our passion. Similar to the growth of our plants, we started from our roots and slowly rose to the light. We are where we are because we truly believe that passion is the force that empowers our drive and keeps our Earth moving. We have and will continue to dedicate ourselves to delivering the purest and cleanest cannabis as far as the nose can smell.


Before our brand came to fruition, we soaked up the plant’s heritage by working with old-school growers with knowledge. Their interest and insight were invaluable in assisting us to create and produce the finest herb. As laws and regulations hardened over the past two decades, we’ve witnessed, endured, and persevered above any opposition due to the legitimate and honorable business ethics that we hold ourselves accountable to. The universal truth ‘as above, so below’ runs fervently throughout all that we make and produce. Staying close to our roots is the foundation on which we built this company on.


Slow and steady wins the race. Here at Traditional we’ve created our own process and pace that allows us to stay current with an ever-changing climate and upkeep demand without compromising quality. We never rush or extend ourselves too far, we Trust The Process. Delivering the best cannabis in the industry means being actively involved and thorough with each step and every aspect of the process. Away from the noise, we’ve supplied licensed cannabis to equally respectable brands with intent on aiding their process. These relationships have flourished from friendship to kindredship.


We have researchers that explore ways to innovatively access and ultimately customize the genetic makeup of the cannabis plant. Our farmers then plant these new ideas and bring them to fruition. Like some cold fresh fruit, we want it to taste something sweet, something delicious. Every bud is different, and we have something for everyone. It’ll be the best thing you’ve put in your mouth since Gushers/Airheads.

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