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4.7 stars


If you had a negative experience with Raw Garden, it’s most likely an exception on the part of the dispensary or how it was handled post production, your tastes are very different, or it’s a fake review/troll. No company is perfect, but Raw Garden consistently produces quality at a reasonable price. I don’t want to pay $100 for a gram of concentrate, but I want an experience. Raw Garden meets the checklist. Since I started using them in 2018, I have not had any faulty cartridges or dab. Again, if anyone has a negative experience with this brand, I encourage them try it again sometime. Although, it is a big world, and there are undoubtedly other great brands. This so happens to be my favorite.

holy sheeuit

all I can say is there is no other vape cart that compares ....90 percent thc and loaded for 2 hrs... thank u also for adding cdb ..

Best Carts Ever!!!

As a medical patient of 6 years, I have finally found the perfect brand! Raw Garden never disappoints with their sauce and live resin vape cartridges. I refuse to go back to those other brands; Raw Garden is the only way to go if you have a need for quality and high THC yielding lab tested products. I am a customer for life if they keep up the amazing work!

Raw Garden Cured Me

I usually don’t write reviews on here but I was given no choice. The shit is too fire and by far the best flavor profile I’ve experienced in a cartridge. Most importantly let’s talk about the high. These bad boys pack a serious punch and you will literally feel gravity upon your eyelids mid-inhale. Plenty of brands out there might get you high but who knows what kinds of solvents or pesticides you might be inhaling. Additionally, Raw Garden’s oil/wax is top tier and utilizes live resin extraction to preserve a broader range of cannabinoids, and terpenes. Can’t go wrong when everything is lab tested and over 80% THC. With that being said, spend that extra buck so you can feel like the euphoric vegetable you’ve always dreamed of being P.S-I don’t even work here
joe glory

These are incredible

Just a heads up, anyone who has left a bad review and used "bad taste" as a reference point is guaranteed frying their oil with high voltage batteries. This oil stinks (in a positive way) like live resin sauce or shatter does. Pretty rare out of a c02 extracted product. These are great.


OMG BY FAR THE WORST CARTRIDGE I HAVE EVER HAD!!! After looking on weed maps at the positive reviews on Raw Gardens I decided to check them out. After the first puff all I could taste is a plastic taste similar to simple green. all I felt was a major headache.After looking at these reviews it seems like they write there own reviews. Just look at the last couple user names if you click on it all the comments are on shops saying you need to get raw cartridges back in stock or in reference TO ANOTHER CARTRIDGE THAT IS NOT RAW. Shame on this company.

never disappoints

every sauce product i’ve had from raw garden has always been amazing! best sauce and live resin that i have tried. and definitely one of my top favorite brands

only real carts out there!!

In direct response the laughable review below: I have used Raw Garden almost exclusively for years and everything about that review could not be further from the truth. Best products, best value, most clean, hands down!! Cheers!


These guys pay for fake reviews. Worst cartridge company around Raw gardens is lying to everybody about how great there product is. When in fact is one of the worst tasting cartridges I have ever had. poor quality oil and is cut with unsafe chemicals. Please be cautious when purchasing from this company. They will lie and tell you it is the best when that is far from the truth. Tastes like burnt popcorn. UNSAFE STAY AWAY!!! MADE ME SICK!
Raw Garden™
Hello, We appreciate you taking the time to share your concern however we want to make it clear that we use no cutting agents, additives, trim, or low-grade starting material in our Refined Live Resin cartridges (or any of our other products). We have test results available on each label. If you would like a copy of the test results from any of our products please email us at Info@rawgarden.farm. We would be happy to help! Thank you!
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Raw garden FTW

So I have been using raw garden exclusively from the time they had the black “rawsin” slips and they had the solvenltess line of melts and really good live sugars and of course live and hash rosin. Now every batch seemed to get better and better to me...they’re interactive, the sauces have amazing flavor and boulders in them plus they’re refined live resin cartridges are next level clean and potent. This summer marks their release of the refined live resin diamonds which is thca so clean and beautiful without the use of CRC! 10/10 all day for me! Can’t wait to have the rosin back, the whole raw garden team is lightyears ahead of most and it shows!!


bought full g of cherry slum nothing like the half g of exterm og now that leaves one thing why did u chsnge the pak aging and cartridge has a cali sticker on it and it drasticly differs from the csrts in your pics of your products im not acusing just asking thank you sorry if u think i want sumthin i dont just ?on how yuk this one was compared to the og extrei still give u five stars but i think sum up
Raw Garden™
Hi! Thank you for reaching out to us and expressing your concern. The Cherry Slurm is an entirely different genetic profile from our Extreme OG strain. The Extreme OG came in our old packaging which is grey; we have since updated our box to white. The CA! Sticker is required by state regulations, we hope you understand. We’d love to know more about your situation so that we can best assist. Please email us; info@rawgarden.farm. Thank you!
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Wax pen specifically

The stealth of a wax pen makes it super ideal to always have around and I was in need of a new one, so when a text from HTP (vallejo) popped up suggesting a Raw Gardens™ wax cart with a free battery I figured why not? Using it now, with a 92% THC content cart, it’s amazing. The hits are super smooth and it’s not taxing on your lungs, and the hits are crazy hard. I choose this indica in particular, Cotton Candy Cookie, because it was suggested for medicinal users w back pain. I had spinal surgery 5 years ago and not many things help with the pain. It took a few hits but what was seriously aching a few minutes ago, I can barely feel now. Definitely recommend at least a try, but I know I’ll be back !

My new favorite

WOW this is the bomba 💣

life saving medicine!!

where do i start i love rawgarden its been my lifesaving medicine im very sick on dialysis for kidney failure and had my pancreas gallbladder spleen appendix removed so im on opiates and and rawgardens indica sauce has helped me get off the really strong opiates (fentanyl) and helps me get through withdrawal symptoms and nausea! there meds are top notch and priced correctly unlike other companies charging $100+ a gram when both are going to equally make me feel better so with my health i only trust 1 brand and thats RAWGARDEN!!!! nothing but FIRE!

uh mazingggg

Absolutely love raw garden wax!! So much I have a rig specially for ONLY raw garden wax! Compared to so many wax raw garden tops them all to me. I have not been able to find a good wax for a reasonable price and the quality is fire! Never have had any issues or complaints about raw gardens products. And have been a customer for over 3 years. Definitely recommend their products. 10/10!!

First Time Experience

So, where do I start? I have been in the oil game for almost 3 years. I know there are a lot of brands, so it usually comes down to personal preference. Everyone has different tolerance levels, so if someone tells you a strain is bomb or weak, you wouldn’t truly know unless you experienced it yourself. It’s good to try different “clean” brands, so you don’t feel repetitive. With that said, I decided to try Raw Gardens. Reading majority of positive reviews, I went with an Indica Hybrid dominant, “Supernova”. Let me first say that upon cyphing, I did not expect it to flow through so quick lol Most cartridges have a tighter air flow, not Raw Garden! It has a clean hit, and you can definitely taste the terpenes profile! If you’re suffering from any moderate to severe ailments, I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for high quality oil. It is very potent, and perfect for the beginner to the connoisseur.
Raw Garden™
Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. We are so glad to hear that you enjoy our product! Thanks for the support.
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Amazingly Helpful

I am truly amazed by raw gardens the quality is always top notch I can literally try any flavor and fall in love it's like Pokemon you wanna catch em all lol but seriously if I have a question or ask about a drop or just any info the team always responds to me something I've never been used to before this is why I choose raw garden and if you haven't you should to from sauce to live resin and those carts are all great these are the first ones I've ever had to stop smoking I feel like I puff to tough on the other brands Oooo baby I like it Raw like ODB said!!


HONESTLY I have always hated the taste of cartridges that oily chemical taste then I found raw garden when I was working at 10 spot (now called the spot). Tried it one time, now I HATE using any other cartridges besides Raw Garden PLUS LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT their sauce. Need a one hit and done!!! DUDE!!! Any of those sauces will put you on your butt. I love how consistant, tasteful, and clean all the PRODUCTS are from raw garden. Keep up the great work and the amazing customer service.

Nothing beats Raw Gardens

Raw gardens is the best sauce/live resin on the market. It’s cheap and very high quality. Nothing beats their quality, even the more expensive brands. It’s not over terpy or dry, it tastes how concentrates should. Raw Gardens is the standard for me, I won’t settle for anything less.

Love you guys!!!!!!!!!

Not only is there product amazing but there customer service is 10/10 amazing. I had bought a cartridge that had leaked and practically completely emptied, it also ruined my vape. I reached out to Raw Garden via Instagram and they were so helpful. Explained to me why it might of happened and sent me a new vape. They also helped me replace my cartridge. They are worth every single penny for sure!!!!