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Ginger Snap

Rated as high potency.

1g THCa Diamonds

OozeX Live Resin Diamonds are truly the crème of the crop. These THCa crystals formed in terpene rich sauce and separated from the sauce to make your experience as simple and mess-free as possible. Enjoy a powerful, uplifting dabbing experience that perfectly balances potency and flavor. A dab of Ginger Snap THCa is the Xtract version of drinking an energy drink! Give yourself a boost with these gorgeous diamonds that won't leave your dabber sticky.

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At OozeX, we aspire to bring the use and love of concentrates to the mainstream. In a world filled with flower, dabs can seem daunting to the cannabis newcomer. We’ve taken the industry knowledge we’ve cultivated over the years as the maker of the world’s best-selling vape battery, and channeled it into an accessible line of Xtracts.  

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