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NUG is the fastest growing cannabis brand in California, represented in over 80% of California dispensaries. We are a driven and mindful company determined to normalize the Cannabis experience. We are growing change.

NUG is legitimizing the cannabis experience for our customers, empowering our partners to deliver high quality cannabis products and entrusting our ambassadors to educate the masses.

Our industry leading technology has allowed our grows to consistently scale up production. NUG’s indoor grow produces over ten strains of top shelf flower - including the cannabis cup winning Sativa - Premium Jack. Our seed to sale facilities are monitored by our proprietary track and trace system which follows the life of a plant from clone to product.
NUG labs has grown into the industry leader for concentrate production. As one of the only C1D1 cannabis production facilities in the United States we are able to manufacture top of the line extracts at a staggering pace. Using distilled THC from our lab, NUG edibles continues to innovate the consumable market space with award winning products such as NUG bars and NUG gummies.

As an early adopter of the Oakland Equity Program, we continue to lead the Cannabis as a Catalyst for Change movement. The equity program has received international attention and is breaking new ground on reversing the ill effects that the war on drugs had on communities throughout the United States. We believe this is the tip of the iceberg on showcasing the positive effects cannabis can have on local communities.
To help motivate change, we are opening NUG retail locations throughout California in 2019. These will be ground zero for our message to reach local communities and provide safe reliable access to our products and other industry leading goods.

Our Oakland based business empowers members of the Cannabis community to embrace cannabis normalization. We are growing change.

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State License

  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-T00000325
  • Distributor M11-18-0000070-TEMP



Quality & price

The quality of their flower was phenomenal! I had the gelato and the taste was great! Also got it for a good price. I also had their gelato shatter and it tasted and smelled delicious! Products weren’t harsh. Def reccomend!!!!

Garbage pre rolls

Headband pre rolls were packed so tightly unable to get a single draw. Unwrapped another and it kept its rock hard form and I was surprised to find powdered garbage flower. I’ve smoked a LOT of pre rolls and these can’t even be called as such. Waste of money and the company never contacted me back after complaining. Will never do business with these people again. What a joke

Edibles vs Concentrates

These guys make some of the best if not the best chocolate bars in the game but their concentrates can use a lot of help. I picked up 3 different grams and they all have the same funky aftertaste. Nug all day for edibles but I'd go with RG for concentrates for sure.