Mirayo by Santana


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"Mirayo is my salute and invitation to celebrate your invaluable, essential divine light" - Carlos Santana

We invite you to our sungrown cannabis collection. Cultivated with artisanal craft and traditional patience, our products brim with the natural qualities prized by spiritual seekers.


The Mirayo story begins in Mexico, where Santana's mother made traditional remedies of cannabis. "A gift from Heaven" says Carlos, "to awaken consciousness and find the frequency of healing."


7-gram jar of whole flower

Tin of five 1/2-gram pre-rolls

Categories of Consciousness

Strains to enhance your mind-body energy flow.

Radiance | Sativa - Expand energy outward, reaching for divine wisdom and inspiring creative expression.

Symmetry | Hybrid - Harmonize the inward and outward, mind and body, for elevated perception.

Centered | Indica - Toward inner peace, insightful stillness and transcendence of the physical state.

Essence | CBD - Dispel the veil of stress from the mind and body for clarity and calm in your divine light.

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