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All natural nourishment


Made From Dirt supplies the nourishment your skin craves with a line of all-natural topicals. Made From Dirt utilizes the benefits of Cannabidiol, CBD, and other organic ingredients to treat everyday ailments like pain, stretch marks, and insomnia. This family operated cannabusiness keeps your needs in mind. Thanks to discreet packaging and wonderfully fragrant salves and creams, Made From Dirt products will not call unwanted attention to their patrons. Regularly apply one of Made From Dirt’s organic skin care products to enhance your skin and quality of life.



Made From Dirt was established by husband and wife cannabis enthusiasts with a dedication to organic products. They entered the cannabis industry in 2007, working at a medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana. They shop-hopped as dispensaries closed and opened throughout southern California.


New life, new leaf.

When the couple found they were expecting,  their outlook on products shifted. The pair grew concerned with the amount of chemicals found in everyday products, especially skincare. The wife began to create her own cosmetics, and the two of them dove into researching the benefits of CBD with a mission: create affordable, non-intoxicating, CBD-infused topicals that can reach those in the cannabis community and beyond. The result was Made From Dirt, and the two were overjoyed to launch their cannabis brand in 2017.



Aromatherapy meets cannabis therapy

Made From Dirt sources premium-quality, kosher hemp, organically cultivated in Colorado. Those hemp flowers are then extracted into an isolated oil with active CBD and blended into skincare products. Made From Dirt only uses natural ingredients to craft balms and salves. No artificial coloring, or parabens enter Made From Dirt products, and all product fragrances are derived from high-quality essential oils.



Brighten your days and nurture your skin into radiant beauty; daily application of Made From Dirt’s Sunflower Salve will leave you glowing and moisturized. Organic Sunflower Salve is an excellent aid for damaged or aging skin. This salve delivers the benefits of sunflowers and lemongrass along with the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Diminish the appearance of scars or stretch marks with Made From Dirt’s Organic Stretch Mark Salve. This salve combines skin healing ingredients vitamin E, Shea Butter, eucalyptus, tamanu oil and, of course, CBD. Ease your racing mind and find a good night’s rest with Organic Sleep Balm by Made From Dirt. Apply this balm to your skin for incredibly calming effects thanks to its synergy of cannabidiol, chamomile, cedarwood, and lavender. Cool and relieve stiff and sore joints with their Organic Peppermint Pain Salve. Massage this balm into those tense areas and feel your muscles loosen as CBD and peppermint partner up for your wellness.


Lab Testing

The safety and accuracy of Made From Dirt products mean everything to their team. Made From Dirt is proud to offer lab tested cannabis products provided by CW Analytics. The entire line of Balms and Salves undergoes full-spectrum lab testing from cannabinoid content to pesticides.

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