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KAVIAR MOONROCKS are made from premium flower that's infused with hash oil, then rolled in kief.

Our MOONROCKS are dense, potent, and smooth.

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Kaviar has crafted the creme de la creme of cannabis. Creating a dazzling line-up of handmade, artisan concentrates and infused pre-rolled cones, Kaviar aims to heighten the marijuana experience, elevating the smoking experience to a luxury level. Utilizing the highest-quality Colorado flower fully infused with CO2-extracted oil, and coated in kief, Kaviar redefines the relationship between cannabis and elegance. Whether you bring a fine bottle of wine or a Kaviar cone to the party, you’re making a statement about yourself: you’re someone who lives the life of luxury. Kaviar: experience the trifecta.


Kaviar began with a mission to elevate the connotation of a cannabis consumer. We dedicate our efforts to creating some of the world’s finest marijuana products, continuously delivering moments of euphoria to our customers. Founded in 2016, Kaviar was formed as an innovative entrepreneurial force in the cannabis industry, with a strong belief in marijuana’s positive impact on the citizens of Colorado. Taking months to perfect the recipe, Kaviar would not rest until we created a marijuana product we are proud to put on dispensary shelves. Focusing on innovation, consistency, and potency, Kaviar has carved a niche for itself as a luxury, premium cannabis brand, offering a more robust smoking option for concentrate lovers and something strong for traditional smokers.


Kaviar crafts each of their marijuana goods in-house, with a proprietary infusion process for a consistent, powerful, and potent experience. Offering a luxury cannabis experience is what Kaviar does best. Their Moonrocks offer a trifecta of cannabis excellence: finely-grown flower, thoroughly soaked (not just coated) with cannabis oil, and rolled in kief. The result is a beautiful moonrock of Kaviar that smokes at a potency to rival concentrates. The Kaviar cones are a connoisseur favorite, rolling 1.5g of Kaviar in a glass tipped cone, all lovingly crafted in the name of luxury.

Lab Testing:

To ensure consistency, Kaviar tests every batch of cannabis oil and final product for potency, contaminants, and quality, allowing them to adjust their processes to enable precise dosing and exquisite end products. Thanks to their dedication to luxury, Kaviar’s moonrocks test between 60-70% THC on average, while their cones test between 35-45% THC.


Cannabis consumers in search of an elevated experience can find Kaviar’s products in dozens of dispensaries across Colorado. Their moonrocks and cones feature in Starbuds, LivWell, Lightshade, Sweet Leaf, LoDo Wellness, Euflora, Tetra Hydro Center, Emerald Fields, and many more. For the most current list of locations visit

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