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incredibles - Pumpkin Pie - Chocolate - 100mg

Rated as high potency.

Limited edition, unlimited flavor. Grab a blanket and curl up with this cozy delight. Pumpkin spice, white chocolatey graham cracker, divine nostalgia. incredibles Pumpkin Pie chocolate offers 100mg THC total, with 10mg THC per piece. Made with pure THC distillate in a homogeneous mixture to ensure accurate dosing and consistency.

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Our story began with “special cookies” to help ease Grandma Noni’s pain. When she told us they tasted as good as they made her feel, it was all we needed to hear. Those cookies grew up to be incredibles—Loved for unique flavors. Trusted for original recipes. Made to deliver consistent experiences.

Industry OGs

Back in the day, consuming edibles could be compared to spinning the roulette wheel. Edible consumption meant risk, because effect and dose were a mystery. Our founders, Josh Fink, Derek Cumings, Rick Scarpello, and Bob Eschino, helped change that. By demarcating mg servings using a unique chocolate mold that made it easy to understand how much they were ingesting, incredibles became dose transparency pioneers, helping to establish the standard seen today.


The Credible Edible

We believe a good edible experience shouldn't be a gamble. We make our edibles with high potency THC distillate in a homogenized mixture to help limit variability in dosing. No guessing or stressing, just flavors you can savor!  

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