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About us

Best of Weedmaps 2022 brand nominee



Medically Correct, LLC, also known as Incredibles, creates delectable award-winning edibles that have been claiming titles like “Best Tested Edible” and “Best Edible” in competitions, including the THC Championship and Cannabis Cup, since 2013. They take great pride in their lab-tested products and incorporate a wholesale manufacturing business model with the largest distribution channel in Colorado. Incredibles leads the industry in ­­­­marijuana-infused chocolates, eVapes, concentrates, and gummies with more product lines on the horizon.



Incredibles strives to distribute their products nationally while harnessing the power of private enterprise to advocate for safe cannabis access by delivering the marijuana industry’s most consistently potent THC oils, extracts, and edibles.



With more than 30 years of experience in R&D, business development, and packaging, Bob Eschino, and Rick Scarpello added business owners to their resume. Medically Correct, LLC, makers of Incredibles and Incredibles extract brands, is a Colorado-based cannabis company dedicated to creating a variety of medicated edibles that offer both taste and potency. Since 2010, Incredibles has grown to be one of the leading cannabis vendors in Colorado and has won many awards for their marijuana-infused products. Incredibles continued to expand their inventory by developing and launching Incredibles Extracts and Extractors in 2014.



Incredibles spares no expense when it comes to production, using nothing but terpene-rich genetics and proprietary closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction technology. They have a reputation for producing consistent marijuana products and use the highest quality cannabis oil and organic ingredients. Incredibles has invested in long-term growth and has become a leader in food safety protocols, extraction technology, and consumer safety while infusing all products with the highest quality extracts on the market.



Cannabis chocoholics can sink their teeth into rich handcrafted Incredibles chocolate bars made with high-grade cannabis oil and organic ingredients available in wild flavors like Blueberry Bliss, Fire Berry, Firecracker, Orange 100, and Mile Higher Mint 500 available in doses ranging up to 300 mg. Incredibles offers a line of medicated gummies in Sativa, Indica, Original, and THC/CBD formulas that contain up to 300 mg of THC and CBD in fun flavors including Champagne, Red Licorice, CBD Strawberry, and Sour packs. Each medicated edible comes in accurately measured dosage squares. Incredibles also produces a gluten and sugar-free, non-GMO THC/CBD Syringes and line of concentrates that include black and yellow label shatters, vape cartridges, terpene-infused ePens, and full-spectrum sauces that are developed and extracted in-house and cultivated specifically for terpene extraction.      

Lab Testing

Incredibles sends their products to state-certified labs to undergo a rigorous testing process. Incredible edibles and extracts exceed state regulations and are of unmatched quality.  Incredibles leads the industry by consistently produce high-quality, handcrafted cannabis products.




Incredibles is a Colorado-based company that creates top-notch cannabis-infused goods. They have a loyal fan base for their incredible line of products and wholesales to more than 760 dispensaries throughout Colorado. Consumers can also find Incredibles products in dispensaries all over California and Nevada and hope to distribute their products to dispensaries overseas.


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