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GO HIGHER with HIMALAYA's top-shelf cannabis concentrates.  Authentic Flavor, Original Terpenes, Always Pure! We source single origin cannabis directly from smallholder farmers, and carefully refine them to make the highest potency full-spectrum oil on the market! Our process preserves the strain's full, original terpene profile to deliver authentic flavor and effects.

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  • Distributor A11-18-0000049-TEMP
  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-T00000369



surprised the hell out of me. Taste like live res

I was skeptical at first because they say it's distillate with cannabis derived terpenes. I have tried numerous companies that say this. Stiiizy, sunderstorm, select, etc. And alot of them taste like they use a blend of fake terps and Cannabis terps, it just has a fake flavor to it. stiiizy and SUNDERstorm taste like Brass knuckles and HH and HH admitted to using "Natural blend" of terps. select uses cannabis derived terps but so little every cart taste the same. NOW HIMALAYA... I got this cart and was surprised as fuck. I opened it and immediately I smelled the terps and u could tell it was from the plant it smelled like live resin. similar to raw garden. But raw garden sells theirs as Live resin. Himalaya is the first company that sells distillate with CDT that actually taste fire like the strain should. for any smokers out there that only fuck with carts that taste like tree, this is it. They are similar to raw garden but a little cheaper. Himalaya one of my go tos now.

Impressive display of a perfect product

Their packaging reminds me of an apple product, smooth mat box and a perfect little insert to hold the cartridge. It lists out all of the ingredients and percentages respective to each chemical. And, of course, the liquid itself is enjoyable in all the ways it should be. This company is sure to blossom into a staple brand in this market if it hasn't already. Keep up the good work!

Vape brand

I love this company it's the best of the best. I've tried multiple different companies and nothing compares to Himalaya. The cannabis is strong and taste great, my favorite was the GDP and there's too I can't blame them it's amazing. Since there adding strains I've tried the gooberry kush and it's fabulous. I would recommend everyone to try gooberey kush it's perfect and has a good taste. This company is perfect with customer care and questions. 10 out of 10 stars.