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Melon Sherbert Profilez Cartridge 1g

Your melon will love the high from a Hellavated Melon Sherbert hit. Don’t worry about a brain freeze.

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HELLAVATED - Premium vape carts and other dank goodies!! 

Hellavated Profilez

Rip a fat hit of the tastiest vapes on the planet, Hellavated Profilez. It's the ideal combo of right potency, terpenes and effects to deliver the headinesss Hellavated has become known and loved for. 

Hellavated Profilez packs a powerful punch but as a smooth and easy vaping experience. Athletes, anarchists, metal heads, hip-hop legends, bikers, hikers, loners, stoners, geeks, hipsters, skaters, and gamers all love Hellavated, you will too!. 

Hellavated Strainz 

You better getup, get out and get some! Hellavated Strainz is dedicated to those that love strain specific effects along with a smooth vaping experience. Crafted from proprietary botanical blends that match strain specific cannabis terpenes, Hellavated Strainz delivers a consistent vaping flavor and feeling every time. 

Hellavated Terpz

Hellavated is so good and so popular they've tried to ban us! In response we flipped the script on the haters and released a product line with only 100% cannabis terpenes. Available in tasty, wilder blends and maxed out potency to make your selection simple. Ain't nothin is gonna break our stride, nothing's gonna slow us down!  

Hellavated Gummiez

Who doesn't love Hellavated Gummiez? We started with the amazing flavor Profilez of our original vape carts and expanded that deliciousness into edibles. Now you can enjoy your favorite Hellavated flavor as a soft, perfectly chewy and tasty (and Vegan!) edible. We max out potency to the most THC allowed by law, so Hellavated is sure to rock your world!

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