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Grow West is a family-owned Medical Cannabis Grow in Cumberland, Maryland. Our mission is to connect people with the power of plants. We are dedicated to education in the field of natural wellness and proud to offer the qualified patients of Maryland our own naturally grown medical-grade cannabis strains. At Grow West we love what we do.


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greatful customer

I am happy to have a selection of fresh well grown flower and fresh tastes. I think grow west Is by far my choice in dispensarys around western md the store is clean relaxing and the staff is a step above they are polite and easy to talk to. If there's a question they are quick to answer respect and honesty is what patients are needing in md more like the staff at grow west thank you for all you do from a very happy patient Tim V.

Pre rolls

Pre rolls are the worst I’ve ever had most are rolled loose. While others aren’t packed great at all its like they’ve lost weight and there’s pockets of nothing in them very disappointed.

Not happy with quality!

I tried the Mandarin Cookies and I was so disappointed I’ll probably never buy Grow West again! It reminds me of some nasty Mexican dirt weed that no one wanted to buy in the 90’s. Leaves the worst taste in my mouth to where I don’t even want to finish the joint! Spend a little extra and get yourself some real meds not Shwagg!