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Great Northern Cannabis, Inc. is an Alaska corporation.  We have a simple, but robust mission: to produce Alaska's finest cannabis and offer it to our customers at competitive prices with superior customer service and a unique shopping experience. We also want to lead Alaska's cannabis industry as a role model for other businesses.  We practice 100% compliance 100% of the time.  In fact, regulatory compliance is one of our company's core values.

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Best Shop in town!

This place definitely the best spot in town. Their flower is top-notch and they have daily deals that are the best. The regular price are very competitive also.

I love this place!!

I’ve been to about every weed store in AK. (Seriously) Great Northern Cannabis is one of my favorites. The products are good. The selection is great and the staff is incredible. Everyone is so friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The price on edibles needs to come down.... that’s my only complaint, but this goes for all weed shops that carry edibles. -K
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Can't get enough

It took me one visit to Great Northern Cannabis to realize they had everyone beat. My first visit was welcomed with a clean environment, happy employees who were eager to educate me on their products, and a very competitive price point. I have been a returning customer for a few months now, and I have NOT looked back. I've given the other dispensaries a try, and have had what is to be expected... a young cashier, on their phone before I come up to the counter, and a "have a great day" when I leave. GNC has, without a doubt, continued to impress me, and all my friends that I have brought with me to experience what an Alaskan Dispensary SHOULD be, friendly, affordable, knowledgeable, and holding onto some killer bud. Thanks GNC! Best Regards, SJ.