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Citrus Apricot [Infused 5 Pack] GHF x FIELD

Hello, sunshine. Where sugar meets citrus, this pre-roll checks all the boxes for a calm and creative high. You can expect a bold, lemon-berry blast to the palate that’ll linger long after you’ve burned this one down. The initial euphoria fades gently into a chilled out vibe, as the slight indica dominance tempers the high and rounds out this potent, vibrant pre-roll.

Flavors: bold and bright citrus, with berries in the background

Feelings: contentment and creative clarity 

Usage: mood booster, creativity enhancer

Strain Collab: (Orange Apricot x Blue Dolphin) extract x Sugar Tarts flower

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We’re proud of what we grow. That’s why our expert cultivators craft our cannabis flower by hand, in state-of-the-art greenhouses, drenched in the SoCal sun. It’s about quality. Each flower is trimmed and packaged with exceeding care to deliver a consistently premium craft cannabis product. Every decision we make begins with how we can preserve the Central Coast’s rich history, honor the people we call our friends and neighbors and protect our local environment for future generations.

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