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Forbidden Flowers

Zone In: Sugar & Spice [Infused 12pk]

Ever felt comforted by a warm cookie straight out of the oven? Well, this pre-roll is kinda like that. Its dessert-like taste with a spicy kick grounds in the present moment while also allowing you to let go of your worries. Perfect for snuggling on the couch, indulging in a yoga class, or treating yourself to a spa day, you can’t go wrong with sugar, spice, and everything nice.


Feelings: Balanced, Present, Chill

Flavor: Peppery, Earthy, Sweet Lemon

Usage: Unwinding, Movie Marathon, Chill Night In

Forbidden Flowers
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Born out of a love for cannabis and a belief in the power of self-expression.

We teamed up with Glass House Farms to curate an exclusive line of cannabis products that capture your unique style and outlook on life. Forbidden Flowers is unabashedly sexy, cheeky, and fully free-spirited. True to our mission of inspiring people to embrace and express who they really are, we've curated a collection of strains that enhances your connection to your innermost spirit. From relaxing indicas to inspiring sativas, we're proud to offer high-quality cannabis for you to enjoy in your daily life, with selections to satisfy every desire.

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