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Forbidden Flowers

Turn On: Violet Daydream [12pk]

Float on a cloud of euphoria with this potent indica-leaning strain. Part of the tropic heat family, these enchanting, purple buds smell of delicious tropical fruits but with a diesel-forward kick. Sort of like you just rolled down the window of your car as you cruise down the coast of Hawaii, the wind blowing in your hair. And like any good vacation hotel room, these buds will leave you feeling frisky and ready to explore your wilder side.


Feelings: uplifted, intrigued, open

Flavor: diesel, pineapple, ripe mango

Usage: Intimate dinner, getting it on

Lineage: OG Kush Breath x Purple Punch

Forbidden Flowers
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Born out of a love for cannabis and a belief in the power of self-expression.

We teamed up with Glass House Farms to curate an exclusive line of cannabis products that capture your unique style and outlook on life. Forbidden Flowers is unabashedly sexy, cheeky, and fully free-spirited. True to our mission of inspiring people to embrace and express who they really are, we've curated a collection of strains that enhances your connection to your innermost spirit. From relaxing indicas to inspiring sativas, we're proud to offer high-quality cannabis for you to enjoy in your daily life, with selections to satisfy every desire.

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