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Chill Out: Midnight Thorneberry [12pk]

Users report feeling relaxed.

Midnight Thorneberry, a wonderfully heavy Indica is potent with delicious fruity notes, and large fuzzy buds. This strain provides calming relief you need after a long hectic day at work, or simply when needing to wind down.


Feelings: euphoric, relaxed, sleepy

Flavor: fruity, gassy, sweet

Usage: winding down, going to sleep

  • Blueberry
  • Berry
  • Grape
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With a name as mysterious and intriguing as Midnight, it’s no wonder two iterations of the strain exist on the cannabis market. MIDNIGHT BY TIKUN OLAM The strains Israel-based breeder Tikun Olam used to created their version of Midnight are a secret known only to the company. Sources online say the strain has an earthy, blueberry scent and slightly herbal aftertaste. Midnight has 8% THC and 11% CBD, suggesting mitigated psychoactive effects in keeping with Tikun Olam’s pursuit of medicinal cannabis. Since the company keeps a tight lid on all information except the availability of Midnight, there’s little growing information available. The buds are green and purple in coloring with a sugary coat of trichomes. Presumably, Midnight has good yields as it was developed for commercial production. MIDNIGHT BY VANCOUVER ISLAND SEED COMPANY Midnight is a cross of The Black and Fucking Incredible created by Vancouver Island Seed Company. It inherits its sweet and earthy flavor profile from the Fucking Incredible, according to the breeder. Midnight reaches full maturity and flowers in about seven weeks. The cultivar grows tall and produces dark green foliage and solid yield of purple-tinged buds.

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