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Layer Cake Cured Wax

Made with premium cured buds, Cured Resin Wax is a terpene rich, highly potent concentrate that delivers the strain specific effect and flavor profile of your favorite District Cannabis premium flowers. Wax can be enjoyed in a vaporizer, dab rig, or sprinkled into your favorite pre-roll for a potency boost.

District Cannabis
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To most growers, the flower they harvest is the end of the road. For us, it’s just the beginning.

Our mission is to grow more than the world’s best Cannabis. We’re growing a better world. One that’s more caring, compassionate, understanding, and informed.

Behind every Gelato Cake, Cherry Chem, and Lemon Royale Flower is something bigger: our mission to create meaningful, positive change in the world.

To fight for equality within the industry and society. To give those in need access to the medicine they require. To change perceptions about this miraculous plant and the power it contains. To soothe and heal, without hurting Mother Earth.

Every day we learn a bit more about the unlimited potential cannabis holds, and there’s nothing we like more than sharing it with you. Because to us, cannabis is much more than a plant; it’s our chance to change the world, one person, one patient, one policy at a time.


District Cannabis, A Higher Purpose.

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