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Sunset Sherbet x Wedding Cake

Users report feeling relaxed.

A cross of two well deserved award winning strains, Wedding Cake and Sunset Sherbet, this flower combines the chronic of Cali and the skunky goodness of Amsterdam's Sherbet to create a dreamy flower, in more ways than one. There is something about her that so attractive, it can be like an obsession. After a perfect cure from DANK, the hints of amber and layers of green get covered in her own resin...frosted with keef. An indica leaning hybrid, expect to experience the entourage of cannabinoids with medicinal benefits.

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THC: 7-21.4%

Also known as Sherbert or Sunset Sherbert, this strain is an Indica-leaning hybrid that crosses a female GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) with a Pink Panties male.

Sherbert was accidentally produced in San Francisco Bay when Mr. Sherbinski introduced a male Pink Panties into a room of GSC he was growing at his grandmother's house.

Sherbet was the 3rd-place winner at the 2017 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup for best Coffeeshop Flower.

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