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Mars OG

Users report feeling relaxed.

Mars OG is one spacey indica coming out of the California Bay Area . Given its planetary name in reference to its original growing conditions, planetary strains like Mars OG refer to strains that begin indoors and are moved outdoors to complete the grow cycle. Here at DANK, we cultivate Mars OG completely indoors for security and environmental control. With a hearty, thick taste and pungent smell, Mars OG is serious plant medicine. The frosty buds are ripe with resin, making joint rolling a pleasure. Pro-tip: some the entire joint each time, that way you get the full impact of the various terpenes and cannabinoids this plant offers.

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  • Tea
  • Ammonia
  • Cheese
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Mars OG

Just like the tiny green men rumored to dwell on our neighboring red planet, little is known about the origins of Mars OG.

This potent variety is perhaps a clone-only phenotype of Fire OG. Others speculate the scrumptious strain is named Mars for its scattering of bright, red pistils. Others claim its planetary name refers to a specific method of growing that starts indoors and moves outdoors before flowering.

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