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Grease Monkey

Users report feeling relaxed.

Get strapped in for Grease Monkey. A contender for the prettiest flower in the DANK garden, GM does not disappoint those seeking a cerebral buzz and body numbing effects. A delight to twist into joints, the perfectly cured buds break up nicely to reveal a coated interior of sticky resin. With overwhelming grower excitement and glowing customer satisfaction, Grease Monkey is serious plant medicine.

A cross between other DANK favorites, Grease Monkey is an indica hybrid of Gorilla Glue and Cookies n Cream. With genetics like that, get set for an enjoyable trip as you relax into your body.

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  • Diesel
  • Woody
  • Chemical
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Grease Monkey

Exotic Genetix introduced a mother Gorilla Glue #4 to a Cookies & Cream father to create the rare hybrid called Grease Monkey. It’s reported to smell and taste like an earthy mix of vanilla and petroleum.

Reports online say Grease Monkey delivers deep relaxation that can lead to sleepiness.

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