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Curio Wellness™

GI by Curio: Comfort Tablets [15mg CBD: 40mg CBG: 1mg THC]

Developed by our Scientific Advisory Board, GI by Curio™ Comfort tablets are specifically formulated to help address the symptoms associated with gastrointestinal conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, and others. Relief from GI issues may be found in the right combination of THC (for pain), CBD (for inflammation), and CBG (anti-microbial). A Convenient solution, so no guessing about strain types, terpenes, or dosage methods to find relief. 60 tablets per bottle.

Curio Wellness™
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Curio Wellness™ is cultivating a better way of life. As a trusted healthcare partner providing safe, effective, and reliable products, we seek to continually elevate the healthcare conversation through education and patient experiences that are truly transformative. Whether for our patients, partners, or employees, we seek to inspire and affect innovative healthcare solutions.


We are proud Marylanders who are looking to affirm the values of our state and meet the growing need to sustain our local economy. Driven by a team of experienced executives and renowned researchers and physicians, we’re looking to connect people like you with the amazing health benefits of cannabis.


Our premium flower is hygienically cultivated to provide a safe, effective, and reliable product. That’s why we utilize the industry’s most advanced environmental controls and automated irrigation & fertigation systems. This precise and customizable infrastructure allows us to grow each cultivar in optimized conditions similar to their indigenous environment. Because every cultivar has slightly different nutrient needs, our water system is engineered to deliver purified water along with a unique mix of nutrients ideal for each individual plant. We’re able to recycle virtually all of our water internally, cleaning and purifying it repeatedly, and greatly reducing our environmental impact.


Our best-in-class facility, designed and built using both FDA and cGMP guidelines, employs the best practices of highly experienced agronomy and pharmacology professionals.  We process the finest plant material using state-of-the-art CO2 extraction equipment in a dedicated clean room, complemented by an in-house analytical laboratory.  As a premium medicinal cannabis brand, we're devoted to the highest safety and hygienic standards through every step of the process. 


Curio Wellness: Our brand and products are rooted in science. That's more than a statement, it's a fact. The Curio Wellness leadership team works closely with our renowned team of scientists to formulate premium products that best serve Maryland’s medical cannabis patients.  

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