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CRU Cannabis
Blissful Wizard (1G Fatboy Pre-Roll)
Users report feeling euphoric.


Earthy & Nutty, Hint of Apple


Energizing & Uplifting, Euphoria




  • Skunk
  • Earthy
  • Woody
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CRU Cannabis is a California Licensed Cultivator. Our premium artisanal indoor product is cultivated with our own nutrients and without any harmful pesticides. We've sourced exclusive genetics to be able to curate a diverse library of over 100 high testing and exotic strains. With the aim to give your the best experience all of our flower are hand trimmed and have our highest THC content.

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Blissful Wizard

The Captain’s Connection cast this spell by mixing its own Captain’s Cookies with the legendary GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) to get cone-shaped buds covered with orange hairs and shimmering trichomes.

According to reports online, Blissful Wizard lives up to its cookie heritage with a sweet, citrusy flavor profile and high THC levels.

The hybrid is said to be excellent for pain relief, delivering an energetic lift. Blissful Wizard won first place in Non-Solvent Hash at the SoCal Cannabis Cup in 2015.

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