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We are the Cream Of The Crop, creme de la creme, best of the best. Might seem cliche, but we have spent years perfecting our cultivation methods in pursuit of quality products that not only achieve excellence, but are safe to consume. We are passionate about growing craft cannabis and curating an experience to make a positive impact on your life. Our line of industry-leading cannabis products offers a holistic and pure experience you can trust. All of our flower is packaged into glass jars, sealed with a tamper-evident shrink wrap around the lid, pressure sensitive seal under the lid and a boost pack inside to guarantee freshness. When you choose Cream of the Crop grown cannabis as your medicine, you know you are getting the absolute best.



No steps skipped, no processes rushed, made with love and intended to heal!

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My #uno

COTC is my go to for flower and concentrates at Urbn Leaf. The butter cookies is my fave for indica and lemon peel is a classic choice sativa dominant hybrid. Flavors and terpene profiles are what i look for in good flower and COTC has it all! Ive experimented and absolutely loved all the concentrates, especially the Duct Tape Live Resin 💚

Truly the cream of the crop

These meds are fabulous. Tastes great and as far as effect- fagetaboutit. Doesn't get any better!

beyond fire!!!

all of their prepack 3.5g are FEUGO. I've seen weed as purple as their Gelato 33 but it never smoked or smelled this good, that's just a testament to their clean, premium product. DEFINTELY worth the premium price. Highly recommended