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We are a brand for the connoisseurs of the weed industry. We've been around long enough to try every cultivation method out there in order to provide you with the best, top-quality cannabis in the industry. We cultivate high end, designer strains that are meticulously crafted using some of America's most famous cultivators' strains to invent brand new ones. With our designer strains, you'll get immaculate terpene profiles that lend you intense and distinct flavor, smells and colors. 


2018 Hightimes World Cannabis Cup

     -1st place Sativa Concentrate -  Hi-Tech

        Connected / Critical Concentrates

     -2nd place Hybrid Concentrate -  Lemon Gelato Diamonds

       Connected / Alien Labs / Gold Nugget

     -2nd place Pre-roll - Connected / Loaded

     -3rd Place: Best Medically Infused Cannabis - Sunset Sherbert Plus

       Critical Concentrates / Connected / Brass Knuckles


2018 Hightimes Cannabis Cup Central Valley  

     -1st place Indica flower Gelato #41 - Connected

     -1st place sun grown flower Gelato #41 - Connected (Wel)

     -3rd place indica concentrate Gelato #41 -Connected / Critical Concentrates


2018 Hightimes Cannabis Cup Santa Rosa

     -1st place sativa flower Gelonade - Connected

     -3rd place indica flower Gelato #41 - Connected


2018 Hightimes Amsterdam

     -1st place sativa flower Gelonade - Connected

     -1st place hybrid flower Biscotti - Connected

     -1st place concentrate Gelato #41 - Connected / Field

     -3rd place indica flower Gelato #41 - Connected


2017 Hightimes Cannabis Cup Michigan

     -1st place hybrid concentrate - Limonata


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great service!!

i come here all the time the service is amazing and the staff is incredibly helpful and friendly, charles always greets me warmly and knows me by name anna and jordan are incredibly friendly and everyone who has greeted me so far makes me feel incredibly welcome, i highly reccomend connected!

Excellent spot

Very friendly, helpful and enthusiastic team. It was nothin but smiles and laughs when I came in tonight and that's really awesome. The prices are fair; the weed is organized; and the product is fire. I highly recommend this spot to anyone who hasn't already pegged Connected as their spot in Long Beach. Thanks guys! Your friend over at Panama Joe's, -Jamison Bryant

love this place

I went to this dispensary today for my first time. Not only was I greeted by nice, friendly staff, but the place was clean and staff was knowledgeable! I have been to many other dispensaries in Sacramento, this one by far beats them all! The variety in selection was amazing! My budtender, Diego, was awesome! Gave me a great selection to choose from based on my "likes". I also recieved 20% off for being a first time visitor. I FOR SURE WILL BE BACK!!!