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Charlotte's Web™ products are made from our world-renowned hemp genetics grown 100% in Colorado. CW™ Hemp is a family owned Colorado Company and the exclusive provider of Charlotte's Web™, the World's Most Trusted Hemp Extract™. Founded by the Stanley Brothers of Colorado, CW™ Hemp leads the industry in quality, safety, consistency and social responsibility to improve thousands of lives daily through the use of Charlotte's Web™. At CW™ Hemp, we are driven by principles that extend far beyond the bottom line. It is our goal to provide products of the highest possible quality, while contributing to the sustainability of the communities we have the privilege of serving. Our social responsibility pledge extends to organizations like the Realm of Caring Foundation, and all of our clients can be proud that a portion of each purchase will be pledged to the Realm of Caring Foundation toward the advancement of education, research and compassion.

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Great shop until you try to return something

They do not stand behind the products they sell. They tell you if there is any issues, just bring it back. Nope they won't accept anything once it's sold. Even if the manufacturer has a guarantee this disp. will not accept it. Buyer beware. I had trouble with three separate items at this shop. Twice, I tried to return something and been turned away the third time I just threw it out. Go at your own risk. I know I'll be going elsewhere from now on...

love this shop

It's a shame a stoner from long beach has to comes to Wilmington. but it's worth it. Lovely ladies. Friendly. And spacious. 12/10

Changing my rating.

A while back I had a problem with customer service disrespecting an army veteran that I am. They now have treated me right now and I am very happy now with their service now. And Abby is the best.