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“The Highest Standards Didn't Exist, So We Created Them”



An experience of perfection

The quality or state of being elegant

Physical or intellectual pleasure, delight, or ecstasy

Binske is proud to supply their ensemble of world-to-table ingredients, thoughtfully sourced from artisan farms around the globe. A single ambition drives the Binske team: to craft cannabis products with superior taste and quality. With every bite, sip, or hit, Binske cannabis products deliver a sophisticated palette of complex flavor and sensations.


The founders of Binske are a team of brothers with an entrepreneurial spirit and moral dedication to excellence. They built their first cannabis farm from the ground up, rather than retrofitting an existing building or warehouse. The Binske brothers wanted to break into the market with cannabis-infused products that would take edibles to the next level. The two began developing culinary centric edibles, with attention to each of their ingredients. After crafting a line of THC infused handmade chocolate bars, they were ready to debut their creation to the world. Binske sold its first chocolate bar in January 2017, and has proudly supplied the cannabis community world-class products since.


Couverture Chocolate

With a background in cannabis cultivation, Binske can truly employ quality control from soil to final product. Everything from Binske is certified Fair-Trade, organic, non-GMO, and preservative-free. Only one product on the menu includes milk, leaving the rest Vegan-friendly. Binske crafts their chocolates with Honduran Oro Maya Cacao, which Mayans believed to contain the spirit of god, and Peruvian Nacional Cocoa -- some of the rarest in the world. Once the beans are harvested and fermented, their chocolates are handmade and tempered with a simple, short list of premium quality ingredients.



Center yourself and connect with the environment around you with Binske’s line of Terra, or Earth products. Their Peruvian Nacional Cacao contains 68% pure cacao and in a 10-piece chocolate bar that provides 100 mg total cannabinoids. Sweeten your day with Binske’s Yampa Valley Honey, light and clean in flavor with potent, floral aromatics. Binske’s Terra collection also features their Garlic Olive Oil -- there are so many culinary possibilities. Enjoy their Strawberry All Natural Fruit Leather, preservative-free and made with strawberries from an organic garden.


Find release and step into exploration of boundless possibilities with Binske’s line of Ventus cannabis infusions. Break off a 10-mg piece of their 47% Peruvian Nacional Dark Milk with hazelnuts, and experience pure euphoric bliss. Or receive your dose of cannabinoids from their pure and raw Wildflower Honey. Dive into something new with Binske’s Olio Nuvo, meaning “New Oil.” This extra virgin olive oil is high in antioxidants and exhibits complex notes of fruit, pepper, and bitterness.


Ignite your senses with a Binske product from their Ignus line. Their Honduran Oro Maya Cacao chocolate bar is a delicious treat and contains 75% pure Oro Maya. For a delicate, sweet and buttery honey with undertones of cinnamon and nutmeg, turn to Binske’s Clover Honey. Perfect for sweetening your favorite tea or drizzled over chevre. Spice your meal and activate your endocannabinoid system with their Chipotle Olive Oil. Their blend expresses the warm and smoky chili flavor of chipotle peppers to deliver spicy complexity without being too hot.


Binske’s Aqua line features Honduran Oro Maya, a 65% pure Cacao chocolate bar with raspberries and 100 mg of THC. Rethink traditional dressing with Binske’s Lemon Olive Oil, an excellent companion to fish, chicken, or salad. Taste an explosion of bold sweetness and subtle citrus flavor with their floral and fruity Orange Blossom Honey.

Lab Testing

Binske is pleased to offer lab-tested cannabis products provided by multiple facilities to guarantee accurate potency and purity. Their products receive full-spectrum testing that includes readings of cannabinoid profiles and percentages, residual solvents