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Alvarez Cultivation

Willie's Kush Cake : By Alvarez

(Willie's Cake x Kush Mints)Indica Dominate

Willies Kush Cake from Alvarez is one of Seed Junkie Genetics most sought after strains. With heavy indica euphoria and a heightened level of body buzz, "Willies" is the experience folks are looking for in the high THC category. Set aside time to appreciate all of the notes picked up throughout, as it provides heavy Kush flavors, smooth and strong. The man himself, from which this strain's name is derived, would certainly approve of this cake at his next gathering. Willie's Kush Cake brought to you by Alvarez!

Alvarez Cultivation
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Alvarez is a trusted cannabis cultivator in Michigan. With an emphasis on quality and customer service, we provide adult use and medical cannabis products to the Great Lakes State.

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