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1937 Cannabis

1937 .5g Cartridge - Lamb's Bread

1937 Vape Cartridges are made with a full spectrum distillate, utilizing a blend of distillate and concentrated oil.

Lambsbread cannabis strain is a 95/5 Sativa dominant hybrid with a THC range of 16-21%. Nugs have unique coloration, with golden green nugs featuring sunset-colored hairs and brights green undertones. The smell is spicy and almost rotting at times, with a peppery spice flavor to match.

1937 Cannabis
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Introducing 1937. Professional Grade Cannabis. Designed for Sharing Distinctive Moments Together. 


1937 offers a new level of excellence. Featuring legendary strains from history, every ounce is cared for and crafted with the highest attention to detail. It's a level of quality that can only come from the expert foundation of a scientific leader like Vireo Health

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