What Are YOU Smoking On Right Now?


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the pre-98 bubba kush from san diego organics, holly shit im sinking into my couch as i type.

Sugar Kush+Headband= A couch lock Trifecta!!!
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Romulan in the casa.

Afghani bullrider is in my bong.........

Blue Dream this is insane

Some insane PURPLE KUSH!!!! OMG

SUPERIOR OG. Nothing to write home about.

Casey Jones with Bubble Hash on top!!!

Now I know why they call it EL FUEGO, cause that shit is FIYA!

Nightshade from Barney's seed stock. Just finished a 21 day cure. A true exotic delight...

Got a new batch of DNA Vader, an exceptional indica.

blue dot

dutch passion and mysterious kush both amazing!!!!!!!

SUPER SILVER HAZE....in a vape...must go 2 LA...DANNY BOY..CASEY JONES...for comute..BLKBRY KUSH..for nighty night.may all gods bless fred!!

Blue Cheese for mah wake n' bake!

Organic apothecary

Burnin That LA Confidential, Smells so Dank!

Hitting a bowl of some ogre

its way to early to be up. GDP and some hash oil, hope i can fall back to sleep

is blazed off a couple bong rips of that White Grape..thanx SDHHC

BlackBerry Kush in my Super-Mini. Tasty goodness at my fingertips!

Bubba Kush + Green Crack = Bubba's Crack <3

happy co-op supplied me with some poison berry. tengo sueno.

pure kush from medco. gonna sleep good tonite. x_x

Smokin on some BIO-DIESEL frm OakTree

P2s Stupid Silverman

Im lovin this lambsbread :)

SUPER SILVER HAZE.......its a hazey lazy sunset....blackbry kush 4 dessert.www.landsharkindustries.com photo

Green Crack for the day time and Grape Ape for the night time!!!

The Ice Cream Kush has got me feelin' right!!! NO PAIN!!!!!