What Are YOU Smoking On Right Now?


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enjoying a fat space queen joint after work... one of the most relaxing things to do!!!

Blazin on some LA Confidential from I.C.C.A Happy Easter everyone

smokin that Tyson,,,,how we do !

the yoda og kush happyeaster


Sky walker Full melt/snow cap bubba

You asked for it.... We're OPEN until 2PM..... $60 1/4 Lavender TODAY ONLY

GDP Superior

OG Salad, Now where is that damn egg, its filled with LA CON

30 mins left for your $10 g's and free levender

smoking some fire called trix, its a tasty lil treat :)

Happy Easter !,,The Tyson is Back.. I dont go ..Uaaahhh

Blue Dream OG from CCA. Quickly climbing the list of me all-time favorite herbs.

some LA Diesel out of my illadelph glycerin coil bong, best bong out there hands down

OG Hash! Straight up. All day.

Happy Easter from Jade Gardens! Open until 1 PM today dont miss out on $10 g's and 2 FREE g's of lavender w/ minimum purchase of $40

BUBBA Kush as we prepare for NBA Playoffs Action! Go LAKERS!

OG Wax Dabs and Jack Herer Bowls before Eater brunch.

hade a fat bowl of nirvana that put my girlfriend back to sleep.

Pre98Bubba... and eggs! :D

my usual,OG Kush my Old Faithful ;0)

green queen and blue bonic

Mighty Good Sonoma Coma from ECC in Vallejo, CA


some danky dank EAGLES NUGGS!!!

faded beyond comprehension thank you SFV OG!!zzzzzzz

Sweet tooooooth

Bay Area Cat Piss and King Kush

superman full melt from FAC with some blue hawaiin

Jilly Bean & Purple Sticky Punch ... Easter came a day early