What Are YOU Smoking On Right Now?


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cindarella 99 x og

hell of a line-up today... jedi, nyc diesel, purple kush, pineapple express, master kush, and headband. it's going to be a long weekend :-)

Just kicken back smoken a bowl of some "super skunk" from Golden State Patients in westminister..VERRY GOOD !!!!

Here w/ Odds "The Monster" (Bpandodds.com) smoking a bowl of HEAD-BAND (LBOC/Kushrus.com) Getting ready to hit HEMP-CON. BIG UP TO WEEDMAPS!

super silver haze from dakini mmm mmm mmmm

Lambs bread, some green crack. Also I think i have a little headband left.

is about to roll a joint of some Organic outdoor ATM from First Choice Collective - not my usual first choice, but we'll see . . .

white whidow, a nice sativa to get me going cleaning up round the house while medicated ;]

Sour Diesel From Natures Medicine and the Dank LA Conf

Lil Ghost OG from Cloud 9 followed by a bowl of Chem 99 x Sour from Hightide!

Lil Ghost OG from Cloud 9, followed up by a bowl of Chem 99 x Sour from Hightide!!!

nothing dangit!!!!!!!!

Fresh Obama OG from Hightide!!

Oh Snap FIRE ALERT Skywalker OG from C.P.A in Santa Ana straight to the membrane


ok,the night time fri lineup: Orange/OG Kush Cross, some Kief of the same cross,bowl of bubba kush/BubbleHash Tincture via greenerside

a little Sour D and Grapefruit D from The Clinic on Colfax... check em out

Purple Rhino from EMC.

Twisted on some Super Bomb OG it'll knock your socks off. Hey were did my socks go?

OG KUSH, BUBBA KUSH, Lambs Bread, Blue Dream 2,/ OG BUBBA,

just woke up and going to roll another blunt full of Mendo Purps X Trainwreck

Headband, some green crack also I think I have a little lambs bread left.

is about to roll a joint of organic outdoor ATM from First Choice Collective. Not my usual choice . . .

Nice Big Local Pre 98 Bubba Kush from Vail, CO along with some Nepalese Kush and Sour Skunk from Tree Line Premier Dispensary- 970-949-1887


Fresh Obama OG from Hightide!!!

some super dank gumbo with a ball of bio-diesel bho big ups denver relief i might be stoppin by today to pick up a gumbo clone

Platinum Blue Dream to the head LoadedBaked:)

"Super Dope" I've never heard of this Indica before, thank you to One Love in Long Beach (1love420.com) GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!

Hemp-Con Day 1! Wake n bake w/ Platinum Sour Diesel, courtesy of 1LOVE420.com