What Are YOU Smoking On Right Now?


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Perps it is some dank stuff!!!

Sweet, smooth, Lavender from JH.

is smoking Bubba Kush from Platinum Haze Las Vegas, NV!!

Acid tripping off of Chocolope.

Crippler with a topping of earwax hash from the good people @ ACLL Denver,Co WOHOO

in the studio, chiefin' on some Nuggetry OG x Tahoe OG, Nuggetry Bubba, and Diablo OG...all from CPA in Santa Ana!!!

A blunt mixed with oog kush and powerplant, sprinkled with blueberry kush kief!!

24 kt OG from the good people at Revelations!!

BLUE CRACK hits out of the custom dub bub. Medicating music, fellow smokers: www.myspace.com/MattRoss ..."Holiday"!

Some indoor triple og from my harvest MMMM MMM gooood.

Chemo. A rare strain. Only the best for me. =]

is smokin some grape ape from silver state herbal selections las vegas,nv

Bongs or Blunts, decisions that make or break the day.

I like bubba kush, but right now i og kush.

J.G.M's Cypress OG 16gm made 2.9 of Wax
Sheldon Black, Bell w/titanium skillet
i think i dropped my face somewhere!!!

Bubba Bubba Bubba Bubba KUSH!

HEROJUANA OG from GanjaVana in Santa Ana. Blunts all night. Music all day: www.myspace.com/MattRoss

blunts all day!

Starting off the day with some God Father topped with some OG Kush Ear Wax.

Bubbleberry X lavender with some earwax... dammit!!!

i smoked a joint of Sugar Cane mixed w/ a pinch of J-1 kief with my coffee. clear rolling papers makes it so nice. try em!

platinum og from high desert og collect

chiefin' on some Nuggetry Diablo OG from CPA, in Santa Ana!!!!

wake n bake with that platinum og kush!!!

Time to refill my scrips, where should I go? Any suggestions weedmappers?

Cheeeeeeese.. And that darn humbolt gold.

Romulan/Romulan keif joint going to Roger Waters tomorrow

obama kush all day! ahaha hit me up if you need tshirts printed!! custom tshirts!

obama kush!

Wake and bake with Walter... woohoo!