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    Morning mappers! Its Sweet Tooth until I get my work done, then its back to the childhood with a dab and Saturday morning cartoons.

    The Hulk along with some scissor hash tucked under it :P

    Ghost OG in the vape to start the weekend off right... Stay Lifted All!

    !40mg.chew, 300mg. candy bar, 300mg. milkshake, Vaping Phantom oil, smoking MED-USA

    boaster420 Little stoned but I just wanted to mention something. I know that this thread is not the place to sell pot and that most people who contribute to this thread have medical cards and get their pot from clubs. Just keep several things in mind. About half the states have no provision for medicinal marijuana. No cards, no clubs, no legal grows. There are many sick people in these states that must break the law in order to get relief. The relief that you get at a store or delivered. Where do you think that they get their pot? From people in those states who grow regardless of what the government says. Do not despise the growers people just because a few are misguided enough to try to sell on this thread. Even if you buy your pot from a club it has to come from somewhere. Are you 100% sure that the person who grew it was totally legal?

    2015-04-25 11:40:18 UTC

    kizzy Truth

    2015-04-25 11:49:04 UTC

    CoeusPrime I believe everything you say is true boss, you know that. I think maybe its not so much that they are selling pot here (or trying to), its the way they do it. Some have rolled through here totally unscathed because they didn't come on like a huckster or very desperate drug dealer. The others that pepper the thread with ads over and over, they deserve digital non-existence. Why? Because not only did they not read WM rules (which few really care about) but as people, they didn't even hang on the thread long enough to see how it would be received and as such, just come on heavier than they need to or the good folks here can tolerate. And then when they get ignorant about it and retaliate, well, these are not some humble growers someplace. Or at least they don't act like it, maybe getting their kid brother to run the advertising for them or something and just hand him a cell phone and say "GO". IN the end, its not so much the act of what they did but the tao or way they chose to do it.

    2015-04-25 14:21:04 UTC

    Tiger's milk in the bowl and hot java in the cup on this stormy Shatterday morning. Have a great one mappers!!

    boaster420 Hey now.

    2015-04-25 11:41:38 UTC

    EastCoast AlienDawg dry

    BlndMJfun Nice

    2015-04-25 10:46:51 UTC

    And a few Girl Scoot Cookies drenched in sugar for dessert...feelin very tranquil

    BlndMJfun looks good enough to eat for sure!! Damn pot is gorgeous

    2015-04-25 10:47:12 UTC

    hzz mmm sweety

    2015-04-25 11:06:32 UTC

    This Dr. Greenthumb OG is making a house call..Stay positively lifted all

    mmollzz Nice! Enjoy, Archangel :)

    2015-04-25 07:32:00 UTC

    The Archangel Will do mmollzz and you also enjoy your evening stay "+" peace

    2015-04-25 08:09:32 UTC

    BlndMJfun Very nice!! Must be all ash by now. :)

    2015-04-25 10:47:46 UTC

    bowls of God's Gift

    The Archangel Blurry I bet it's how you see after smokin this GGift... pack it up peace

    2015-04-25 07:31:10 UTC

    mmollzz Ah yes, a great strain, enjoy!

    2015-04-25 07:32:10 UTC

    BlndMJfun Nice strain for sure... night night it will do

    2015-04-25 10:48:09 UTC

    Ghost OG Wax.

    mmollzz I could be haunted by that, oh yes indeed! ;-)

    2015-04-25 06:09:05 UTC

    The Archangel Who ya gonna call Ghostbusters...Have a good one E73

    2015-04-25 07:33:07 UTC

    BlndMJfun Boooooo

    2015-04-25 10:49:08 UTC

    san fernando og is heat ??

    BlndMJfun You're not sure or are you asking? Hope it was indeed heat for you??? But I'm not sure

    2015-04-25 10:49:57 UTC


    BlndMJfun love potent!!

    2015-04-25 10:50:21 UTC

    Blue Hash - This Indica hybrid combats insomnia, aids in relief from stress and body pain, and is super relaxing!

    BlndMJfun Doesn't get better than that then!! :) Enjoy

    2015-04-25 10:50:41 UTC

    Let's start this Friday night off with some LA Confidential.... puff puff pass st0ners

    mmollzz Oh yeah, I do love the Confidential, puffin' and...passin'

    2015-04-25 06:08:22 UTC

    The Archangel Hey thanks that con has the best city as it's prefix "I Love L.A" ppp

    2015-04-25 07:35:12 UTC

    BlndMJfun Had to relight, but puff'd & pass'd.... Thanks LK!!

    2015-04-25 10:51:22 UTC

    Purple Erkyl pre-roll. Party On Wayne.

    mmollzz Party on, The Mick ;-)

    2015-04-25 06:07:55 UTC

    mrcruz23 I was just bumpin some cypress hill lol

    2015-04-25 06:55:10 UTC

    BlndMJfun Sweet

    2015-04-25 10:51:42 UTC

    Anyone else in Vegas click on the "Deals" icon, go up and down the listed "deals" and are still left wondering where the "deals" are?

    The Archangel Damn Vegas you can even crap out on weedmaps...haha

    2015-04-25 07:36:35 UTC

    BlndMJfun hope you find that deal

    2015-04-25 10:53:22 UTC


    BlndMJfun Z

    2015-04-25 10:53:28 UTC

    Currently puffin on some Northern Lights

    MR.MORRISON good solid strain

    2015-04-25 03:26:50 UTC

    mmollzz Love Northern Lights. Not been around here lately, enjoy!

    2015-04-25 06:07:38 UTC

    BlndMJfun Yum!!

    2015-04-25 10:54:02 UTC

    HeadBand,hash and kief...again.Thanks CP. CARDED PATIENTS with REAL MED. CONDITIONS STAY MEDICATED. Others, GO AWAY!

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    The Archangel This guy Pee wee obviously has the right name as it clearly is referring to his IQ, brain and genitalia size..Go be negative somewhere else it is not welcome here you wanna be cyber bully..

    2015-04-25 07:18:47 UTC

    mmollzz Lovely manners.

    2015-04-25 07:31:16 UTC

    BlndMJfun wow, spammers and now peewee jerkoff's... what's next WM?

    2015-04-25 10:56:37 UTC

    Chocolope kush,Jack gas,Skywalker og
    :p~ ~ ~

    mmollzz Nice mix!

    2015-04-25 06:06:47 UTC

    BlndMJfun indeed, enjoy

    2015-04-25 10:56:58 UTC

    Purple haze... mmm so smooth

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    mmollzz Ah yes :)

    2015-04-25 06:06:41 UTC

    The Archangel All up in my brain...Cheers

    2015-04-25 07:40:48 UTC

    BlndMJfun Great, now I have Jimi Hendrix worm crawling in my brain... :) lol, Welcome to WM

    2015-04-25 10:58:13 UTC

    Charlie Sheen and Wi Fi

    mmollzz I still can't bring myself to try Charlie.

    2015-04-25 06:06:34 UTC

    BlndMJfun yeah, agree M

    2015-04-25 10:59:28 UTC

    Some Alien Rock Candy in the bowl. Happy Friday night all. Enjoy!!

    valleyguy88 Sounds great. Happy Friday night to you too!

    2015-04-25 03:00:01 UTC

    mmollzz Happy Friday MJ, Enjoy, enjoy!

    2015-04-25 06:05:44 UTC

    The Archangel Interesting extra-terrestrial medicine..Hope u had a great Friday also peace

    2015-04-25 07:43:34 UTC


    CoeusPrime Nice!

    2015-04-25 01:57:06 UTC

    BlndMJfun Home made is always best. :) Enjoy

    2015-04-25 02:33:57 UTC

    mmollzz Yum!

    2015-04-25 06:06:18 UTC

    Doing big hits of Headband out the Master of Mayhem, Mom...these are real attention-getters!

    valleyguy88 Nice!

    2015-04-25 02:05:14 UTC

    BlndMJfun You go CP!!

    2015-04-25 02:34:18 UTC

    MR.MORRISON Sweet.

    2015-04-25 03:18:37 UTC

    purple afghan. mmj patients in wa we just got screwed. bad.

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    Herbertmmm plant count will drop from 16 to 6 if you register 4 if you dont. registration itself is a new thing. no more dispensaries we will have to go to recreational shops which are overpriced then overtaxed.

    2015-04-25 03:18:23 UTC

    MR.MORRISON screwing real patients with real medical conditions, but what's new?

    2015-04-25 03:32:23 UTC

    mmollzz Plant count in any Arizona city: 0. So, you know. It's all messed up..

    2015-04-25 06:04:52 UTC

    Blowing on a fire batch of Cherry AK.. so stoney

    BlndMJfun nice bud(s)... :)

    2015-04-25 02:35:18 UTC

    mmollzz Nice!

    2015-04-25 06:04:02 UTC

    Royal Kush from 515 Broadway!! All day!!

    LeGaLiZeD ... all smiles!!! 8~)

    2015-04-25 01:40:26 UTC

    BlndMJfun All day for sure... and all night... well, at least as long as I last. :)

    2015-04-25 02:35:44 UTC

    mmollzz Haha, love the photo, enjoy Papa Bones!

    2015-04-25 06:03:49 UTC

    Forest Fire (Headband bx X Fire OG)...
    Peace Mappers!

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    valleyguy88 Cheers! Enjoy NASCAR

    2015-04-25 02:04:51 UTC

    BlndMJfun Peace... Enjoy that nice looking stuff. :)

    2015-04-25 02:36:04 UTC

    mmollzz Peace back at ya Legal - dab that Fire!

    2015-04-25 06:03:32 UTC

    Combusting a little Red Dragon inside Sleek.
    Good Evening WeedHeads!

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    CoeusPrime Hey gang! Hows it going? My days and nights are all mixed up but my mind should be right tomorrow..

    2015-04-25 01:55:38 UTC

    BlndMJfun Good evening MM, looks like you're ready for Friday night. :)

    2015-04-25 02:36:27 UTC

    mmollzz Let the combustion begin!

    2015-04-25 06:03:12 UTC