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    Beautiful rainyesque day! Still dabbin, trying to taste all my little samples, A bowl of 'Charles' (chuck) guess he grew up per bobaloo:)

    These Santa Fe Grandes are peppering it's parent....

    MADD MAXX Took the pic yesterday evening. With cooler temps on hand I can leave them until they turn orange and then somewhat reddish. Crown of this plant must have twenty flowers in various stages....

    2015-10-04 22:54:29 UTC

    highcountrygal Are you putting some in oil? Try putting them in sweet pickle juice, such a treat sweet hot:)

    2015-10-04 22:54:30 UTC

    A nug of Blue Nightmare that came with last night's Munchie Meal.
    Jack's not the only one smiling....

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    Flashback How's it goin Maxx?

    2015-10-04 22:28:47 UTC

    MADD MAXX Hi youse guys! Just enough dampness to wet the now dry asphalt. Strong, relentless winds all day blowing clouds everywhere but here....

    2015-10-04 22:33:37 UTC

    highcountrygal It's semi windy here. No windows open though kinda a chilly willy:)

    2015-10-04 22:52:55 UTC

    thin mint and Paris og. Sunday don't get any better than that

    MADD MAXX Welcome to WM

    2015-10-04 22:18:55 UTC

    Flashback hey Boscoboy

    2015-10-04 22:29:11 UTC

    Ok did I get Hotel California'd by weedmaps? Fine but don't get mad cause Scott Walk-on is next.

    Flashback You can check out any time you want but you can never leave..

    2015-10-04 22:09:45 UTC

    MADD MAXX Using steely knives won't help either....

    2015-10-04 22:19:30 UTC

    502 Bad gateway. La la la la la, now warm it up

    I though I was crazy till I met you, babyyyy. As promised, deleting this account. Stay cool peoples :)

    Buddy just dropped me off some fresh Key Lime Pie and a Nug of Sour D; Cheers!

    Citizen Jane cheers!

    2015-10-04 20:49:09 UTC

    MADD MAXX A good friend indeed!

    2015-10-04 22:24:00 UTC

    Flashback cheers

    2015-10-04 22:30:11 UTC

    Some Versace, and enjoying this wonderful Sunday!

    highcountrygal :)

    2015-10-04 20:57:52 UTC

    MADD MAXX Sweet bud!

    2015-10-04 22:35:25 UTC

    SpAcETrek9 Thanks! Happy Sunday!

    2015-10-04 23:12:46 UTC

    Thin mint GSC. enjoying the fresh aftertaste...among other things. Hope your sunday is a funday!

    Flashback age is only a number

    2015-10-04 22:29:43 UTC

    MADD MAXX Trust me, you don't wish to rush it....

    2015-10-04 22:36:01 UTC

    James McMurtry - Hurricane Party -

    MADD MAXX Party On!

    2015-10-04 22:36:25 UTC

    Some purple crack crumble for lunch.

    Some weird mystery nug Mrs Prime found on the floor....

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    bobaloo Lol...Flashman, the petrified bud...was pre-stoned? ;)

    2015-10-04 19:36:52 UTC

    dreamweezer Lol@bobaloo.. CP: your friend in the pic looks petrified

    2015-10-04 19:55:33 UTC

    MADD MAXX Bud was probably some icky-sticky strain that stuck to your lab coat and then later became unstuck and then gravity took over....

    2015-10-04 22:42:07 UTC

    Venom OG bubble hash topping off my bowl of homegrown Goji. Cheers!

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    CoeusPrime I have had Bruce Banner herb before and it was pretty good...11 a gram is something Vegas folks can only dream about...

    2015-10-04 19:31:28 UTC

    bobaloo Howdy, Flash and Coeus...mmm, hash....

    2015-10-04 19:37:42 UTC

    MADD MAXX Have a great Sunday :-}/

    2015-10-04 22:44:54 UTC

    Afghan goo blue diamond & dabs of gsc last night woke up drained today a dab of sour & back 2bed

    Legendary Cookie wax

    FattFang Very nice

    2015-10-04 18:21:26 UTC

    Morning Everyone! Some 707 OG hash for me; Cheers!

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    bobaloo Add bobaloo to that list too...cheers, NoShame!!!

    2015-10-04 19:38:33 UTC

    dreamweezer me too

    2015-10-04 19:55:52 UTC

    NoShame.I.Medicate it tastes like lemon hash!

    2015-10-04 19:59:03 UTC

    Starting off this morning with some Banana Og!

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    Lestat0311 Up Up and away.

    2015-10-04 18:15:53 UTC

    FattFang Better than banana pudding

    2015-10-04 18:22:11 UTC

    bobaloo I dunno Fangman, I've had some mighty good 'naner puddin'....

    2015-10-04 19:40:34 UTC

    DJ Short Blueberry. DCBuds bringing the love! Fruity strains almost always cuz they are Tucson's own medicated lemonade stand.

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    CoeusPrime Hey Mol! Did you get that email?

    2015-10-04 19:02:33 UTC

    bobaloo That does look you squeeze yer own lemons, mmollzz???

    2015-10-04 19:39:43 UTC

    dreamweezer Hi Mmollzz! Good day to you--enjoy the blueberry

    2015-10-04 20:00:18 UTC

    GSC & Trinity Dabs this morning...
    Rained hard here a bit ago, still sprinkles!
    Hay Sunday Map Heads!

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    Lestat0311 No rain on the Western Sierras yet. Have a happy flight.

    2015-10-04 18:20:45 UTC

    NoShame.I.Medicate I'd like to see that stuff melt like butter, mmm mm

    2015-10-04 18:30:15 UTC

    bobaloo More puddles!!! Enjoy your Sunday, Legal!!!!!

    2015-10-04 19:41:28 UTC

    Check your richter scales feds. Peace.

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    mmollzz HCG: Every time I dream there's an earthquake, it's because I was sleeping through (or trying to) one. I actually slept through a 4.5 in San Francisco once. haha

    2015-10-04 17:44:59 UTC

    highcountrygal They wake me up because I can hear them coming. When the last big quake hit on Easter a few yrs back, it was a 7.2 and I am on a ladder trying to hammer a nail or something close to the roof. WTF? I jumped off quickly. scared the you know out of me:)

    2015-10-04 18:05:13 UTC

    Lestat0311 Thats No bueno Bro.

    2015-10-04 18:22:20 UTC

    What are your plans for Halloween, or All Hallows Eve? I'm gonna have fun, no matter what...vape, bong, joints

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    highcountrygal lol CJ. Pass all the little kids around my block goodies. Then I start to celebrate Dia de las Morte, my birthday. When I was a kid I used to think Halloween was in honor of my birthday, until I was old enough to realize it was the day before I was born. Broke my little illusion:)

    2015-10-04 17:39:49 UTC

    mmollzz I always go as "A different girl" - every year, I dress up as someone completely unlike me. It's fun!

    2015-10-04 17:45:45 UTC

    Lestat0311 High Times Cup in Fresno. Oct31 to Nov1

    2015-10-04 18:23:02 UTC

    Grandaddy purps. Then it's fiddler on the roof time! :)

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    LeGaLiZeD :) Spark iT Yo!

    2015-10-04 17:27:39 UTC

    mmollzz Away above my head :)

    2015-10-04 17:45:58 UTC

    Lestat0311 I cant wait for Tuesday. Lets see if Sanders can outshine Clinton.

    2015-10-04 18:30:57 UTC

    Good morning! Super Glue, coffee, breakfast, sunshine, good vibes, a nice start...

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    FattFang After a brief rain last night, a gorgeous day in the making. Make your day more beautiful than you are!

    2015-10-04 17:18:30 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD rain here, dumped earlier! Cheers!

    2015-10-04 17:28:32 UTC

    mmollzz Hey, what's with the CLOUDS and I don't mean the vapor or smokey kind? I mean this big ol' storm rolling in to Tucson today. Looks like we're in it for the week, we shall see.

    2015-10-04 17:46:53 UTC

    some Blue Dream X Master Kush twisted into a salad Joint to go with my 1st cup of coffee

    FattFang Morning

    2015-10-04 16:39:56 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD :)

    2015-10-04 17:28:41 UTC

    mmollzz Starting it our right :)

    2015-10-04 17:47:08 UTC

    Starting this Sunday with dabs of Jesus OG and hot java, watching football so early doesn't feel right!! Alien Rock Candy on deck

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    highcountrygal Now you know I'll dab to that:)

    2015-10-04 16:51:35 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD :) Chargers play later!!

    2015-10-04 17:29:25 UTC

    mmollzz The Jesus OG will help you forget it's too early for football.

    2015-10-04 17:47:43 UTC

    Alien fire omg

    BlndMJfun That's some fire!! Enjoy

    2015-10-04 16:22:18 UTC

    mmollzz I love the Alien Fire! Enjoy :)

    2015-10-04 17:48:12 UTC

    Hash Church 54 - Live streaming, starts at 9:00 Pacific

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    LeGaLiZeD lol

    2015-10-04 17:29:34 UTC

    highcountrygal Good one bobaloo:)

    2015-10-04 17:41:26 UTC

    mmollzz Hey Flashman, you're such a pious guy.

    2015-10-04 17:48:47 UTC

    Good morning to you all. Time to be hit with the 9 pound hammer!

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    BlndMJfun hit it?...

    2015-10-04 16:26:43 UTC

    FattFang Pound it

    2015-10-04 16:35:20 UTC

    bobaloo Did it nail ya yet?

    2015-10-04 16:57:06 UTC

    "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" - Willie Nelson -

    highcountrygal Willie Nelson what else needs to be said.

    2015-10-04 15:55:17 UTC

    BlndMJfun lol, right HCG

    2015-10-04 16:27:01 UTC