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    Organic Strawberry Kush from APC

    Who we gunna call? Call Canna! Craving some serious Tahoe OG and his amazing shatter!

    MrSensiSnax Best way to fix being out of bud!

    2014-04-24 17:19:47 UTC

    ganjagodess Thank Sagan i had a good night at work! I done pimped them hos guud. Lol

    2014-04-24 17:24:46 UTC

    The last of my Romulan. Picture is next crop. Pre-98 Bubba Kush at 7 1/2 weeks bloom time. Only a week or 2 until harvest!

    Platinum OG for multiple POG

    FattFang It is actually Hollywood OG...

    2014-04-24 16:43:15 UTC

    ThaGranddaddyPurp Hope you are feeling good and pain free

    2014-04-24 17:02:12 UTC

    Bubba OG. in the morning with our cup o' jo. handle the day.

    ThaGranddaddyPurp Enjoy

    2014-04-24 16:58:37 UTC

    Killer dabs w/a killer view! #staymedicated

    FattFang Nice

    2014-04-24 16:43:42 UTC

    ThaGranddaddyPurp I'm Jealous

    2014-04-24 16:58:30 UTC

    WnB Strawberry Diesel, coffee, and donuts / Happy Thursday Everyone

    FattFang Good a.m. start...

    2014-04-24 16:38:25 UTC

    A.A. Caregivers on Pico has the best weed. You have to try the skywalker. The workers are also very polite.

    Took the day off for low back pain, darn I need to medicate:)
    devils cut og bong loads
    William Wallace shatter dabs...

    LeGaLiZeD bummer.. hope ya feel better!

    2014-04-24 15:47:54 UTC

    pacal420 thanks legal, feel much better and from what I hear, picked a perfect day 2 stay home:)

    2014-04-24 16:04:00 UTC

    Get'n hi on the Blue Cookies... The suns comming up, and all the graveyard people are heading to bed... Two more days til the weekend...

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    OneHighCat Way cool knowledge buddy. But im not sure, got them at west coast alternative care... Good and frosty... :-D

    2014-04-24 15:24:41 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Awesome sounding strain!
    I have a exclusive Blue Dream x Skunk #1 strain...
    been doing it the last couple years...
    I need a good guy that knows ho\w to clone?!?
    About 4 seeds left from this cross! :)

    2014-04-24 15:47:02 UTC

    OneHighCat Wish I could help. Sounds very good. I hope u can keep that strain going.

    2014-04-24 16:26:01 UTC

    G-13 Haze and a cup of tea:)

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    10101101 :)

    2014-04-24 14:18:19 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Enjoy! G=13 Haze sounds good.. G-13 is such a relaxing herb!

    2014-04-24 14:40:30 UTC

    10101101 Thanks friend:) One of my top fives for sure!

    2014-04-24 16:05:04 UTC

    smoking on the breakfast Pineapple chunk so clean and tasty..

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    LeGaLiZeD :) Sounds like breakfast!

    2014-04-24 14:39:16 UTC

    OneHighCat Breakfast of Champions...

    2014-04-24 15:08:17 UTC

    10101101 ^Classic:)

    2014-04-24 16:05:22 UTC

    Tahoe OG bong hits this morning...
    Waking slowly, baked real quickly!
    Stay uP Everyone!

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    LeGaLiZeD Thanks man, likewise!

    2014-04-24 14:39:02 UTC

    OneHighCat Great way to start ur day.... B-)

    2014-04-24 15:09:31 UTC

    ganjagodess Cheers home from work with a fiendin for Tahoe...just put in our order!

    2014-04-24 17:15:46 UTC

    A little lemon kush, yum.

    Starting first day off in forever with Presidential Kush, then moving onto PK shatter!! High all

    Mars94 Enjoy!

    2014-04-24 13:28:12 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Sweet . . . GooD morning for sure!

    2014-04-24 14:31:52 UTC

    Lady Thin Mint's just drooped me off at the Couchlock Inn... Think I might stay for a while... ;)

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    Mars94 Haha l, cheers

    2014-04-24 13:28:46 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD :)

    2014-04-24 14:32:39 UTC

    OneHighCat I stayed there once, never got off da couch!

    2014-04-24 15:11:16 UTC

    Blueberry Kush most of the day. Nightcap bowls are a mix of mostly dopey Grape Ape, a little Blueberry Kush, and a little Kandy Kush.

    Mars94 Tasty

    2014-04-24 13:29:04 UTC

    Fire OG out the bubbler and not bong cuz im sick :( getting better fast tho!

    Yoda Kush

    ibbigd420 Love them Star Wars flavors...

    2014-04-24 07:46:04 UTC

    Boss finally let me go. Now me and Lady Thin Mint are roll'n down I-420. About an hour away from a little town called couchlock... :)

    Some of that good. Philly

    MrSensiSnax They got the wax in Philly? Word!

    2014-04-24 17:21:21 UTC

    Wow just had sum LA CHEESE it was delicious :-) Fire Fire Fire by some guy in Federal Way

    Death rocket and ghost OG

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    MADD MAXX Ghost OG is paranormal.....

    2014-04-24 06:07:22 UTC

    ibbigd420 Sounds scary... ;)

    2014-04-24 07:19:12 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD That looks like it did the trick!

    2014-04-24 14:33:03 UTC

    Girl Scout Cookies

    garymr7 smoking a bowl of Aloha, and getting very small! Dank

    2014-04-24 05:10:07 UTC

    ibbigd420 Love the GSC.... :0

    2014-04-24 07:21:33 UTC

    ibbigd420 Started to think about the real GSC... Now I'm hungry.... Dammmm....

    2014-04-24 07:42:51 UTC

    9 misc jars scraped for a few dabs (^.^) /"" """ """" have a good hump night st0ners

    MADD MAXX You too :-)

    2014-04-24 04:26:59 UTC

    garymr7 Aloha OG

    2014-04-24 05:10:44 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Mystery Combo Dabs... love it!

    2014-04-24 14:33:27 UTC

    Little joint of some little OG, haha.

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    Mars94 lol, sure made it#

    2014-04-24 13:30:09 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD You like Elements papers over RAW papers?

    2014-04-24 14:34:20 UTC

    OneHighCat Way funny. I think I'm high to... What ehappened to zig-zags?

    2014-04-24 15:20:27 UTC

    Lavender Shatter with Hollywood OG from ReLeaf Alternatives...better than good and better than most!

    FattFang Feeling good and ready to kiss some more....

    2014-04-24 04:03:54 UTC

    MADD MAXX Meds must be workin'........

    2014-04-24 04:27:53 UTC

    LiL Feet Og......LoL...Yeah!

    Mars94 Love it

    2014-04-24 04:02:21 UTC

    MADD MAXX Enjoy.....

    2014-04-24 04:29:04 UTC

    My 4/20 on insta. jimmydiamond420 Ever seen Velvet Kush or Freddy Kruger Og? I missed Too Short & Kid Frost, but met Richard Eastman.

    MADD MAXX I've seen the Velvet Underground and looked at Freddy Kruger movies. Seriously, they sound like good strains........

    2014-04-24 02:35:34 UTC

    W3$TCOLA760 Kid Frost? whaaat S.G.V. on the map

    2014-04-24 03:48:31 UTC


    2014-04-24 14:35:14 UTC

    Smoking bowls of Little OG, thinking about my friend from the beach.

    MADD MAXX With you in spirit bud.......

    2014-04-24 02:31:25 UTC

    W3$TCOLA760 me2

    2014-04-24 03:48:59 UTC