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    Happy Friday fellow mappers! Smoking on some Red Dragon thanks Madd Maxx!

    Flashback happy Friday janetplanet

    2015-03-06 14:39:43 UTC

    got some super blue dream at home, 2 hits im high im glade i waited until 2014 to start smoking

    BlndMJfun Welcome T, enjoy the dream.

    2015-03-06 13:26:09 UTC

    Flashback good morning tinyface

    2015-03-06 14:40:01 UTC

    Starting this Friday off with green crack & presidential kush in the bowl and good ol hot black coffee in the cup... yawwwnnnn Morning

    Flashback mornin BlndMJfun

    2015-03-06 14:40:25 UTC

    Hurting like a motherfucker tonight... Dabbing some GSC Co2 wax for now... But I got 8 different oils to choose from. =]=]

    Cosmos2001 My current stash ranked from cool, to FUCKING FACEMELTING FIRE!!! lol Cherry OG BHO from Country Club in Stockton (Budder, great aroma, cool taste, and high), Blue Dream BHO from same place (budder, awesome aroma, and flavor, very cool high), Master Kush Shatter from same (stable AF, Fire Fire Fire!), Cotton Candy from same (Shatter, delicious all around) Candyland Shatter from same (So sweet, so fire), GSC Co2 wax from Country Club (Absolutely fire, a lot of moisture though), Blue Dream Co2 wax from Country Club (Crazy fucking fire, contains water remnant though), Girl Scout Cookie Co2 wax from Purple Lotus $20/gm! (This extract is spot fucking on. Amazing flavor, and aroma. Dopey as fuck, perfectly de-moistened, pure FUCKING FACEMELTING FIRE!) Lol... Check these places out if you're in the area! Night homies!

    2015-03-06 10:11:13 UTC

    BlndMJfun Sorry to hear about the pain, hopefully ONE of those will help? Thanks for the review as well, wish I could swing by and grab some of those at that price!! dang... 40-60/gram here in Denver area. Get well soon C, hope you feel better by now

    2015-03-06 13:10:00 UTC

    blunt full of top shelf shake before knocking out! haha!
    Kottonmouth Kings "Roll Us A Joint"

    Mars94 Blaze up!

    2015-03-06 08:40:44 UTC

    BlndMJfun bedtime J... surely worked!!

    2015-03-06 13:10:41 UTC

    death star og from Greek meds!!!!

    Mars94 Sweet

    2015-03-06 08:40:31 UTC

    superman og from Greek meds!!!!

    The Velvet Kush. I just used a phone to take a pic of the original picture on my phone, lol.

    RaynMan206 Nice. Good to see ya back on

    2015-03-06 07:43:43 UTC

    Mars94 Good to be back

    2015-03-06 08:40:23 UTC

    BlndMJfun fine looking stuff there Mars!! Enjoy

    2015-03-06 13:11:30 UTC

    Private Reserve.

    So Clutch.

    Mars94 Stay lifted

    2015-03-06 07:24:13 UTC

    BlndMJfun Sshhhh.... it's private!! :)

    2015-03-06 13:11:48 UTC

    Rolled a king size organic RAW spliff of Blue Dream and Velvet Kush. Playing UFC and some South Park. Pics in the A.M. Peace!

    CannaCruz's Lemon Alien Dawg Live Resin.. mini rig, them terps!

    Mars94 Cheers

    2015-03-06 06:47:23 UTC

    BlndMJfun why does that sound so delicious? Yummm.... enjoy

    2015-03-06 13:12:18 UTC

    Sharing a little Red Dragon with the crew, says I.
    Puff, Puff, Pass. Savvy?

    Mars94 Puff puff pass!

    2015-03-06 06:47:41 UTC

    BlndMJfun puff'd & pass'd MM, keep it coming. :)

    2015-03-06 13:12:33 UTC

    og all day everydayyy

    MADD MAXX and every way....Cheers!

    2015-03-06 05:31:38 UTC

    Mars94 Oh Yeah

    2015-03-06 06:47:51 UTC

    BlndMJfun indeed!! No disagreement here

    2015-03-06 13:12:52 UTC

    Dabs and crumble....

    Mars94 Enjoy

    2015-03-06 06:48:02 UTC

    BlndMJfun dabs, crumble... sleeeeeeep... :)

    2015-03-06 13:13:12 UTC

    Cali Kush burning good and got me feeling great.

    BlndMJfun can't ask for more, enjoy

    2015-03-06 13:13:30 UTC

    smokin on that afgan kush and dabbin that blueberry kush nugrun shoutout sccg

    BlndMJfun :)

    2015-03-06 13:13:35 UTC

    Qrazy Train wax. Tastes like shiite but I'm soaring

    BlndMJfun :)

    2015-03-06 13:14:06 UTC

    purple alien


    BlndMJfun Sounds good, enjoy

    2015-03-06 13:14:13 UTC

    Pineapple Kush, San Miguel beer, leftover birthday cake.....ummmm

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    MADD MAXX Cheers FangMan. Love some Pineapple!

    2015-03-06 04:33:15 UTC

    Mars94 Cheers !

    2015-03-06 06:53:43 UTC

    BlndMJfun Haven't had San Miguel since the Philippines in 1981/84... Loved that stuff with some fine Philippine weed, and some fine.... Well anyone that's been there will know the rest. :)

    2015-03-06 13:17:43 UTC

    The last of this 'Galaxy', little bit of Liquid Sunshine C02 oil, & some 'Royal Purps' to close out the night :) Stay lifted, mappers.

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    MADD MAXX Make lotsa clouds Lina :-}/

    2015-03-06 04:27:20 UTC

    Mars94 Stay lifted!

    2015-03-06 06:54:03 UTC

    BlndMJfun working on it!! Thx

    2015-03-06 13:18:34 UTC

    LeGaL....Here's a similar but different image

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    FattFang Who moved my cheese

    2015-03-06 02:42:54 UTC

    Mars94 Haha

    2015-03-06 06:54:19 UTC

    BlndMJfun It's not the Mickey I remember... :)

    2015-03-06 13:19:29 UTC

    Finally the piece to celebrate the harvest: double bubbler with optional oil rig top and quartz nail...this one has the GSC Thin Mints!

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    FattFang Smokin'

    2015-03-06 02:43:57 UTC

    Mars94 Nice

    2015-03-06 06:54:36 UTC

    BlndMJfun congrats on the harvest!! Betcha can't wait until it's QA time... Nice piece

    2015-03-06 13:20:17 UTC


    BlndMJfun Okay, enjoy

    2015-03-06 13:20:39 UTC

    Just sayin' Hey! burning a fatty of Afghan Kush and relaxing in the chair. Cheers everybody and enjoy the evening!

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    Mars94 Awesome

    2015-03-06 06:54:59 UTC

    BlndMJfun You as well N@N... have a great one

    2015-03-06 13:20:56 UTC

    janetplanet Hey, hey Nick! Good to see you again!!!! Stay lifted....

    2015-03-06 14:00:26 UTC

    My other find: the Dragon, curiously enough with some Cherry Pie....

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    Mars94 Sweeet

    2015-03-06 06:55:10 UTC

    BlndMJfun that is a nice pipe, wow!!

    2015-03-06 13:21:15 UTC

    janetplanet Does it ever

    2015-03-06 13:55:25 UTC

    Sparkin' a bowl of Platinum Fire. Thanks JanetPlanet!
    My contribution to Disney Day....

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    LeGaLiZeD Already saved the image to get to my ink artist... LOL
    Motivated me for some new ink !!

    2015-03-06 01:54:56 UTC

    Mars94 Cheers

    2015-03-06 06:55:40 UTC

    BlndMJfun Poor Mickey... he's being abused by WM's... :) It's gotta end at some point!! :)

    2015-03-06 13:21:47 UTC

    Loading the tower of power with some Cotton Candy Kush...

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    DeepSpace Thanks, gang. CP, it's a tad below 19" tall. I'm keeping a close eye on my Labrador Retriever's tail....that could end badly.

    2015-03-06 01:59:00 UTC

    Mars94 Burn!

    2015-03-06 06:55:51 UTC

    BlndMJfun yeah, nice piece... my son broke mine last night... Time for a new one...

    2015-03-06 13:24:24 UTC

    Time to break out some new glass: meet the Cobra bringing some hg Cherry Pie atcha for a belated 4:20!

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    CoeusPrime Yeah, that tray is a slut, really gets around, huh...

    2015-03-06 02:13:40 UTC

    Mars94 Niice

    2015-03-06 06:56:12 UTC

    BlndMJfun nice piece

    2015-03-06 13:24:42 UTC

    Kc Jones

    Mars94 Blaze

    2015-03-06 06:56:27 UTC

    BlndMJfun Enjoy

    2015-03-06 13:25:04 UTC

    #59 Dude Grows Show Growing Marijuana -

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    LeGaLiZeD 8)

    2015-03-06 01:07:53 UTC

    MADD MAXX Evening Master....

    2015-03-06 01:30:57 UTC

    Nickatnight Howdy Master Yip : )-~

    2015-03-06 01:52:24 UTC