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    White Fuel OG. It's ok, but not the feeling I look for.

    bowls of mega og and some king kush TR dabs:)

    running outta butane...gotta make a smoke shop run, and dispensary run, and a beer run, and some tacos.......

    Flashback run run run..a busy day ahead?

    2015-05-25 16:03:34 UTC

    Just toasted a bowl of Blueberry Kush with a little GSC crumble on top. aw yee.

    Flashback oh yeah...

    2015-05-25 15:30:31 UTC

    Jimmy Buffett (Wasted Away In Baghdad) -

    CoeusPrime Only tangentially related but I have gotten drunk on my ass in more than one of those Cheesebuger in Paradise bars...Where I met a life-long friend, Mr. Patron Silver...

    2015-05-25 17:01:19 UTC

    Happy Memorial Day to all.

    Flashback mornin that blunt rolled yet?

    2015-05-25 14:53:45 UTC

    Mars94 On it now

    2015-05-25 16:43:00 UTC

    Takin' a chores break with some Fog Chaser and fat bowls of salad...

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    CoeusPrime And I have to run to the store to get stuff to make more Bud Lariats (smile). Growing is always full of surprises. When started the clones all looked the same and because the NYC diesels have a longer bloom the GSCs overwhelmed and obscured them. Now that the GSCs are out of the mix I am really getting a good look at later stage development on the diesels and wow are they pretty, I mean really photogenic. Thus I am busy tying all of the buds I can nearer the HPS that have been getting the short shrift due to the jungle-like aspects of the GSCs...

    2015-05-25 15:17:01 UTC

    Flashback I've got 9 Ghost OG in 5 gal buckets in 2 week of bloom. They are lookin good so far but it seems like if anything bad happens ,it happens in 3rd week (bugs, hermies, PM, etc). Fingers crossed,,

    2015-05-25 15:23:30 UTC

    CoeusPrime Right back atcha again on the fingers crossed. It seems like no matter how well I plan and try to do everything right, once harvest week hits I always feel like I just dodged a bullet...

    2015-05-25 15:32:44 UTC

    Some Moby Dick crumble.

    Flashback it looks tasty!

    2015-05-25 14:49:03 UTC

    Toby Keith LIVE, I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again AFGHANISTAN -

    Flashback Marilyn Monrow in Korea 1954

    2015-05-25 14:28:01 UTC

    Hayes Carll "KMAG YOYO" -

    Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day -

    OG 18 from Plan B and its gas! Happy Memorial day

    OG 18 from Plan B and its gas! Happy Memorial day

    Happy M. Day Mappers! Def. day of rest for this vet. GSCs done and in cure. NY Diesels waiting to go.

    CoeusPrime Oh and starting with both a steamer and a big fat bowl of Sour Grapes x GSC...def. "gettin-er-done" stuff.

    2015-05-25 13:19:56 UTC

    Flashback "get er done" CP!...happy Memorial Day

    2015-05-25 13:27:18 UTC

    CoeusPrime Right back atcha Flash! Doing drive-by posting this morning, trying to get my normal chores done so I can spend today grilling out, etc. Good day for it I hear.

    2015-05-25 14:52:17 UTC

    Earth OG to start this Memorial Day. Have a great day folks!

    140mg.THC chew, 300mg.THC candy bar, smoking Ingrid, vaping MED-USA shatter.

    CoeusPrime Bossman! Hows that mom of yours doing? Great I hope! I guess you could call us Team Boaster...Boosters...

    2015-05-25 14:49:06 UTC

    OG Kush Sap from Strain Train. Really grateful for that delivery service!

    on headband crumble from delta 9 wilmignton and a nugg of private reserve.... DABS DABS DABS BONG RIP

    LeGaLiZeD Headband is KILLER!! Enjoy!

    2015-05-25 05:01:54 UTC

    Enjoying some edibles :)

    LeGaLiZeD D̶A̶B̶ / EAT iT! Cheers!

    2015-05-25 05:04:20 UTC

    Lemon Kush in Sac-Town (near check-point on Broadway and 21st.)

    LeGaLiZeD Very Cool Pic! I designed a mural the south county of SD, for a friend, it made the "taggers" move away / respect the art! It helped a lot! :) I'll have to get a pic some day! Enjoy Your Night!

    2015-05-25 04:31:51 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD ... being So Cal... it consisted of the ocean, dolphins, Orca Whales, and some other "Sea-Life"... (Now I have to get a pic!)

    2015-05-25 05:00:53 UTC

    Blue Dream shatter... dabs all day!
    Happy "Extra Day Off!"
    Cheers Mappers!

    LeGaLiZeD ... Flying High... as "I Fly By"...
    Stay uP Mappers!

    2015-05-25 04:17:45 UTC

    Papa Bones Awesomeness

    2015-05-25 04:28:04 UTC

    Blue Diesel and a Rhino Pellet chaser

    Gotta date with Blueberry cookies. Now I'm happy.

    Sparkin' some Bubba Berry Haze.
    Hope all are satisfyingly medicated....

    MADD MAXX Pic is of the Marine Corps War Dog Memorial....

    2015-05-25 02:48:41 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Cheers Bro... Cool pic!

    2015-05-25 04:19:00 UTC

    Papa Bones Great Day..

    2015-05-25 04:28:44 UTC

    Grateful Dead - Friend of the Devil - ps://

    MADD MAXX Classic Dead. Thanks for sharing....

    2015-05-25 02:53:55 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD 8-)

    2015-05-25 04:18:24 UTC

    Papa Bones YESSS

    2015-05-25 04:28:57 UTC

    i am smoking on some sunset sherbert cookie :) i love any of the cookie strains :) yummy thanks house of dank 313 Detroit

    dank cookies

    Earth OG topped with some Bruce Banner kief. Have a great Memorial Day weekend folks!

    MADD MAXX You also Flashman!

    2015-05-25 02:52:12 UTC

    White Rhino

    Burner's Cookie! Dr GreenThumb