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    Happy 4:20

    LeGaLiZeD Sweet Logo! Nice shirt! Happy 4:20!

    2015-07-31 23:27:27 UTC

    Alien Mindfuck after a long week !!

    smokin on some go from DNC ! its LIT !

    photos on twitter-@pushahippy

    MAYHEM Blue Dream tokes!
    Meds administered to Germy"!
    1 poor baby chick, I've been caring for!

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    highcountrygal Don't ya just love um!

    2015-07-31 22:23:08 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Thanks aye... don't jinx "her"! Hoping for a hen, not a Rooster!

    2015-07-31 22:46:57 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 Lucky lil peep to have ya! :o)

    2015-07-31 22:47:31 UTC

    smoking on wax

    I feel like I won BOTH SHOWCASES on the showcase showdown!!!!!!!
    ~Skunk One~
    SO grateful!!!!!

    CoeusPrime Hmmm I just started two seeds of that exact strain, never had before; how is it?

    2015-07-31 20:40:20 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD :)\

    2015-07-31 21:18:05 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Skunk #1 in a classic strain, used in a lot of common strains! I had a cross maybe 3 years ago that was Blue Dream x Skunk #1... I nick Named it Pepe' Le Blue! Was a killer strain, never seen it again since! Enjoy the Skunk #1! :)

    2015-07-31 21:35:21 UTC

    Of course I was there silly!

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    Alwaysblue9 Mister M it was better than I dreamed! Beautiful incredible product!

    2015-07-31 20:20:53 UTC

    CoeusPrime So cool!

    2015-07-31 20:21:43 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Good Times!

    2015-07-31 21:17:43 UTC

    Paris Og............

    LeGaLiZeD Nice!

    2015-07-31 21:16:53 UTC

    (Late) Morning kids! Finished moving an MK Ultra and Crititcal Sensi Star to bloom, transplanted 6 others to stage 2 veg. GSC in da bowl.

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    LeGaLiZeD Morning CP, nice work!

    2015-07-31 18:12:21 UTC

    CoeusPrime Cheers Legal; current layout as of this morning: 8 in bloom (1 Critical Sensi Star, 1 MK Ultra, 3 Exorcists, 1 NYC Diesel (mc clone), 1 Mojo, 1 Locomotive Breath). In stage one veg (prep for bloom): 1 MK Ultra, 1 Critical Sensi Star, one Exorcist and one Critical Plush). In stage two (seedling/young clone->teen): 2 Exorcist monstercrop clones, 1 Critical Sensi Star (have a shitload of that, using them as table decorations, just moved 2 more outdoors to finish), 2 Exorcists and 2 unknown fems (came with a seedpack of fems, could be any of Northern Lights, White Widow, etc.. Whew. And for the cops reading this, 2 licenses bucko. Do the math.

    2015-07-31 18:54:55 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD busy man you are! Cheers!

    2015-07-31 19:12:20 UTC

    Blue Dream Dab or 3, with 2nd cup of coffee!
    TGIF Mappers!
    Stay Cool! Enjoy the Blue Moon tonight!

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    Alwaysblue9 Happy Friday!!

    2015-07-31 20:21:31 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 Thanks also for the review. I will get some BD tomorrow.

    2015-07-31 21:21:55 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Enjoy iy, I'll post a flower pic in a bi!
    (what it should look like!)

    2015-07-31 21:30:38 UTC

    Well medicated on strong Sour OG and loading up some Super Silver Haze shatter into the vape. Coffee's on too, puff, slurp, pass! xo/m

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    LeGaLiZeD Nice line up ladies! Enjoy the day!

    2015-07-31 17:57:23 UTC

    CoeusPrime Greetings collective dudes and dudettes! Mol, hows that Sour OG do ya? Was kinda weak in Vegas last time I tried...

    2015-07-31 18:07:33 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 Happy Friday mmollzz!!!

    2015-07-31 20:21:53 UTC

    Phat bongs of Kimbo Kush in celebration of Russell Wilsons contract extension!!!
    Go Hawks!!!

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    2015-07-31 17:59:20 UTC

    CoeusPrime (_̅_̅_̅(̲̲(̅_̅_̲̅м̲̅a̲̅я̲̅i̲̅j̲̅u̲̅a̲̅n̲ ̅a̲̅_̅_̅_̅()ڪے~ ☮

    2015-07-31 18:09:43 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 Happy friday!!!

    2015-07-31 20:22:13 UTC

    Blue Dream on a nice summer day morning, you can't ask for anything higher than this.

    highcountrygal Truly!

    2015-07-31 15:05:32 UTC

    mmollzz Sounds delightful, enjoy!

    2015-07-31 16:18:18 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Enjoy, Blue Dream here the last few daze for me as well!

    2015-07-31 18:00:04 UTC

    What a way to start the day! GG#4 and a cuppa N@N's superior coffee. Thanks to Chron Don for the best of the best!

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    LeGaLiZeD Very nice start HCG! Hope it rains today!
    ... been to hot and humid!

    2015-07-31 18:01:29 UTC

    CoeusPrime Morning HCG!

    2015-07-31 18:10:03 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 Happy friday gal!!

    2015-07-31 20:22:23 UTC

    Blondie oil (candyland X gdp X bay 11) on a happy friday! re-upping today (ahh, korovas), vegas this weekend. til then, mayhem all day!

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    CoeusPrime Good luck this weekend D; will shoot you my cell just in case you need anything...

    2015-07-31 18:10:40 UTC

    d-lynn got it cp- thanks!

    2015-07-31 18:41:17 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 Happy friday d-lynn!!

    2015-07-31 20:22:40 UTC

    Friday at last, starting this one off with yep, you guessed it, Presidential Kush and java in the cup!! Happy Friday, make it a great one

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    mmollzz In AMAZING news today, BLND has restored the universe by keeping it sane and simple. For The WIN!

    2015-07-31 16:21:54 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD TGIF ~ Cheers!

    2015-07-31 18:01:58 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 Happy Friday Blnd!!

    2015-07-31 20:22:50 UTC

    Going to sleep after smoking on this Blue Dream ??

    BlndMJfun Zzzz...

    2015-07-31 12:26:29 UTC

    d-lynn happy snoozin

    2015-07-31 14:25:03 UTC

    Animal Cookies

    BlndMJfun Lots of MJ cookies

    2015-07-31 12:26:43 UTC

    monster cookies

    BlndMJfun yep, lots of MJ cookies

    2015-07-31 12:26:59 UTC

    last joint for today/tonight Platinum Blue Dream

    BlndMJfun Looks good

    2015-07-31 12:27:06 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD :) hope it treated ya right!

    2015-07-31 18:02:54 UTC

    og kush and super green crack :)

    BlndMJfun Nice mix, and welcome to WM

    2015-07-31 12:27:18 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD :)

    2015-07-31 18:03:03 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 Yum!

    2015-07-31 20:23:24 UTC

    Girl Scout Cookie dabbers prepping for the weekend... Stay Lifted All!

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    BlndMJfun yup yup, can't wait for the weekend

    2015-07-31 12:28:18 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD TGIF enjoy the weekend!

    2015-07-31 18:03:22 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 FINALLY am trying the GSC. Amazing!!!

    2015-07-31 20:23:12 UTC

    anyone know where to get gg#4 the real deal?

    Ignatius the last dispensary i reviewed currently has gorilla glue #4 if thats what your talking about... never heard of the strain before this week, not sure if thats what your abbreviation stands for, funny to hear it twice in one week... whats it comparable to?

    2015-07-31 02:58:16 UTC

    BlndMJfun nope, not in CA... in CO yes... good luck

    2015-07-31 12:29:05 UTC

    TheMan13 The clone only GG4 has been around for years now in the cannabis community and can be found coast to coast and even internationally today. She won the LA & MI High Times Cups last year putting her on the radar without a marketing breeder (seed co) behind it. I'm sure it will be available at the MI Cup again next month.

    2015-07-31 20:12:40 UTC

    Some Banana Kush in the Mayhem. Have a wonderful evening everyone!

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    BlndMJfun Happy Mayhem, enjoy

    2015-07-31 12:29:30 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Nice

    2015-07-31 18:03:36 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 Ok thats it! Time for some Mayhem!!!

    2015-07-31 20:23:53 UTC

    High all, some dabs of Jesus OG and a bowl of Alien Rock Candy!! Happy Thursday evening!!

    valleyguy88 Happy Thursday to you too!

    2015-07-31 01:53:34 UTC

    mmollzz Enjoy Blnd. I like your style. Presidents, Jesus, Aliens, Rock and Candy. Not boring! ;-)

    2015-07-31 02:02:53 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 Happy Thursday evening. Enjoy your plethora of yummies. :o)

    2015-07-31 02:19:05 UTC

    ~Gorilla Glue #4~
    ANY questions?

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    RaynMan206 GG#4 is duh bomb!! Cool jar too! ;)

    2015-07-31 16:11:21 UTC


    2015-07-31 18:04:18 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 Dear master of muff.... I can't help... sorry. Good day.

    2015-07-31 20:24:33 UTC

    Critical Kush, for a critical med concern: TOO MUCH PAIN. All indications prove this Indica most worthy. Pain pain go away!

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    BlndMJfun Here's hoping the CK will help, and you are already feeling better!! Be well M

    2015-07-31 01:36:52 UTC

    valleyguy88 Hope you feel better soon mmollzz

    2015-07-31 01:55:00 UTC

    mmollzz relief is already upon me, proving yet again that there's a strain for ALL THE PAIN. Trick is finding the right one at the right time when in need. This is why being able to grow would be so great (among other reasons such as the fun and joy of it!) Thanks all, your kind thoughts always welcome - and so helpful xo/m

    2015-07-31 02:18:51 UTC

    No more 3X Crazy. Portrait of me in the background, only with better teeth. Cheers!

    mmollzz There's a cure for that, Mars.

    2015-07-31 00:09:26 UTC

    BlndMJfun lol, cheers Mars

    2015-07-31 01:37:19 UTC

    janetplanet High Mars!!!!

    2015-07-31 01:38:51 UTC

    not too shabby for my first ever attempt of a woven blunt. practice makes perfect I guess. dabbing Blue Cheese for 420.

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    Alwaysblue9 What the? Woven paper? Too cool!!!

    2015-07-31 01:14:30 UTC

    BlndMJfun did good!! How did it smoke?

    2015-07-31 01:37:50 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD sweet

    2015-07-31 18:05:05 UTC

    Neighbor gave me a new pet who immediately harvested a couple Anaheim Chiles.
    Passing some True OG to ya....

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    BlndMJfun Stop theif!! They look like great Chiles!!

    2015-07-31 01:39:22 UTC

    janetplanet Are you still there MM? You haven't floated away yet have you? All I can see over by you is black clouds! Stay dry....I knew I should have bought a boat! lol

    2015-07-31 01:45:11 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD ヅ cool pic MM

    2015-07-31 18:05:47 UTC