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    Some Alien Rock Candy this fine Friday morning... "It's 4am and I'm lonely" song is in my head now...:) Rise & shine mappers

    Freddie Kane PR aka Triangle Kush from the good folks at Loompa Farms

    Justin SanDiego Highly recommended!

    2015-03-27 08:41:53 UTC

    BlndMJfun That Triangle kush has been on our radar, whatcha think?

    2015-03-27 10:05:37 UTC

    Freddie Kane PR aka Triangle Kush from the good folks at Loompa Farms

    8 Ball Kush
    AMB "Smoke Kush"

    BlndMJfun Looks good,

    2015-03-27 10:06:09 UTC

    Blue and Gold Dream. Sweet 16 Bruins Go!

    BlndMJfun lol, down to sweet 16 now... should be good

    2015-03-27 10:06:34 UTC

    girlscout cookies

    BlndMJfun like this strain, but don't use it unless I need the munchies... :)

    2015-03-27 10:07:01 UTC

    ?? crush

    BlndMJfun Riddler know. for the question marks??? Riddle me this!!

    2015-03-27 10:09:56 UTC

    The Mick Mystery Crush?

    2015-03-27 05:43:56 UTC

    Blue Dream wax doobs :)

    MADD MAXX Nice....Welcome to Weedmaps!

    2015-03-27 05:11:07 UTC

    BlndMJfun very nice and Welcome...

    2015-03-27 10:10:33 UTC

    who has a connection in adelanto

    BlndMJfun We do

    2015-03-27 10:11:14 UTC

    who has a connection in adelanto

    BlndMJfun We dont'

    2015-03-27 10:11:22 UTC

    Dreamqueen from sensible meds

    BlndMJfun yeah, pretty stuff...

    2015-03-27 10:12:14 UTC

    The Mick Nice pic too.

    2015-03-27 05:43:35 UTC

    valleyguy88 That's a nice one!

    2015-03-27 04:30:53 UTC

    Sparkin' a bowl of Plushberry.
    Still haven't found that misplaced bud of Mojo....

    BlndMJfun Nice MM, enjoy... found my mojo, misplaced it about 10 years ago.. :)

    2015-03-27 10:13:07 UTC

    valleyguy88 Cheers MAXX!

    2015-03-27 04:32:31 UTC

    Jack Frost in the vape tonight.

    kushlover760 love jack frost

    2015-03-27 05:28:54 UTC

    MADD MAXX Hell Yeah Buddie!

    2015-03-27 03:31:16 UTC

    BlndMJfun Nice, still looking for a good vape that will do both flower & shatter

    2015-03-27 10:13:35 UTC

    I will be going up North to San Francisco soon can any one recommend any good dispensaries???

    lettucesmoke thanks madd maxx!

    2015-03-27 03:33:52 UTC

    MADD MAXX I live next door to nowhere but there are many folks up that way who can help. Good Luck....

    2015-03-27 03:32:51 UTC

    BlndMJfun While the strain search might be gone, the disp. search is still available on WM, which should help you find something. Good luck and enjoy

    2015-03-27 10:14:32 UTC

    Reggae in Old Sacramento. Graciano's on the patio. 6 - 9pm Friday 3/27/15

    BlndMJfun Nice, see ya there... ;)

    2015-03-27 10:15:05 UTC

    Cheese-Quake from 515 Broadway!! Sac-Town Baby!!

    MADD MAXX good razor wire makes for good neighbors....

    2015-03-27 03:33:53 UTC

    settling in after work with some Hawaiian Snow/Pure OG/Purple Perignon rolled up with kief in a strawberry paper Cheers!

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    BlndMJfun Wow, that sounds sooooo good!! Enjoy

    2015-03-27 10:15:40 UTC

    RaynMan206 Sounds good!

    2015-03-27 02:43:00 UTC

    Papa Bones Nice

    2015-03-27 02:48:44 UTC

    Bong hits of 'Blueberry Snocone' by Aurora Farms from CCC

    valleyguy88 Looks nice! Enjoy!

    2015-03-27 03:12:17 UTC

    MADD MAXX Snocone, arrrrrr (your best homer simpson voice)....

    2015-03-27 03:37:05 UTC

    BlndMJfun Looking good RM, enjoy

    2015-03-27 10:15:57 UTC


    Papa Bones Great Choice. To the point.

    2015-03-27 02:49:14 UTC

    BlndMJfun yep

    2015-03-27 10:16:07 UTC

    Its either Afgani Pie or Cherry Camels, I can't tell which from so far away. My bowl and I are now in different zip codes.

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    Nickatnight lmao now you can share with the old bat next door :)

    2015-03-27 01:33:13 UTC

    MADD MAXX LOL. Gandalf has his own time zone....

    2015-03-27 03:38:12 UTC

    CoeusPrime Yes, hitting Cannabis Rex is an experience, and *takes* experience as well.

    2015-03-27 02:14:59 UTC

    GSC 2 buds left. searchin my man MIA.try FQ tomorrow maybe i was stoned thought prohibition over

    Some BTY. Could used a little help eradicating these Zombies....

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    BlndMJfun Call in for help to Minosha(sp?) from walking dead... her and that sword should help MM...

    2015-03-27 10:20:02 UTC

    bobaloo Dang, that is a bad outbreak...poor kitty got treed... Legal, get that bobcat from your aunt's place to help out...

    2015-03-26 23:57:02 UTC

    MADD MAXX *meant to say "could use". Really effin up today....

    2015-03-27 00:00:20 UTC

    Down to a bowl of Kief, outta buds, will have to break in to the 5lbs of roaches stashed away. Oh well better than nothing I guess.

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    MADD MAXX A mix of them roaches can create a super strain. Still do that myself, buddie. I find they work best in a bong o' cold wine. It's Spring, the flowers will come....

    2015-03-26 23:57:45 UTC

    bobaloo 5 lbs? Dang, Nick, you have the Fort Knox of roaches!! Drop by, I'll share my GSC with ya!!!

    2015-03-26 23:58:21 UTC

    Nickatnight @MM I use the ice bong for sure :) never tried wine, something new to try. :))

    2015-03-27 00:30:02 UTC



    2015-03-27 10:22:03 UTC

    Happy 4:20 Y'all!
    Frantic Flintstones "Hits From the Bong"

    Papa Bones Boom!!

    2015-03-27 02:49:42 UTC

    BlndMJfun It's all good MM,

    2015-03-27 10:22:26 UTC

    MADD MAXX Blew this one, didn't I?

    2015-03-26 23:28:38 UTC

    Apple Kush

    BlndMJfun An apple a day keeps the doctor away, enjoy

    2015-03-27 10:22:54 UTC

    pure gold concentrate - this is a must try

    BlndMJfun sounds golden for sure

    2015-03-27 10:23:16 UTC

    ace of spades. its ok. theres nothing wrong with it (it was actually grown really well) lately if it isnt indica dom i dont like it

    Nickatnight I understand where you're coming from... :)

    2015-03-26 23:37:47 UTC

    BlndMJfun we swing both ways with sativa early, indica later in the day/evening...Enjoy :)

    2015-03-27 10:24:38 UTC

    Halo OG for me

    BlndMJfun Sweet, enjoy

    2015-03-27 10:24:51 UTC

    Chiefin on some Super Silver Haze before work, later in the evening some Fendi OG!

    BlndMJfun :)

    2015-03-27 10:24:59 UTC