What Are YOU Smoking On Right Now?


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thank Guild extracts you guys came thru with this one
GSC thc-a 97% what you know huhhh

she got red highlights 😍

2016-07-30 02:55:33 UTC

valleyguy88 Very nice! Good work

2016-07-30 02:59:03 UTC

Shantra7 She's a beauty !

Food suggestions??

Came out with Benihana OG & Disneyland OG ! Both are super new to me , puffin' n' passin' !!!

2016-07-30 02:54:30 UTC

valleyguy88 Sounds like a nice Friday night! Enjoy!

2016-07-30 02:59:22 UTC

Shantra7 Thanks !


2016-07-30 01:32:57 UTC

valleyguy88 She looks nice! What's the strain?


Gorilla Gold feeling real happy cheers .

Marley OG

strawberry banana ogre

my dumb high ass mix em all up casey deisel, critical mass, mango kush, berry white and old fashioned

fire og you know...


God's gift! NICE!!

Sunset Sherbert in the bowl...fire in the bowl...going to a movie later to beat the heat...really good Sunset Sherbert

2016-07-29 23:04:29 UTC

Nickee I have the Sunset Sherbert Shatter and its amazing.....

2016-07-30 02:38:07 UTC

Shantra7 Nice !

2016-07-30 03:05:39 UTC

mindfusion89 Frosty!

Misc. concentrates, CBD crystalline dipped :)
Who left the heater on? Your fired!
Stay Cool Mappers!

2016-07-29 21:34:35 UTC

FattFang HOTT weather calls for medicating

2016-07-30 01:35:18 UTC

valleyguy88 I think they left the heater and the oven on. Stay cool!

GDP and OG kush!! just got it! happy!

2016-07-29 20:34:44 UTC

LeGaLiZeD Happy Friday for You!

-Sour banana sherbert
-Crickets haze
-Sour tangie
-Ac/DC Allocation Complete Elixer

2016-07-29 20:35:19 UTC

LeGaLiZeD - Cheers

Monster Cookies courtesy of my big bruh

2016-07-29 20:35:31 UTC

LeGaLiZeD :)


The last of my Lucid Dream:)

2016-07-29 20:35:53 UTC

LeGaLiZeD Enjoy iT!

Khalifa OG tokes... Happy Friday!
Everyone have a Happy and Healthy Day!

2016-07-29 19:37:13 UTC

Lestat0311 Right on Legal, Fire For Effect, Over.

2016-07-29 20:49:49 UTC

LeGaLiZeD Roger Thatestat :) Happy Friday Bud!

2016-07-29 21:13:03 UTC

Shantra7 May she heal quickly, sending all things good her way !

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kandy Kush

2016-07-29 17:19:03 UTC

FattFang A sweet strain, enjoy

2016-07-29 17:34:40 UTC

LeGaLiZeD Hearing about this one the last few days! Cheers

2016-07-29 19:37:17 UTC

Lestat0311 Cheers


2016-07-29 17:34:51 UTC

LeGaLiZeD :)

2016-07-29 17:13:22 UTC

FattFang Oh yeah! Enjoy

2016-07-29 19:37:27 UTC

Lestat0311 cheers


Hey there Mappers Starting my day off with some SuperDrop !!!

2016-07-29 17:13:53 UTC

FattFang Looking good! Enjoy

2016-07-29 17:35:11 UTC

LeGaLiZeD :) Happy Friday!

2016-07-29 19:37:38 UTC

Lestat0311 Cheers

Cbd living water

2016-07-29 16:32:13 UTC

FattFang CBD hydration....nice

2016-07-29 19:37:49 UTC

Lestat0311 Very nice!

2016-07-29 17:35:23 UTC

LeGaLiZeD Very cool!

Marley OG flower and Blackberry kush Honey cape cartridge. Happy Friday !

2016-07-29 16:32:30 UTC

FattFang Happy Friday

2016-07-29 17:35:39 UTC


2016-07-29 19:38:01 UTC

Lestat0311 Happy Friday to you bro.

Neighbors unknown strain is a sativa, and it is hilarious....puff and pass, as I laugh

2016-07-29 17:14:51 UTC

FattFang Still laughing...another puff coming up

2016-07-29 17:36:30 UTC

LeGaLiZeD ... need to do another movie... Good Neighbors! LOL

2016-07-29 19:38:36 UTC

Lestat0311 Fire For Effect Fang Man.

That $100 OG ( yes that's the name of the strain ).

2016-07-29 17:37:12 UTC

LeGaLiZeD great-great? LOL Cheers Shantra7 :)

2016-07-29 17:00:24 UTC

Shantra7 Yes, FattFang it's that good-good !!!!!

2016-07-29 21:14:26 UTC

Shantra7 Cheers Legalized , thanks Lestat0311 !

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Waking & Baking on some strawberry bubblegum having a private bowl then smoking a blunt with my girl & friends

2016-07-29 16:17:00 UTC

FattFang Puff and pass

2016-07-29 17:37:45 UTC

LeGaLiZeD Love the Solo Bowls! Cheers!

2016-07-29 19:39:37 UTC

Lestat0311 Up Up and Away!