What Are YOU Smoking On Right Now?


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smoking on some 2012 cannabis cup winner: kosher og. *.*

2016-02-12 18:02:41 UTC

FattFang Excellent...enjoy the winner!

Coffee, Kryptonite OG on a sunny morning in Yountville, CA with friends...G'morning and cheers to all

2016-02-12 18:03:35 UTC

FattFang Back to Vallejo for honey do errands

space queen

2016-02-12 17:08:02 UTC

FattFang nice strain


Some LVPK in the pipe and folgers in the cup
Cheers hope all are pain free today! 😸

2016-02-12 17:08:27 UTC

FattFang Cheers

k's fire og

2016-02-12 16:37:26 UTC

uossɯɐıllıM nice enjoy

Shopping day! I'll see if I can do this on my 707 OG, hope the munchiekins don't grab me first! Enjoy this day all!

2016-02-12 16:27:06 UTC

uossɯɐıllıM Good Morn Ma :) Have a great shopping day! and take a snack in case the munchies set in.

2016-02-12 17:13:20 UTC

FattFang Morning!

Iron Lotus

Zombie OG

Smoking that MARS OG

some fire barry white

jet fuel og

Skywalker og

SG kush

birthday cake OG bomb ass indica sleeper!....

2016-02-12 05:41:41 UTC

LeGaLiZeD :)

Durban Cookies. The moon looks nice tonight

2016-02-12 05:41:26 UTC

LeGaLiZeD I saw a Smiley Face crescent low earlier, gonna be a clear night :)

2016-02-12 05:08:24 UTC

mmollzz That sounds tasty! I love Durban and the one hybrid I tried (Durban Poison) was insanely good. Enjoy your moon-gazing! :)

2016-02-12 05:15:42 UTC

MADD MAXX Not too cold outside for a moontan....

Cheers Mappers!
Sparkin' a bowl of White Fire (JP homegrown)

2016-02-12 05:00:07 UTC

MADD MAXX Laptop's been overheating and shutting down. Will make as many comments as possible....

2016-02-12 05:05:13 UTC

valleyguy88 Hey MAXX! I spit beer out my nose when I read the pic

2016-02-12 05:39:05 UTC


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question.. is wax really stronger than weed ?

2016-02-12 05:37:58 UTC

LeGaLiZeD LoL Funny!
Google iT!

Grape Krush crumble . . .
Enjoying concentrates!
Well relaxed now... Cheers All :)

2016-02-12 04:49:18 UTC

mmollzz I love good crumble, and that there looks tasty. Krush it, LeGaL! Cheers to a good evening!

2016-02-12 04:51:26 UTC

LeGaLiZeD I agree mmollzz... crumbles can be great! This one and some Lemon Cookies I've been checking out! Wowzers on the flavors... super great effects!

2016-02-12 05:00:31 UTC

MADD MAXX Very nice. Stay elevated....

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Some Chemdawg x Vanilla Sour shatter out of "eddy" - he works great! Hope everyone is doing well :)

2016-02-12 04:39:21 UTC

LeGaLiZeD Ha... Nice mmollzz! Toke uP!

2016-02-12 04:55:07 UTC

valleyguy88 Sounds like a nice combo. Hope you're doing well too!

2016-02-12 05:07:15 UTC

MADD MAXX Good to see ya here Moll!

A nice bowl of Purple Bubba O.G. to get me ready for chill mode! Peace be the journey my fellow mappers!

2016-02-12 04:37:59 UTC

mmollzz Initiate: Chill Mode FTW!

2016-02-12 04:39:45 UTC

LeGaLiZeD Oooh... nice nug!

2016-02-12 04:56:08 UTC

valleyguy88 Nice pipe!

Some kind of purple, lol. Tastes good!

2016-02-12 04:38:54 UTC

mmollzz But inquiring minds must know! Did it send you to your home planet? ;-)

2016-02-12 04:40:59 UTC

LeGaLiZeD Tasty Purps :) Cheers!

platinum bubba😍😍😍

2016-02-12 04:38:59 UTC

mmollzz Tasty!

Liberty og

2016-02-12 02:12:13 UTC

hazendaaz technique conservative renaissance. "I want gay married couples to protect their marijuana plants with guns they bought with bitcoin" WeAreChange

2016-02-12 04:39:36 UTC

mmollzz Haz, haha - that's all you got? ;-) Enjoy the Liberty - never have had it.

Heisenberg : Tokyo shatter for the evening push!
Coffee and Cannabis, enjoying the cooling day!
Cheer Mappers!

2016-02-12 02:10:17 UTC

LeGaLiZeD Cheers back , Lestat!

2016-02-12 03:43:59 UTC

Lestat0311 Smoke sesh tonight bro? Ill check in at the same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

2016-02-12 04:41:35 UTC

LeGaLiZeD :)

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A free Blue Dream RAW Cone!
Mars on deck!
Happy Friday Eve!

2016-02-12 01:21:17 UTC

Lestat0311 Load it up bro.

2016-02-12 04:40:23 UTC

mmollzz Hey look Mars, you're a strain! ;-)


2016-02-12 01:26:50 UTC

Sgt Stadanko @lestat0311 low temp dabbin the rosin from this gorgeous flower

2016-02-12 01:46:55 UTC

Lestat0311 Ooorah Sierra-Tango-Alpha-Delta-Alpha-November-Kilo-Oscar, I copy you Lima-Charlie, Adjust Fire, Out.

2016-02-12 04:40:58 UTC

mmollzz That's some gorgeous gorilla ya got!

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A combination of Gorilla Glue #4, and Kryptonite in a bowl to ease a migraine away....starting to work...yeessssss!

2016-02-12 01:20:33 UTC

Lestat0311 You are Locked, Cocked, And ready to Rock my Fellow Mapper.

2016-02-12 04:41:53 UTC

mmollzz Wshew! GG#4 good for your migraines. I will remember this. So happy the meds are easing the pain, Fang!


2016-02-12 00:11:02 UTC

FattFang Awesome indeed

2016-02-12 01:20:38 UTC

Lestat0311 Cheers.

2016-02-12 04:42:36 UTC

mmollzz Nice mix! Love both strains.


2016-02-12 00:11:25 UTC

FattFang Yeah

2016-02-12 01:20:58 UTC

Lestat0311 Daaaaaaaaamn! Nice bro

2016-02-12 04:43:01 UTC

mmollzz Gorgeous!