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    *Grand Daddy Purple ::::Grade: A
    (858) 375-6493

    *Grand Daddy Purple ::::Grade: A
    (858) 375-6493

    kizzy Go fuck yourself

    2015-08-05 12:24:41 UTC

    *Grand Daddy Purple ::::Grade: A
    (858) 375-6493

    kizzy Fuck you

    2015-08-05 12:24:26 UTC

    *Grand Daddy Purple ::::Grade: A
    (858) 375-6493

    kizzy Fuck off

    2015-08-05 12:24:14 UTC

    *Sour Diesel ..Grade: A+ Top Shelf
    *Grand Daddy Purple ::::Grade: A
    (858) 375-6493

    kizzy Fuck off

    2015-08-05 12:24:02 UTC

    Presidential Kush to start this Hump day!! Up early in the Rockies...

    some dense lavender, ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    BlndMJfun is it good???????????????????????????????????????????????????

    2015-08-05 09:15:29 UTC

    some bomb bomb , butter og from that unit5 collective

    BlndMJfun bombs - away

    2015-08-05 09:15:50 UTC

    Pineapple og, night mappers

    BlndMJfun Zzzz's by now, nice disk!!

    2015-08-05 09:16:09 UTC

    king Louie soul assassin Wyd tang og

    BlndMJfun potent sounding

    2015-08-05 09:16:47 UTC

    Platinum Blue Dream.

    kizzy :)

    2015-08-05 06:03:01 UTC

    Skywalker OG and some King Louie Bomb Bud ??????

    BlndMJfun nice sarge????????

    2015-08-05 09:17:25 UTC

    China OG

    BlndMJfun looks more North Korean than Chiniese

    2015-08-05 09:17:54 UTC

    Gorilla Cookies on the bubbler..... Adjust Fire Polar, Over!

    BlndMJfun now don't go apeshit, enjoy the Gorilla cookies

    2015-08-05 09:18:50 UTC


    BlndMJfun no need to say anymore... enjoy

    2015-08-05 09:19:10 UTC

    Animal cookies

    BlndMJfun looks awesome

    2015-08-05 09:19:19 UTC

    Sour Diesel, Tangie, Sugar Black Rose, Pineapple between the sky and the earth...

    Censored Reviews are you a pilot?

    2015-08-05 03:45:41 UTC

    BlndMJfun nice lineup, enjoy

    2015-08-05 09:19:37 UTC

    Evening to all! A salad of a pinch from everything I have I kept all my tiny crumbles and then smokem up and tonight's that night. Whew!

    valleyguy88 Sounds like a nice night in store for you! Enjoy!

    2015-08-05 02:41:53 UTC

    kizzy Good evening

    2015-08-05 06:03:24 UTC

    BlndMJfun High HCG!! Hope the evening was good. New day today!!

    2015-08-05 09:20:01 UTC

    Miracle Cream
    dam, that works.

    Flashback It's a miracle!

    2015-08-05 01:05:34 UTC

    BlndMJfun great news!!

    2015-08-05 09:23:45 UTC

    Some hg, wishing my gals would get their bloomers showing...the plants, that is...hope y'all are having a great evening!!!

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    janetplanet My ladies are blooming bobaloo....your's will soon!!! ~_~

    2015-08-05 01:00:29 UTC

    Flashback My Goji is blooming, other Indicas still have not shown yet..Bay area has about 15 minutes more daylight each day than Southern Cal. Your plants should bloom in a week or two.

    2015-08-05 01:09:53 UTC

    kizzy You too, cheers

    2015-08-05 06:03:43 UTC

    Super Blue Dream, thank you very much Madd Maxx
    Few dabs of Lallipop Extract Banana OG Kush Shatter
    (pain pill)

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    highcountrygal Hope you feel better soon:)

    2015-08-05 01:58:15 UTC

    kizzy Hope you're feeling better

    2015-08-05 06:04:04 UTC

    BlndMJfun Best of luck JP, get to feeling better.

    2015-08-05 09:25:03 UTC


    BlndMJfun indeed

    2015-08-05 09:25:10 UTC

    Kosher Kush from Beach Center.

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    highcountrygal Evening to you, Mars!

    2015-08-05 01:59:24 UTC

    kizzy Nice

    2015-08-05 06:04:10 UTC

    BlndMJfun Looks good Mars, enjoy

    2015-08-05 09:25:29 UTC

    a bowl of Grape Ape, preparing for a night of star gazing. Gettin' the telescope out for a good look, if the mosquitoes don't eat me alive.

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    kizzy Cheers

    2015-08-05 06:04:19 UTC

    BlndMJfun Great night for it... hope it went well

    2015-08-05 09:25:41 UTC

    bobaloo Just rub garlic all over yourself, Nick...oh wait, that just keeps people and vampires away...enjoy the stars and the Ape!!!

    2015-08-05 00:40:54 UTC

    More ChemScout as I listen to Your Love is Lifting me Higher by Jackie Wilson...oh do I feel better...yesssss!

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    highcountrygal High FF! Nothing like the real thing! Love our music:)

    2015-08-05 02:01:59 UTC

    kizzy :)

    2015-08-05 06:04:27 UTC

    FattFang Keeps lifting me higher..higher and higher..

    2015-08-04 23:56:20 UTC

    skywalker og

    Cool! New...*something* and matching hash pipe! NYC Diesel trim bubble hash and (early) Exorcist x NYC DIesel x GSC salad.

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    FattFang Great Puff n Stuff

    2015-08-04 23:48:39 UTC

    Nickatnight sweeeet!

    2015-08-05 00:21:27 UTC

    janetplanet You and your new pipes!!!! lol I like the hash pipe!

    2015-08-05 00:24:23 UTC

    Grape Platinum GSC....

    MADD MAXX hiya jimmyy!

    2015-08-04 22:53:33 UTC

    FattFang Excellent bud I bet

    2015-08-04 23:49:09 UTC


    Censored Reviews Moe and Curly?

    2015-08-04 23:18:45 UTC

    Gorilla Glue #4 and Chemscout after many Honey Doo one bothers me in the basement

    bobaloo Just keep hiding in the basement and puff awaaaay, Fangman!!!

    2015-08-05 00:46:09 UTC

    MADD MAXX Appears things are officially Honey Done for the day :-}/

    2015-08-04 22:53:01 UTC

    FattFang No, not yet...more coming at 6:30...but at 8 p.m. I'm puffing for real

    2015-08-04 23:50:36 UTC