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    Snoop concert *sold out*, Cannabis Cup *sold out*, Red&Mef (evening show) *sold out*. Wonder if there are scalpers lol.

    Citizen Jane the snoop concert is outdoors though, and R&M tickets still available for the actual "4:20pm" showing.

    2014-04-19 16:54:31 UTC

    @korn007 yeah it's keeps happening to me!! Sucks that I Iost all my favs

    Top shelf GSC's in preparation for 420....yessssssss!

    Citizen Jane very nice indeed!

    2014-04-19 16:55:49 UTC


    skunk22pw good morning buds! pre-420 round up, it always better to be prepared :)

    2014-04-19 16:38:18 UTC

    Citizen Jane tasty-lookin' :)

    2014-04-19 16:46:22 UTC

    FattFang Yes it is!

    2014-04-19 16:46:08 UTC

    Ya It happens to me this sight keeps getting worse

    Citizen Jane maybe someone smoked a doobie next to the server, and gave it couchlock?

    2014-04-19 16:43:18 UTC

    skunk22pw actually it's gaining more popularity, mo people mo

    2014-04-19 16:33:36 UTC

    skunk22pw on 420 you will be lucky to even get to the site! it use to crash a lot more.

    2014-04-19 16:35:12 UTC

    Lemon Skunk shatter, and Bossanova Haze budder in perfect harmony... rerun pic!

    Citizen Jane cheers!

    2014-04-19 16:37:27 UTC

    skunk22pw cheers!

    2014-04-19 16:29:44 UTC

    Does anyone know of any shops that sell seeds or clones?

    skunk22pw lots do, & if you are not sure you can call & put one on hold.

    2014-04-19 16:29:01 UTC

    What happened to all of my favorites? Why does my app crash every time I click on it?? Is that happening to anybody else?

    skunk22pw try using the computer

    2014-04-19 16:29:33 UTC

    Citizen Jane try restarting windows :)

    2014-04-19 16:51:47 UTC

    Sugar Cookies

    skunk22pw :)

    2014-04-19 16:29:57 UTC

    New quartz and cleaned sexyr's Hit Man. Blazed n confused for the 420 weekend. See ya' all ??

    RaynMan206 Thats what I was thinking!! Holy smokes!!! #staylifted

    2014-04-19 16:32:02 UTC

    Citizen Jane holy! nice slab! you could fend off an attacker with that thing...

    2014-04-19 16:20:02 UTC

    skunk22pw nice puff-a-dab my way and i'll do the same..cheers!

    2014-04-19 16:30:29 UTC

    White Widow and a dab of rx-2. Lovin life today!

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    ganjagodess Sleep well.

    2014-04-19 16:08:44 UTC

    Citizen Jane awesome, enjoy :)

    2014-04-19 16:12:18 UTC

    skunk22pw sweet, I love WW...cheers!

    2014-04-19 16:30:49 UTC

    Morning!!! lambs breath and some solar OG wake n bake. so good ;p

    Blueberry kush and death rocket mix

    Super sour dog

    Super Sour Dog

    Master wax vi@ HOLY GRAIL & og bubba SALAD I MADE:)

    Twas the day b4 420, when all through the house, a bong was stirring, Tahoe express shatter lol

    ɳʉɠɠʑʑ ت

    2014-04-19 16:04:41 UTC

    Citizen Jane steer it up

    2014-04-19 16:13:02 UTC

    skunk22pw lol

    2014-04-19 16:31:13 UTC

    Follow up bowl of G-13 celebrating my mini staycation from work....4 glorious days off! Cheers!

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    skunk22pw :)

    2014-04-19 16:31:22 UTC

    Mars94 Cheers

    2014-04-19 14:54:28 UTC

    Citizen Jane going places is overrated.

    2014-04-19 16:13:24 UTC

    Blue Dream crumble wake and bake. Stay lifted

    pacal420 nice!!

    2014-04-19 14:21:58 UTC

    Crap guys, that True OG came back from the dead - and it's pissed! Morning friends!

    Mars94 lol, managed to take it down with fire!

    2014-04-19 15:00:04 UTC

    pacal420 lmao, watch out big dog:) u can handle!!

    2014-04-19 14:21:38 UTC

    skunk22pw lol

    2014-04-19 16:31:32 UTC

    good morning all.. ヅ

    pacal420 morn nuggzz:)!!

    2014-04-19 14:14:26 UTC

    Mars94 Good morning :D

    2014-04-19 14:16:34 UTC

    skunk22pw GM! :)

    2014-04-19 16:31:43 UTC

    king louie og, lavander , matts #1 og and sum bubba kush wax

    Mars94 Nice

    2014-04-19 14:16:42 UTC

    WnB kids !!! Devil cut OG

    Mars94 Morning!

    2014-04-19 14:07:20 UTC

    pacal420 great morn 2 ya mars! !!! hope ur nice n toasty this shatterday:)

    2014-04-19 14:13:51 UTC

    Mars94 Sure am, same to you!

    2014-04-19 14:17:19 UTC

    Morning everyone:) Just a little dabbing with some Dairy Queen Snap!

    Mars94 Good morning!

    2014-04-19 14:07:30 UTC

    Morning everyone, Mr Frosty, Blue Dream x Pre98BubbaxSnowdawg and LAOG x Pre98BubbaxSnowdawg

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    pacal420 damn son, enjoy:)!!!

    2014-04-19 13:40:59 UTC

    Mars94 *.*

    2014-04-19 14:07:39 UTC

    MrSensiSnax Mr C's treats run by Sexyr are the bomb, sir

    2014-04-19 14:20:37 UTC

    A few nice nuggs of Berry for an awesome wake n bake

    humboldtzboy Smells good from here.

    2014-04-19 13:36:16 UTC

    Some Mike Phelps wale and bake!

    A cup of coffee, a smoldering Camel, a bowl of C99, my baby by my side and a dab of sexyr's wax, good morning

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    humboldtzboy Sweet morning Mr. Sensi. Hope sexyr is too busy to check in.... lol.

    2014-04-19 13:19:34 UTC

    Mars94 Nice, cheers

    2014-04-19 14:08:01 UTC

    MrSensiSnax LoL

    2014-04-19 14:20:52 UTC

    Dabbin' Rx13 shatter.... Snowdawg x Humboldt OG in sexyr's original hit man. Get some sleep and begin my 420 weekend! Happy 420 everyone.

    Mars94 Happy 420!

    2014-04-19 14:08:22 UTC

    MrSensiSnax Happy 4/20. Good choice, best wax in town

    2014-04-19 14:22:10 UTC

    humboldtzboy I might extent that to the west coast? Rx 5 in the chamber.... yippie.

    2014-04-19 15:06:55 UTC

    wakin n bakin on dat hollands hope! gittin ready for cannabis cup!! stay lifted !!!

    humboldtzboy Nice :)

    2014-04-19 13:04:40 UTC

    Mars94 Sweet

    2014-04-19 14:08:38 UTC

    Citizen Jane what a beauty! the plant looks good too!'

    2014-04-19 16:17:39 UTC