What Are YOU Smoking On Right Now?


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Good morning ! GG #6 in my lungs....oh yes ! How you doing ?

Good Morning! 🌞 rolled me up a plane of Kacey's Gush, Alien Dawg, and Lemon Skunk #stayfAded ✌🏾️

2016-12-08 18:04:53 UTC

Shantra7 Good morning !

Good morning people!
I'm working on the bowl from last night.
I believe it is random small buds of homegrown GG#4 and Maui Waui which fell off branch while trimming.
Stay lifted my friends!

2016-12-08 18:02:35 UTC

wmanon Nice! always lifted... Cheers have a great day :)

2016-12-08 18:05:05 UTC

Shantra7 Good morning !

Mixing up a J of Master Kush and Cuvee :)
I lost my pants, but I found myself!

2016-12-08 18:05:19 UTC

Shantra7 Oh yes !

Foolish one

Blue Venom "J" and coffee on a chilly rainy morning. Going to the Emerald Cup this weekend in Sonoma, CA...yessss

2016-12-08 18:05:32 UTC

Shantra7 Cheers !

2016-12-08 17:56:04 UTC

FattFang JP, that would be nice!

2016-12-08 18:01:40 UTC

wmanon Yes Indeed! cheers fang have fun at the Emerald Cup :)

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Hashy coffee✌️😴

2016-12-08 17:45:49 UTC

dtel420 Sounds like a coffee I can support. How about hashy carmel frap! Cheers Irie! 🍻

2016-12-08 17:46:25 UTC

janetplanet Morning irie!

2016-12-08 18:05:44 UTC

Shantra7 Nice !

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Goodmorning mappers! Wake and bake... platnium Kush packed up. Fire in the hole!πŸ”₯ Have a great day patients! Live the high life! Cheers!🍻

2016-12-08 17:25:47 UTC

Flashback good morning!

2016-12-08 18:05:54 UTC

Shantra7 Good morning !

2016-12-08 17:28:49 UTC

dtel420 Goodmorning flash!

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Shared route
From 1070 Lake Front Drive to 2020 Hurley Way via I-5 N.

18 min (14Β mi)
30 min in current traffic

1. Head south on Greenhaven Dr toward Villa Palazzo Dr
2. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Pocket Rd
3. Use the right lane to take the I-5 N ramp to Redding
4. Merge onto I-5 N
5. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 518 for US-50 E toward S Lake Tahoe
6. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for US-50

2016-12-08 17:15:39 UTC

dtel420 What the....? Tell em jp! 🍻

2016-12-08 17:50:14 UTC

janetplanet Oh yea, it's not a dating site either!!!!!!

2016-12-08 17:53:29 UTC

FattFang Wizard? Is someone looking for Wiz Khalifa buds....lol

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24 K and hashish bowls

2016-12-08 17:16:35 UTC

dtel420 Sounds good

2016-12-08 16:23:59 UTC

Lestat0311 Cheers.

2016-12-08 18:06:06 UTC

Shantra7 Cheers !

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int' og. Cheers all

2016-12-08 16:25:39 UTC

Flashback cheers!

2016-12-08 16:52:08 UTC

wmanon Enjoy

2016-12-08 17:05:00 UTC

Lakayinpmt Salud!

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John Lennon RIP October 9, 1940 – December 8, 1980

2016-12-08 15:54:27 UTC

Flashback John Lennon was shot and killed on this day 36 years ago.

2016-12-08 16:20:56 UTC

Lestat0311 RIP.

2016-12-08 17:21:17 UTC

janetplanet We still miss you John Lennon! 🌹 RIP πŸŽ†

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Crystal Coma. I just love the name and, oh ya, all the crystals! Party on, Mappers. Live long and partake!

2016-12-08 15:43:55 UTC

wmanon Enjoy the Coma... ✌

2016-12-08 15:45:02 UTC

Flashback Yes, enjoy your coma..(that does not sound like fun!)..lol

2016-12-08 18:06:21 UTC

Shantra7 Fly high !

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Nothing driving to my old town to re up because the med shops in riverside dont show love over here! I feel ripped off everytime i go to the shop over here!

2016-12-08 16:21:40 UTC

Lestat0311 Good luck.

2016-12-08 17:09:52 UTC

Lakayinpmt Yeah i live in perris,ca unfortunately today i decided to go to los angeles to pick up! The med shops in perris need to step up their game, i go in there spend money i gets no love atleast throw in a lil bit of extra weight. Everywhere you go in L.A they show love. Im just saying i go spend hundreds of dollars give me something back. I dont want freebies but show love!

2016-12-08 17:24:12 UTC

Flashback I live close to Corona in the IE. I used to drive out to Palm Springs for meds because the shops around here are nothing like other places. I grew my own and don't buy flowers unless I run out.

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Good morning world! Ol' '55 - Eagles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv-fjv1bbXI

2016-12-08 16:21:59 UTC

Lestat0311 FIre For Effect, Over.

2016-12-08 15:14:09 UTC

Flashback The wife just handed me a bowl packed with homegrown Space Terror..Cheers!

2016-12-08 17:27:31 UTC

janetplanet Good Morning America on CBS has an interview with Don Henley on iTunes. Saw part on TV earlier. Pretty good.

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Waking up with Master Kush in my bowl and Folgers in my cup! :)
Wake n Bake my friends!

2016-12-08 16:22:06 UTC

Lestat0311 Cheers Whiskey!

2016-12-08 15:09:44 UTC

wmanon Cheers Flash, Youtube recommendation sometimes they actually recommend something worthwhile.. LOL

2016-12-08 16:28:39 UTC

dtel420 Gm wm I'm on the way to wake n bake now cheers!

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Good morning mappers!
Strawberry cough (cough cough) to start this snowy day.
Have a great day! Stay lifted!

2016-12-08 17:37:23 UTC

janetplanet BLUE!!!!!!! So good to see you! I just sent you a pm yesterday. Cheers!

2016-12-08 14:58:50 UTC

wmanon Hello Blue! hope all is good for you :)

2016-12-08 15:07:00 UTC

Flashback mornin blue..

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Purple Candy 🍭Mmm...so good!!! ❀️️😍

2016-12-08 14:59:07 UTC

wmanon Cheers have a great day!

2016-12-08 16:22:31 UTC

Lestat0311 Cheers!

2016-12-08 17:38:06 UTC

janetplanet Good morning Cathy!

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I'm looking for vendors of premium quality flower and other cannabis products. Please contact me @ 909-279-0929. Txt is best. Ty.

2016-12-08 17:16:59 UTC

hahseeb Lmk.

Oh, you didn't know I'm also part black?
Bend over and I'll show you which part.

2016-12-08 16:22:47 UTC

Lestat0311 LMFAO!!

2016-12-08 11:45:14 UTC

Master Flip "I woke up like this, with blonde hair and fake tits I woke up like this"


2016-12-08 17:39:58 UTC

janetplanet Hahaha!!! Cheers!

Green crack dabs

2016-12-08 11:40:15 UTC

Master Flip HAHAHA that whiteguy doesn't even have a Tribal Tattoo or an eyebrow ring! What a conformist!

Purple deisel wax.
Low temp.
Residue used for cooking.

Gods Green Crack πŸ™ƒ

2016-12-08 11:08:09 UTC

Master Flip #yummy More please.

starting the late night session.

Rolling up some Kosher KUSH

Jungle Scout (Forum Cookies x Santa Marta Colombian Gold) 80%Sat/20%Ind. Heavy Leaning Colombian Gold Phenotype.

2016-12-08 11:12:32 UTC

Master Flip Dam*! I'd like to cross DNA in that garden!

Come with me to the Dark side of the force πŸ™Œ

2016-12-08 11:13:23 UTC

Master Flip "YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER!" quoting Shaq, not Luke.

Lavender kush πŸƒ

I'm new to this app... what does the different color icons of shops mean? There are green, yellow, and orange

2016-12-08 11:19:21 UTC

Master Flip To my knowledge: the giant gold icon means the shoppe sucks but paid more. The medium one means they were confused by salesperson promises. The smallest one means they have good deals, cool employees, and fairly priced edibles.