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    Starting first day off in forever with Presidential Kush, then moving onto PK shatter!! High all

    Lady Thin Mint's just drooped me off at the Couchlock Inn... Think I might stay for a while... ;)

    ibbigd420 the danger of being high and typing.... :) good night....

    2014-04-24 09:07:20 UTC

    Blueberry Kush most of the day. Nightcap bowls are a mix of mostly dopey Grape Ape, a little Blueberry Kush, and a little Kandy Kush.

    Fire OG out the bubbler and not bong cuz im sick :( getting better fast tho!

    Yoda Kush

    ibbigd420 Love them Star Wars flavors...

    2014-04-24 07:46:04 UTC

    Boss finally let me go. Now me and Lady Thin Mint are roll'n down I-420. About an hour away from a little town called couchlock... :)

    Some of that good. Philly

    Wow just had sum LA CHEESE it was delicious :-) Fire Fire Fire by some guy in Federal Way

    Death rocket and ghost OG

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    Mars94 :}

    2014-04-24 05:44:56 UTC

    MADD MAXX Ghost OG is paranormal.....

    2014-04-24 06:07:22 UTC

    ibbigd420 Sounds scary... ;)

    2014-04-24 07:19:12 UTC

    Girl Scout Cookies

    garymr7 smoking a bowl of Aloha, and getting very small! Dank

    2014-04-24 05:10:07 UTC

    ibbigd420 Love the GSC.... :0

    2014-04-24 07:21:33 UTC

    ibbigd420 Started to think about the real GSC... Now I'm hungry.... Dammmm....

    2014-04-24 07:42:51 UTC

    9 misc jars scraped for a few dabs (^.^) /"" """ """" have a good hump night st0ners

    MADD MAXX You too :-)

    2014-04-24 04:26:59 UTC

    garymr7 Aloha OG

    2014-04-24 05:10:44 UTC

    Little joint of some little OG, haha.

    MADD MAXX puff, puff, pass.......

    2014-04-24 04:27:23 UTC

    Mars94 Puff puff pass!

    2014-04-24 06:03:30 UTC

    ibbigd420 Remember the story of the little j that could, It kept say'n I think I'm high, I think I'm high... ;)

    2014-04-24 07:24:54 UTC

    Lavender Shatter with Hollywood OG from ReLeaf Alternatives...better than good and better than most!

    FattFang Feeling good and ready to kiss some more....

    2014-04-24 04:03:54 UTC

    MADD MAXX Meds must be workin'........

    2014-04-24 04:27:53 UTC

    LiL Feet Og......LoL...Yeah!

    Mars94 Love it

    2014-04-24 04:02:21 UTC

    MADD MAXX Enjoy.....

    2014-04-24 04:29:04 UTC

    My 4/20 on insta. jimmydiamond420 Ever seen Velvet Kush or Freddy Kruger Og? I missed Too Short & Kid Frost, but met Richard Eastman.

    MADD MAXX I've seen the Velvet Underground and looked at Freddy Kruger movies. Seriously, they sound like good strains........

    2014-04-24 02:35:34 UTC

    W3$TCOLA760 Kid Frost? whaaat S.G.V. on the map

    2014-04-24 03:48:31 UTC

    Smoking bowls of Little OG, thinking about my friend from the beach.

    MADD MAXX With you in spirit bud.......

    2014-04-24 02:31:25 UTC

    W3$TCOLA760 me2

    2014-04-24 03:48:59 UTC

    Let your guard down and the Zombies will take your Sativas.......

    Mars94 Buuuuuuudds..

    2014-04-24 02:27:39 UTC

    ibbigd420 I hate it when that happens... Dammm Zombies....

    2014-04-24 07:26:56 UTC

    Dabbing some GDP crumble...
    pic is of the baby / teen!
    Happy 420 - ish!

    MADD MAXX They do grow up quickly.......

    2014-04-24 02:00:58 UTC

    Mars94 Nice, cheers

    2014-04-24 02:27:53 UTC

    Some dope fresh out work
    Cherry pie
    Thanks to my boy Marley Koufax
    The honorary citizens on soundcloud!
    Burn one and listen to it!!

    And on a side note, vaping some Gandalf out of my new Hades 26650 mech mod with IGO-W6 atomizer. Best... brass... mod... ever!

    LeGaLiZeD Sounds technical! Enjoy!

    2014-04-23 23:14:40 UTC

    CHEM DAWG vape. Yeah. Kik: justinmikel

    Salad bowl of GSC, P-Flo, Goat, Sour D. Need to reup XD! Review of the Sour D up at!

    Lemon G

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    LeGaLiZeD :)

    2014-04-23 23:14:09 UTC

    Mars94 What up, I was dealing with this sore back.

    2014-04-24 02:28:38 UTC

    MADD MAXX Looks like tasty flowers.....

    2014-04-24 02:36:48 UTC


    LeGaLiZeD Lost and Found!
    Prepping for a run tomorrow...
    I totally forgot about the full dish of reclaim!

    2014-04-23 22:12:34 UTC

    set off smoke alarm ( again) dabbing away,
    double dab, Tahoe express shatter- sour king shatter

    LeGaLiZeD LOL... nice!

    2014-04-23 22:04:51 UTC

    Teenager / baby Clone Update...
    There are roots!

    pacal420 :)

    2014-04-23 22:03:04 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD I think Miramar Meds, who first got the clones...
    put them into a flower light cycle!
    Then gave them away for 4/20!
    WTF... NEWBS?

    2014-04-23 22:03:14 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD There are like 5 little baby buds growing, some peach hairs even!
    Do I put it in Flower or Veg light cycle?

    2014-04-23 22:04:32 UTC


    Mars94 Awesome

    2014-04-23 21:35:42 UTC

    pacal420 yyup...

    2014-04-23 21:59:25 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD awe.... enjoy!

    2014-04-23 22:05:19 UTC

    dabbed a few dollops of green crack and now its time to eat. that's 40 bucks worth of Chinese food. gift cards are rad!

    LeGaLiZeD Uper Rice (super nice) Enjoy!

    2014-04-23 21:35:33 UTC

    Mars94 Haha, cheers

    2014-04-23 21:36:08 UTC

    Who got that fire🔥🔥and what store has it

    LeGaLiZeD City / State ?

    2014-04-23 21:34:58 UTC

    Found a little reclaim in my Pyrex dish I forgot about!
    It is very brittle!

    Citizen Jane put it in a peanutbutter, banana, and honey sammich !!!!!! looks good though

    2014-04-23 20:03:37 UTC

    larrysopus "Chernobyl"~Sativa/$25gm!

    2014-04-23 20:30:23 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD lolz... that was my smaller Pyrex dish!
    I'll post a pic of my larger dish... more reclaim to be scraped up!

    2014-04-23 21:34:28 UTC