What Are YOU Smoking On Right Now?


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This dutch filled with G.S.C's is burning nice n' slow just like I like it :-))

2016-10-25 22:01:14 UTC

LeGaLiZeD ... blunted! I am thinking about a blunt later today - Cheers Shantra7 :)

2016-10-25 22:32:48 UTC

Lestat0311 I read you Lima Charlie Sierra Hotel Alpha November Tango Romeo Alpha 7, Fire For Effect, Over. LOL! Great minds think alike, Ive been puffing on GSC all day. Cheers Sis.

Harlequin x Blue Dream concentrate. . .
Looking for a little less pain, and motivation!
Good Day Mappers!

2016-10-25 21:57:35 UTC

Shantra7 Cheers Legal ! Sending smoke clouds and positive vibes to ya !

2016-10-25 22:33:51 UTC

Lestat0311 Maestro, Keep it Happy and Terpy Broski!

Strawberry Cough

Key lime pie

Private Reserve OG 31.55%

2016-10-25 21:56:00 UTC

LeGaLiZeD :)

I wish I was 😔... Ohio is still being difficult... Any suggestions? I've been in the house since Friday with back pain

Banana Kush. Butter, not smoking. The rain this weekend was beautiful, but my arthritis is acting up!

Dry Sift 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dope little Medizin tray

2016-10-25 18:42:20 UTC

Shantra7 Nice medicine jar.

Reloaded with Girl Scout Cookies and Banana Diesel. I'm ready now ! Like my Budtender says, " I wanna be high all day " .

2016-10-25 18:30:09 UTC

Flashback Everytime I see the budtender he says "see you tomorrow?"...lol

2016-10-25 21:57:57 UTC

LeGaLiZeD Cheers

#WakeAndBake #PeaceMaker #RawOnly Few grams of Chapo. 😎

I'm a newbie. Anyone know why it burns my lungs when I'm vaping?

2016-10-25 17:21:47 UTC

oneupmshrm You dont want to hit it until you feel it coming out of your lungs. Just hit it gently and you should notice a difference

2016-10-25 17:44:35 UTC

dgrisko Ok I will try that. Thanks!

2016-10-25 18:14:44 UTC

Fuzzynugz You want high temp burning waxes, low temp ones melt all at once into black oil that smokes poorly.

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Homegrown Orange Void in my bowl. The rain is over for now here. On my way to haircut place for haircut and beard trim. Cheers!

2016-10-25 16:56:27 UTC

Lestat0311 Make sure its a High and Tight, LOL CHeers FlashMan.

2016-10-25 16:54:44 UTC

FattFang HIGH and haircut morning

2016-10-25 21:58:30 UTC

LeGaLiZeD Hey Flash - Cool pic!

Good morning everybody ! That Kobe OG has me sitting here stuck when I'm supposed to be going shopping for 2 1/8th's. Fly high !

2016-10-25 16:55:49 UTC

FattFang Stand up, get up, and ready for your flight

2016-10-25 16:56:58 UTC

Lestat0311 Enjoy your day Sis, Cheers.

2016-10-25 18:11:12 UTC

Shantra7 Thank you Lestat0311 :-) I went already FattFang and good morning to ya Flashback !!!

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Wake and bake with a salad of private reserve og and moonrocks. 🔥🔥🌲🌳.

2016-10-25 16:29:54 UTC

Shantra7 Good morning ! Fly high indeed like I know you will :-))

2016-10-25 16:49:09 UTC

Flashback Wake and bake!

2016-10-25 16:57:04 UTC

Lestat0311 Irie!

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Good morning WMers ! Some Green Crack in the dry herb vape.

2016-10-25 16:27:10 UTC

Shantra7 Good morning ! I had some Liquid Cocaine yesterday but haven't had any Green Crack in months. Cheers :-))

2016-10-25 16:57:16 UTC

FattFang Sounds crackalicious

2016-10-25 16:57:17 UTC

Lestat0311 Fire For Effect

Not your OG! Gooood! Stuff! £@¥€

SFV OG Kush - a DANK First Time Patient Free Gram! :D

I just had chemo today I'm feeling really crappy I have mean nausea gonna fire up this super lemon haze hope it helps! Stay elevated yall!

sour diesel...chillin on out...:)

Nasty cigarettes can't wait to quit and go green!

2016-10-25 11:59:23 UTC

Shantra7 I feel you ! I quit cold turkey in January 2011. Best wishes !!!

2016-10-25 15:32:47 UTC

irie stylee Just do it like nike. I quit cold turkey back in 2003. You must have will power over the cigarette.

Cam sucks but this Gansta Glue laced with Kurupts Strawberry Moonrocks is pretty amazing.

2016-10-25 03:35:17 UTC

Alwaysblue9 YUM!!!

Paraphernalia fully stocked, puffing on some Kobe OG , chillaxin' thinking of a master plan ! What's up with ya'll ?

2016-10-25 03:01:20 UTC

bobaloo Great evening, Shantra! Steaming along here on Locomotive Breath...cheers to you, Blue, and my buddy Lestat!

2016-10-25 03:36:07 UTC

Alwaysblue9 bobalooooooooo

2016-10-25 04:25:41 UTC

Shantra7 Hello there Alwaysblue9, Lestat and bobaloo :-))

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My main one haha, never fails me. Puffin on a nice spliff enjoying this evening , how yall doing fam ?

2016-10-25 02:26:28 UTC

_thadakk Haha yea fasho, Burn it

2016-10-25 02:28:17 UTC

Alwaysblue9 YUM! cheers!

2016-10-25 18:05:27 UTC

gymkhana188 Stay faded my dude.

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Yoda og

2016-10-25 02:29:34 UTC

Alwaysblue9 YodaOH YEA!

Looking for recommendations on cannabis friendly hotels in Denver? All suggestions are appreciated.

El chapo OG

2016-10-25 00:10:51 UTC

kistybruce ,I've had back surgery 6 times and pot helps the nerve pain how do I get mine started

Interstate OG 710 vape cartridge

Super lemon haze for the after chemo feels #fuckcancer #miragealternativecare #MAC

2016-10-25 04:08:41 UTC

kyusha_mx32 Thanks guys! It's my first chemo session in 5 months so I have to get used to it again.

2016-10-24 21:53:40 UTC

Lestat0311 Cheers Kyush! Sending smoky positive Vibes your way.

2016-10-24 22:55:56 UTC

bobaloo Adding to those positive vibes and wishing you good health, kyusha!!!

THC sno! Sativa Rock Solid Bud very Colourful !!