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    fat Dabs of Lake Show OG by Kush Extracts from the Best Dispensary in North County Modern Medicine.

    MADD MAXX Cheers Mr.OG!

    2015-07-06 04:47:27 UTC

    Hitting a bowl of Tahoe Kush and considering a plan....

    Going to listen to NASCAR...
    Late Race... Eye Lids LoW...
    Peace.. Cheers to Monday!

    MADD MAXX Are those eyelids lower than those new bumper cams they're using tonight?

    2015-07-06 04:43:39 UTC

    NYC Diesel x SFV OG x Grape Ape x Hogs Breath kief, all from G.G.

    MADD MAXX You've hit the Pick-4! The payoff must be huge....

    2015-07-06 04:30:06 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Nice!

    2015-07-06 04:32:03 UTC

    A lil dab before bed to *hopefully* help me get a cpl solid hours of sleep. Night mappers

    MADD MAXX The Sandman is on his way....

    2015-07-06 04:06:14 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Enjoy kizzy!

    2015-07-06 04:31:51 UTC

    GG#4 in de pipe and a piece of key lime pie in me face!

    kizzy Very nice

    2015-07-06 03:46:44 UTC

    MADD MAXX Aye! Both are sweet treats....

    2015-07-06 04:12:49 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD cool!

    2015-07-06 04:31:13 UTC

    Banana Kush now that the holiday company has gone.

    Alwaysblue9 Love that strain!

    2015-07-06 03:43:34 UTC

    MADD MAXX A good one. Once everyone is afflicted with short term memory loss I will repost my 5.5gm bud of BK....

    2015-07-06 04:16:05 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD These Bananas... Those B..N. A. nevermid!

    2015-07-06 04:30:56 UTC

    MedUSAand King Kong Wax, several different body pains and a migraine demand relief..just one kiss

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    MADD MAXX King Kong, do your stuff. Toss those demons the door!

    2015-07-06 04:17:18 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD 9-))

    2015-07-06 04:30:05 UTC

    MADD MAXX *oops. out the door....

    2015-07-06 04:45:20 UTC


    MADD MAXX Wax On!

    2015-07-06 04:17:40 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD :)

    2015-07-06 04:29:45 UTC

    Chilling out... dabbing Alpine Fruity Pebbles...
    Sledge Hammer Shatter on deck!
    Peace Turkeys!

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    Alwaysblue9 Ok call me crazy but are you petting that turkey?? That's the coolest thing I've ever seen. A tame turkey?

    2015-07-06 03:41:22 UTC

    MADD MAXX I think Red realized how good he has it there. Hey Buddie, we're racing!

    2015-07-06 04:20:08 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD YES . . Race oN! MAXX!!!
    YES... petting a Turklry! (Red, is his name!

    2015-07-06 04:29:05 UTC

    ChemDawg with a side of ribs... what could go wrong?

    LeGaLiZeD :)

    2015-07-06 01:55:32 UTC

    Master Stillness yum

    2015-07-06 02:07:14 UTC

    MADD MAXX Absolutely nothing!

    2015-07-06 04:21:30 UTC

    Yes, some Chem Scout before Vietnamese dinner...maybe not...BBQ leftovers will work.

    LeGaLiZeD ...always 420 somewhere!
    Enjoy FattFang!

    2015-07-06 01:55:15 UTC

    MADD MAXX Waste not, want not....

    2015-07-06 04:22:22 UTC

    Atmosphere cleansing... and Peace with a Turkey?
    Enjoy the Sunday Evening!

    LeGaLiZeD Red had begun to be a buddy!
    (lmao... never would have guessed this!)

    2015-07-05 23:59:15 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD I think he hears NASCAR from the Dab Cave!
    Wants to see, and human contact?

    2015-07-06 00:03:58 UTC

    MADD MAXX Cool pic!

    2015-07-06 04:23:20 UTC

    blue dream\m/??

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    LeGaLiZeD ... my favorite "all day" strain!

    2015-07-05 23:54:47 UTC

    Master Stillness yup

    2015-07-06 02:07:28 UTC

    MADD MAXX indeed....

    2015-07-06 04:23:34 UTC

    Alpha O.G. Kush. Have a fine week!

    Nickatnight enjoy your evening Mick :)

    2015-07-05 23:53:47 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Nice... Enjoy!

    2015-07-05 23:55:21 UTC

    MADD MAXX That one belongs on my bucket list :-}/

    2015-07-06 04:24:35 UTC

    Santa Fe Grande chiles. Now 4 of them are finely diced and simmering in a pot with shredded chicken and tomatillo sauce.

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    Nickatnight Samples are welcomed, :)) they look awesome Maxx!

    2015-07-05 23:51:30 UTC

    FattFang I'll bring a platter, some rice, a hearty appetite, and cerveza.

    2015-07-06 00:08:49 UTC

    janetplanet Some of my clouds are the ones from your place which have drifted over here and joined my clouds. lol

    2015-07-06 01:23:05 UTC

    Chronic Thunderfuck while watching DVD 'Wild'. Happy lazy Sunday afternoon stoners!!!

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    Nickatnight sweet! enjoy!! :)

    2015-07-05 23:50:00 UTC

    FattFang Excellent evening!

    2015-07-06 00:09:17 UTC

    Master Stillness have a good 1 tonight

    2015-07-06 02:07:59 UTC

    HashDaddyHaze at week 4 of flowering inside, 5 or 6 weeks to go. Smokin' roaches 'til then. Cheers!

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    LeGaLiZeD :) looks good, keep it up!

    2015-07-05 23:47:38 UTC

    FattFang Very nice

    2015-07-06 00:10:07 UTC

    Master Stillness peace:)

    2015-07-06 02:08:13 UTC

    Ice water bong ripz of NYCD
    Hope y'all having a fine afternoon!

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    Alwaysblue9 Ice water Bong!

    2015-07-05 23:37:58 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD :)

    2015-07-05 23:47:50 UTC

    The Mick Go Yanks.

    2015-07-05 23:48:56 UTC

    Retread pic but its the thought that counts. Bowls of GSC x NYC Diesel and Wolfenstein...

    MADD MAXX That's OK. My brain is also a retread....

    2015-07-05 22:52:15 UTC

    Nickatnight :)

    2015-07-05 23:03:03 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD LoL... Funny!

    2015-07-05 23:48:55 UTC

    Abusive OG+CherryPie= A great day!!
    Can u tell which is which?

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    The Mick Cherry on the left. Small bud.

    2015-07-05 23:49:49 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD OG bud structure on the right for sure - Cheers!

    2015-07-05 23:51:21 UTC

    Master Stillness damn!

    2015-07-06 02:08:30 UTC

    Strawberry Kush x Mr. Nice x Mendo Purp x Sac Cookies x Blue Cheese x GDP x GSC w/ Cannabis infused Honey Waffles...

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    MADD MAXX A hometown buffet for sure!

    2015-07-05 22:54:45 UTC

    The Mick Like Jamaica mon.

    2015-07-05 23:50:27 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD :) Nice!

    2015-07-05 23:52:03 UTC

    Kilimanjaro AND not thinking about tomorrow

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    MADD MAXX Enjoy your ascent of Kilimanjaro....

    2015-07-05 22:56:13 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Present matters more!

    2015-07-05 23:52:24 UTC

    Master Stillness The Kilimanjaro is a dense strong sativa

    2015-07-06 02:09:57 UTC

    Fat bowl of Lambs Bread.

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    Alwaysblue9 Never had. Hope its great!

    2015-07-05 22:32:43 UTC

    MADD MAXX Keep puffing. Not necessary to eliminate those LB carbohydrates from your life....

    2015-07-05 22:58:09 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Nice Strain!

    2015-07-05 23:52:46 UTC

    And for Madd Maxx , a dab of the Key Lime Cookies. :)

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    Alwaysblue9 yum yum yum yu yum yum yum

    2015-07-05 22:33:00 UTC

    MADD MAXX Hell Yeah! Looks potent kiz!

    2015-07-05 23:00:59 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD 8~)

    2015-07-05 23:53:04 UTC

    Anyone have Bel Aire available indica

    Bel Aire

    Another bowl of Lemon Berry

    FattFang Berry good

    2015-07-05 20:41:40 UTC

    Master Stillness very lovely

    2015-07-05 21:18:02 UTC

    Nickatnight nice:)

    2015-07-05 22:01:13 UTC

    Another pugg of GG #4 and King Kong Waxx for head clouds. Gotta hitch a ride to VPC..Super Glue clones in stock!

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    Master Stillness puff!

    2015-07-05 21:26:18 UTC

    Papa Bones Space... The final frontier...

    2015-07-05 21:38:05 UTC

    MADD MAXX Heady clouds!

    2015-07-05 23:02:52 UTC

    got maybe one more dog hike left in the Purple Kush autodabber. better grab another on the way or maybe a Gstick. nice day today.

    LeGaLiZeD A vape cartridge with PK on the pen?
    Like the Open cartridges? "autodabber?"

    2015-07-05 18:49:23 UTC

    Nickatnight real nice! :)

    2015-07-05 19:46:17 UTC