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    Tangerine on the Bubbler, getting ready to watch Madmax on Blue with My loving Wife. Carpe Noctem

    Smoking some Curch! for the full review of how it was please check it out here:

    A bedtime bowl of CBD Blueberry from Natural Mystic Cannabis (Colorado)....a mellow indica with about a 3:1 CBD to THC ratio.

    Loving my new micro G vape pen!
    FULL of blue dream oil.
    VERY grateful!

    RaynMan206 Gota luv new toys. Stay medicated.

    2015-09-02 03:42:13 UTC

    if you dont know, you better ask somebody!

    Alwaysblue9 Looks tasty to me!!

    2015-09-02 03:10:50 UTC

    Blueberry Melonomenon dab before bed!
    Hope all are pain free, and feeling good!
    Cheers Mappers

    Alwaysblue9 melonomenon hu?

    2015-09-02 03:10:15 UTC

    3d printing a cookie cutter with the Gorrilla Glue #4 holdin it down.

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    GittinBizy Another 2hrs of printing and it'll be done ;)

    2015-09-02 03:10:47 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 My fav!

    2015-09-02 03:11:37 UTC

    GittinBizy Its got a great high, flavor is kinda meh though.

    2015-09-02 03:14:43 UTC

    super jack... since in rigless atm

    LeGaLiZeD Nice flowers, Enjoy!

    2015-09-02 02:46:39 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 VERY nice!!!

    2015-09-02 03:11:52 UTC

    got some good flowers. weed...not roses or posies or daffodils. Friggin marijuana. It's called SAGE.

    LeGaLiZeD Cheers!

    2015-09-02 02:47:22 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 Thats the coolest rig Ive ever seen Silver!! Nice!!!

    2015-09-02 03:12:37 UTC

    Blunt of Purple Urkle.

    Alwaysblue9 Gurkle durple

    2015-09-02 03:12:59 UTC

    Guerilla glue #4

    Master Stillness Popular choice

    2015-09-02 01:26:57 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 My fav!

    2015-09-02 03:13:15 UTC

    Guerilla glue #4


    The Wifi says hi. Have a great evening, cheers!

    Master Stillness Thanks mars.. looks dank

    2015-09-02 01:21:50 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Likewise Mars94! Cheers!

    2015-09-02 02:48:20 UTC

    Alwaysblue9 Cheers Mars!

    2015-09-02 03:13:28 UTC

    If there was a delivery service based here in Hilmar I would be smoking right now. But, there isn't, so I'm not.

    RaynMan206 Lame

    2015-09-02 00:38:20 UTC

    Mars94 Damn

    2015-09-02 01:03:23 UTC

    Master Stillness Im in the same boat Jess :-/

    2015-09-02 01:22:52 UTC

    ~GG#4 IN de pipe~
    ~Blue dreams in de oil rig~
    ~Big smile on me face!~

    LeGaLiZeD Very nice plan Alwaysblue9! GG#4 on deck for me to!
    (thanks HCG!) Cheers!

    2015-09-02 00:31:49 UTC

    Mars94 Yo blue! Enjoy!

    2015-09-02 01:03:50 UTC

    Master Stillness love it

    2015-09-02 01:23:30 UTC

    Blueberry Melonomenon dabs on deck...
    by Alpine Extracts = good stuff!
    Have a great night Mappers!

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    Master Stillness booyaahkah!'

    2015-09-02 01:27:48 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Not sure about big bucks, but it is very soft and can be spun into a yarn. The last 2 that were sheared the trimmings were bagged, and the gnarlet rain storm came and soaked / ruined all of it!!

    2015-09-02 01:31:08 UTC

    RaynMan206 Its hypoallergenic rite?

    2015-09-02 03:32:44 UTC

    Bowl of Holy Grail this evening. Happy whatever day it is... :) Cheers.

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    highcountrygal Well hello BMJ! How funny I just loaded my pipe with Holy Grail. Next to GG#4, it's wormed it's way in to the top 5964 strains that I like:)

    2015-09-02 00:25:07 UTC

    Mars94 Hey budd!

    2015-09-02 01:04:51 UTC

    Master Stillness oh happy day blnd!!

    2015-09-02 01:28:38 UTC

    Doing that Iranian Autoflower or as its known it its users, I am riding the DS express...

    BlndMJfun sweet

    2015-09-02 00:06:08 UTC

    highcountrygal All aboard, now leaving for the twilight zone:)

    2015-09-02 00:25:58 UTC

    lmao @kizzy. F it I'll walk lol!

    some bomb Shake

    BlndMJfun :)

    2015-09-02 00:06:22 UTC

    Pure Kush OG. Got this as a bogo. Not bad!

    BlndMJfun looks great

    2015-09-02 00:06:33 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Nice nug, looks great Flash!
    We can plan a visit soon, it would be fun!

    2015-09-02 00:21:53 UTC

    Master Stillness looks sooo good

    2015-09-02 01:29:41 UTC

    A better pic of the RaceFuel, lives up to its name, Dr is 12 miles away n I'm like "F it" I'll walk

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    BlndMJfun LOL, looks delicious

    2015-09-02 00:06:56 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD Zooom! Cheers!

    2015-09-02 00:22:20 UTC

    Master Stillness saw daw tay. chherio Kizz

    2015-09-02 01:30:52 UTC

    Big Bud x Northern Lights after the doctors appointment, then dinner of ????...maybe a Kiva bar after dinner

    highcountrygal A taste frosty ay!

    2015-09-01 22:42:40 UTC

    BlndMJfun frosty for sure

    2015-09-02 00:07:06 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD :)

    2015-09-02 00:22:52 UTC

    and of course gotta include the cookies, then it's off to see the Doctor. Stay lifted mappers

    FattFang Very nice

    2015-09-01 22:00:37 UTC

    BlndMJfun Working on it, you as well

    2015-09-02 00:07:16 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD :)

    2015-09-02 00:23:06 UTC

    Afternoon dab sesh,starting with a new one to me called RaceFuel og-Lineage: "High Octane" OG x Face Off OG BX1. Cheers

    FattFang Varoooom and KaBoom!

    2015-09-01 22:01:11 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD nice

    2015-09-02 00:23:17 UTC

    Alien OG on the Tube, Immediate Suppression on MJ420 how copy, Over.

    FattFang Confirmed, over and out!

    2015-09-01 22:02:18 UTC

    highcountrygal High Lesta0311! Sounds outta this world:)

    2015-09-01 22:40:45 UTC

    BlndMJfun over

    2015-09-02 00:07:28 UTC

    Just a little Mojo Carnage on a Tuesday...

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    highcountrygal High CP! I know that feeling well!

    2015-09-01 22:38:56 UTC

    BlndMJfun fruits of the labor... enjoy

    2015-09-02 00:07:47 UTC

    Master Stillness sweet. juicy lookin bud prime

    2015-09-02 01:32:11 UTC

    Just got home (barely) from our sesh this am. A good time was had by all:) Thanks for the great time, my friend:)

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    MisterMORRISON hey HCG.

    2015-09-01 21:03:54 UTC

    highcountrygal They were good! I came home and couldn't fix something fast enough!

    2015-09-01 22:37:40 UTC

    BlndMJfun Sweet, highya all

    2015-09-02 00:08:05 UTC

    Super Silver Haze crumble...
    Red Seal Extracts pretty nice crumble!
    Thanks HCG for swinging by, and the gifts!

    MisterMORRISON Never tried the crumble but love the flower S.S.H. if grown properly.

    2015-09-01 21:04:44 UTC

    LeGaLiZeD :) this crumble is very smooth, and a pretty nice rep for the strain! It's nice :)

    2015-09-02 00:24:49 UTC