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    Everything:) Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Merry Christmas everybody!!!

    Happy raster 4/20 holy hightimes

    Homegrown Romulan. Happy 4/20 Folks!

    gdp, hollands hope, russian promise wakin n bakin gittin ready for my 420 at cannabis cup! Stay lifted!


    Smoking on some Tahoe og and pen vaping some gc wax yeaaaa buddy happy 420

    HAPPY 420 EVERYBODY! Starting off with two joints this morning, Destroyer and then a Meltdown. Stay High! :)

    Happy 4/20 all!!

    MangoDream DANK @s Fudge, BUT not the best for nitime.... Could be worse

    shannonf714 Fire it up, your right it could be worse. At least u have smoke. Puffin with ya

    2014-04-20 10:20:30 UTC

    Smoking on GDP boy!

    Platinum Cookies hittn back.... flight 420 is about 2 touchdown in the land of milk and cookies.... Happy 420... Ho Ho Ho... B-)

    shannonf714 Merry Christmas

    2014-04-20 10:20:47 UTC


    Smokin on dat Marz OG, an some OG butter wax out of my trippy

    Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland

    ibbigd420 3ed times the charm, right... :)

    2014-04-20 08:12:30 UTC

    The Plat. Cookies... Just put me on flight 420... Putting my seat back now... I do believe we have lift off baby... :)

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    ibbigd420 Their like apple pie on the 4th... Right... :)

    2014-04-20 07:51:50 UTC

    MADD MAXX Are you buckled in ???

    2014-04-20 08:20:27 UTC

    ibbigd420 I can't get up.... :-P

    2014-04-20 09:13:14 UTC

    Sour D!! Review of it up on the noobtoob now! youtube . com/cannabisreview!

    shannonf714 Mmmmmm

    2014-04-20 07:37:56 UTC

    the cookies :)

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    ibbigd420 and everyone loves to smoke them... :)

    2014-04-20 07:48:25 UTC

    MADD MAXX nom nom nom......

    2014-04-20 08:22:08 UTC

    Lori L. Harris Now I want a tall glass of cold milk

    2014-04-20 13:04:20 UTC

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    MADD MAXX appy 42 to you also....

    2014-04-20 07:32:55 UTC

    shannonf714 Lmao

    2014-04-20 07:36:15 UTC

    ibbigd420 Write a comment...Could u explain that one more time for those of us who are high...?

    2014-04-20 07:53:13 UTC

    SOur Og Kush And White Widow..!

    MADD MAXX Nice mix...Nite Stoner

    2014-04-20 07:11:00 UTC

    shannonf714 Happy 420.mmmm widow.sweet dreams

    2014-04-20 07:39:09 UTC

    Gorilla glue got me stuck :) feeling well medicated :)

    shannonf714 Ha ha, job well done

    2014-04-20 07:39:29 UTC

    ibbigd420 I know that feeling... Good job 73...

    2014-04-20 08:04:46 UTC

    All that's left is to close 'em up and forget where I hid them......
    HAPPY 420 EASTER !!!!!

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    StonerChick504 WHAT ^ SAID!!

    2014-04-20 06:56:34 UTC

    ibbigd420 The Easter Bunny never showed me that kind of love... That little basted...

    2014-04-20 07:30:37 UTC

    Lori L. Harris @ibbigd420: Now that's funny!

    2014-04-20 13:05:56 UTC

    HAPPY 4/20 DENVER Smoking on some Dj Short Flo, Kong, & some Cantaloupe Indica! Have a safe rest of your weekend guys!


    2014-04-20 11:17:44 UTC

    Bubba hash ,pink Cadillac wax and skywalker og of herb 3 layer joint!~~~~~~~

    Lemon Kush

    A healthy spliff with my MrSensi.

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    MADD MAXX Nice. Looks like my chillum from earlier this evening....

    2014-04-20 06:13:34 UTC

    Mars94 ,:D

    2014-04-20 06:43:51 UTC

    shannonf714 Happy 420 gg

    2014-04-20 08:24:10 UTC

    Kickin off my 4/20 Fucking Amazing OG & King Louie Happy 4/20 my fellow pot heads....may roll up some Banana Kush for fun of it

    Mars94 Enjoy!

    2014-04-20 06:43:32 UTC

    This goodness

    My 4/20 meds it's just me so this is kool 1/8 of 4diffrent budz a gram of blue light shatter and ,5 of true og krumble

    Bout to kick off 420 with a shake-vape at midnight.