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We run the dispensary Canna Health Caregivers, offering a large selection of medicinal Marijuana, edibles, and clones.

First Time

It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

PRE-ICO ENCINO ! SAFE AND SECURE ACCESS! Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly and ready to make that deal! _______________________________________________________________________________________ -FEEL THE LOVE-- BROKE ASS COLLEGE STUDENT and VET DISCOUNT -- 3% OFF. -Come in on your BIRTHDAY get a premium joint! _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________*Patient Appreciation Day's* -- Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday: - WEDNESDAY's - (donate $35 and receive) - FREE 3 grams Yoda's Brain Shake & 1 Big Pretzel & 2 stamps on THT incentive card -5% off any 1/2OZ & OZ - FRIDAY's - (donate $35 and receive) - FREE 3 grams Private Reserve Shake &1 Big Brownie & 2 stamps on THT incentive card -5% off 1/2OZ & OZ - SUNDAY's - (donate $35 and receive) - FREE 1 gram Purple Nepal & 1 chocolate bon-bon & 2 stamps on THT incentive card - 5% OFF 1/2 OZ and OZ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *First Time Patient Gift*- Donate a minimum of $30 and receive: 3G of Bubba Kush Shake in reusable container, THC creme, 1 edible, 2 stamps on an incentive card and a coupon book with different deals (you get 20% off your next visit). -Refer a friend and receive any gram $12 and under or an option of an edibles. ____________________________________________________________________________________