"Another Beautiful Day In Palm Springs, work up to working Yoga sharing with other House memembers!! Started my day .. with some good Cantaloupe... Looking for a few more CO-OP members in the PS area.. namaste"


Hello Fellow 420-er’s … For me 420 is nature’s medicine... I spent many years on the tread mill of Life... Found my self in the Big House in the right neighborhood, drove the right Car and owned two Salons, Success was mine...so was UN HAPPINESS,UNFULLIMENT Worst of all UN AWARE of whom I was or were my Life was!! Or going !! From the time I can remember I was a Misfit… Teenager Year’s brought more angst I became involved with drugs including 420 lasted a couple of years... left all that behind The treadmill of Life Continued, I found a level of success for others to see, yet there was still something lacking… Marijuana entered my life again in my mid thirties now close to 50 years Old I can attest Life has never been more productive, each day is one more day of heaven on Earth I like all of us have good and bad days!! My Knowledge of how Marijuana has opened the channels to my true self Allowing my vessel to Open to many Other’s who like me Are living Life enjoying the moment For the one common thread that weaves us together IS We are Born have Our Own Experience of the same Gift!! Life then Death… My Usage of Marijuana encouraged me to Open the channels of myself to became Aware More that LIFE is just what we perceive it to be Before Marijuana I struggled with Depression, Anxiety, ADD, Would be prone to Out Burst always Hurtful not only to those at the end of my out burst’s yet also myself 420- Has Opened my Mind- Body-Soul To Relax into myself as I do this I also relax into Accepting Other’s With out limitations or Expectations Namaste jeffrey

First Time

We are a Growing Caregiver’s Co-op Cultivating A limited # of member’s local clients, whom we personally know and who do not have other caregivers. We work with the Guidelines within the constraints, of SB 420 We are a non –profit Group Our Mission is to Provide the highest quality product at the best price to Our Co-Op Member’s We Specialize in HIV Patients, Cancer, ADD, and Anxiety… All you would need to join is your medical Marijuana Card!!!! I 'm keeping the CO-OP relatively small to provide the highest quality of products from Herbs to assorted Sundries!!!! Our Mission here is to Provide on a Consistence Basis to Our Member's Best Price's In the Desert!!!! Highest Quality Medicine~~~ A safe Tranquil Environment!!!!!! Let me know if you may perhaps be interested