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Bud Quality

This place may be going down hill.

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I have been coming to Barnie's since you have opened in fontana, and have not gone anywhere else because you guys are awesome, or at least were. i come in at least 3 times a week and i have no other clinic to go to except here. But lately I noticed the changes with a lot of new employees who don't know what they are talking about and seem to only suggest bud they want to get rid of instead of showing you what is bomb and what isn't. I see none of your original employees and its a shame because they were the ones who brought the customers. i returned because of them.

Today, i came into the shop and for the first time received horrible service from everyone working. YOur doorman is usually super cool and is willing to talk to you. Today I received no words from him and pretty much threw our ID's back at us. just awful. really disappointed there. THEN, all of your bud tenders are new guys who aren't willing to make any conversation or show that you somewhat care about your patients. Your guys bud still remains great in quality, but you guys are really starting to go downhill in my opinion. Barnies seems to be losing its original cool and friendly service.

P.S. i would think all customers would want a paper bag or something to hide there meds, and keep it somewhat discrete.

Hope you guys come up!
will still be coming here.