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Don't go here

Do not go here. My entire experience with them was awful . First, I called and the guy who took my order was incompetent. He mumbled so I couldn't understand him and it took forever for him to finally get everything right. He told me that I would receive my medicine in about an hour. After two hours of waiting and no delivery I called back and they said that I would get my delivery in thirty minutes. Thirty minutes later there was still no delivery. Finally, three hours after I placed my order it finally arrived. He wasnt friendly he just told me everything was in the bag and asked to see my paperwork. I asked him if my free preroll, gram, and edible that we're promised and I confirmed would arrive when I ordered. I opened the bag and none of the free things were there. I called the place and they did agree to deliver the free items tomorrow but all the hassle was not worth it. I would recommend ogdeliveries because they always show up when they say they will and I give better deals.

HB Express Delivery - 5G 1/8th SELECT strains!
HB Express Delivery - 5G 1/8th SELECT strains!
over 4 years ago

Hey Mr2323,

Geez, it sounds like we were really having an off day! As you can see from our other reviews, this is NOT customary on our end and NOT how we operate. We strive to provide our Member-Patients with the BEST service and BEST flowers.

It really bums us out that things delayed with your order. I would love to make it up to you with a FREE 1/8th on your next delivery donation. Please send us a private message and we can arrange to get this over to you for all the trouble and delay.

Please give us a chance to make it right!

HB Express