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First Time

Lol... Here we go. I was 14 yrs old and my best friend, Drew, and I just got outta school. We were in 8th grade then. My buddy decided not to smoke and said he'd babysit me and help me if i needed it. But, since he didnt want to smoke i bought him a bottle of wine from the same guy i had bought the smoke from earlier on the way home from school. So I paid this guy $10 for a little nugget. I remember it was go bright green and covered with whiteish chrystals and little red hairs. It looked scary as i remeber. Definately intimidating. So I pounded down a 12oz can of Coca-Cola and crushed the side flat as i was told, made a few little holes for a screen and didnt even know what a carb-hole was then. I went to my buddys house and his parents were still at work and his little sister still was at school. I took half of the nug i bought and put it ontoi the can pipe and went out back to the side of Drew's backyard. I immediately proceed to finish the bowl to ash in three big hits (being careful to hold it in as long as i could, as i was told to do then). After smoking the first half i thought, "huh? well, i don't feel any different. guess i'll just finish the other half. Feeling like a pro already I put the other half of the mugget on the canpipe and toked away another 3 hits or so. By the time the bowl was ash i STARTED TO NOTICE SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Sounds! It was like the whole world sounded like; "whump. whump. whump.", really echoy y'know. So i start to hed back into my friends house. He asked me if i was ok and i kinda giggled and said yeah. So Drew then tells me he is going to take out the garbage and i guess i thought that must have been the funniest thing ever cause i couldnt stop laughing! my sides hurt, my temples ached and the back of my head was cramping from laughing for so long, so much. Finally I was able to calm down a bit and by that time Drew's little sister was home so we went about having her drink fresh grape juice and told her it was alcohol and watched her pretend she was drunk. Which at age 14 is pretty funny to see yer buddy's little sis acting the goof and falling everywhere. Then told her it was just juice. By then his parents got home from work so we sent the rest of the night playing video games and being kids. Good times. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!