Krazy Krab

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Krazy Krab
Bud Quality

Great Service

After a little difficulty in finding (look for them at the back of the complex, Green Cross is your tip-off), a cordial greeting by having the door opened by security was appreciated. The welcoming by the cute receptionist and "Bear", a professional budtender, was appreciated as I was a "virgin" and did not know the drill. Nice, clean
medicine room, well appointed. Medicine or medical paraphenalia was pre-packaged, or packaged by the tender, professionally.

You can't do better than "Bear" as a professional in the industry. He was very knowledgeable of his medical product lines, and concise in his delivery. He handled my questions without condescention or interruption. He was on task from start to finish. Russell, the owner, was courteous and cordial. The support staff, security and clerical, were great. Service, and quality of the medicine, are the name of the game, as the dollar amounts are all within 10% throughout the area dispensaries.

Let's talk medicine. The Remedy has terrific quality medicine for the price. The individual product jars were clean and free of fingerprints, and as each quality strain jar was opened, freshness and large, tight buds were the reward. Fresh "smell" told that the contents were "top shelf". The Remedy has the very best medicine for your hard earned dollar. Don't "short change" yourself, foolishly letting pennies keep you from having the best quality. Their $40.00 deal on the CherryAK is unsurpassable in the competitive local market.

My "first timer" gift was willing offered (a pre-roll of CherryAK) and was much appreciated compared to the "Wheel of Fortune" game of chance offered by others with things I didn't want or need (edibles, etc.).

Hands down the top club in the Sacramento market.