You simply can’t talk about the best Sativas out there without mentioning AK-47. Since its genetic heritage combines Colombian, Mexican, Thai, & Afghani genetics, AK-47 is naturally a diverse Sativa with strong, hearty characteristics that make it an unordinary, highly sought-after strain with a matching, lethal high. While the AK-47 moniker tends to rightly scare people, in reality, it’s just a “bomb” Sativa-dominant Hybrid that is the perfect medicine for those who can’t handle a full blown Sativa. Oddly enough, there’s nothing Russian or violent about this strain, and the AK-47 label is just one of those “if the glove fits” names, thanks to her aggressive stoniness. AK-47 is one of first modern Sativas is and a father to many more and that’s the only parallel between the strain AK-47 and the Russian AK-47: they were both father figures, the first of their kind. If you get your hands on AK-47 grown right, it will assaults the dome. More than reliable Sativa that is as steady as they come. In terms of Sativas, AK-47 is right below the Sour Diesel pedestal.