The Weedmaps Skate and BMX teams in August, rode up the California coast from Long Beach to Sacramento. During their road trip they made stops at Connected Cannabis shops across California for patient appreciation days and even toured the Connected grow house. The #LBC2SAC video series is full of explosive riding in the streets from Weedmaps athletes. This trip was made possible by Connected, Flav, Puff Pre-Rolls, and Care By Design.

To kick off the trip, the team met up at the Pharmacy Boardshop in Long Beach. Weedmaps skateboarder Boo Johnson is co-owner of this shop and the local crowd was stoked to see Weedmaps BMX riders and skaters there to show support, sign autographs, and hang.

The teams made their way north to Sacramento, stopping at Connected Cannabis shops along the way to support Patient Appreciation Day and become more educated about cannabis and its medical benefits. As soon as the teams showed up to their houses in Sacramento, the boys took a second to chill and sample the goodies that were gifted by Connected and Flav. The BMX team rolled up the skate house and it wasn’t long before the crew started to session a ledge in front of the house. Then the whole crew headed over to the Connected warehouse to check out the brand’s premier grow operation.

The smells and sights were insane, and the teams left the warehouse with new knowledge about Connected’s production process. They even snagged a sneak peek at some new strains not yet on the market. It’s safe to say everyone on the team was in their happy place.

The first real session of the trip kicked off at the Connected warehouse that the crew had toured the day before. There was a plethora of ramps and rails to move around and create all sorts of setups for the Weedmaps athletes to enjoy. At one point that night, BMX riders Brandon Begin and Stevie Churchill even started to teach skaters Tommy Sandoval and Aaron “Jaws” Homoki how to barspin.

The next morning the BMX team (Brandon Begin, Stevie Churchill, and Dylan Stark) met back up with skaters Boo Johnson, Tommy Sandoval and Aaron “Jaws” Homoki. From sick lines, to the skate guys riding some bikes, to Jaws getting a tow-in from Dylan on his bike, the first day of shredding was insane.

The next couple of days were spent out in the streets of Sacramento for some heavy filming sessions. With Jeff Landi showing the team around, the spots were endless, and the crew was having fun stacking clips.

At the end of the week, the Weedmaps teams hosted a demo at Bar West in Sacramento. The Papas and Beer crew rolled through in their trophy truck. The demo went nuts when Tommy, Jaws, and Dylan started to grind and jump over the truck — lasting into the night the Papas and Beer crew closed the show by ripping doughnuts in Bar West parking lot.

The teams spent the next day riding in the extreme Sacramento heat, so Mastercraft hooked everyone up with a couple boats to cool off with wake surfing and wakeboarding on the Sacramento River. The restaurant, Crawdads on the River, let the teams launch their boats from thier dock. This made for the perfect way to end last day of the #LBC2SAC team trip.

Check out the photo gallery and video to get an inside look at the entire week of #LBC2SAC.

#LBC2SAC - Episode 1

Follow the boys through the first three days of the #LBC2SAC trip as they visit the Connected Cannabis in Belmont Shore, check out Pharmacy Boardshop in Long Beach, and head up the coast to Sacramento.

#LBC2SAC BMX - Episode 1

See what BMX riders Dylan Stark, Stevie Churchill, and Brandon Begin were up to throughout #LBC2SAC.

#LBC2SAC BMX - Episode 1

Catch a glimpse of skaters Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Tommy Sandoval, and Boo Johnson experience during #LBC2SAC.