Now that’s a fat bowl ⚡️⚡️


    LeGaLiZeD... time to dismantle that nug, and burn her! Cheers!
    DOPETRIP84She so beautiful thow but still getting rolled up
    LeGaLiZeDLOL . . don't look and mash it up, tear it apart, toss it in a grinder... you know the rest! (plug your ears to not hear the screams!)
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  • LeGaLiZeD
    Lemon Skunk joint, Larry OG in my bowl, been puffing and cleaning up my yard / storm mess all day! Relaxing now with Mary Jane! Cheers


    DOPETRIP84Best part of the day relaxing n medicating cheerz
    LeGaLiZeDCheers Mampy52! I also love the feeling of a clean yard now, AND relaxing! lol
    boaster420Hey LeGaLiZeD-I just did a Purple Punch plant. Larry OG X GDP. Very nice strain. Easy to grow, great weed. If you can find seeds or clones try it.
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  • ASharpEdge
    Gonna make some bubble hash tomorrow!!! I'm psyched!!!! 3 ounces frozen Strawberry Guava for material along with lots of ice, lots of ice cold water, and a big bud for smoking!!! I'm ready!!!

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    boaster420Have fun. I always love making ice hash in the winter!
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  • jawdawa92
    the "purple princess" pointy elf ears are saying its christmas lets smoke
  • shitkicker
    Cheers all! When you absolutely blow, fail, suck at rolling and you finally roll the perfect J by hand.


    high in the 805I was going to say it look perfect 👌🏼!!! Way to go Kicker! I have 0 skill when it comes to J’s! Cheers
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