Marijuana Moms, Vermont Dispensaries Open & More!  June 27, 2013

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Are Parents That Medicate The Best Kind Of Parents?
In the past two weeks, medical marijuana patients as parents has been a hot topic, and one that's been picked up by the mainstream media from The Huffington Post to CNN. It's a controversial topic, and one worth discussing. For us, the answer is clear: parents that choose cannabis over alcohol to relieve stress are logically much better role models and more fit to raise children. However, on the flip side, "Marijuana Moms" taking the media by storm may not make the best impression on people in non-progressive states that still view weed as a danger and don't know marijuana's true medicinal value. So while the answer may seem cut and dry, it's worth asking: will this exposure help or hurt the movement's goal to legalize?

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California Finest: America's First Marijuana "Cigarette" Packs
Imagine a day when you can buy Oreos, Slurpees, and a pack of Cannabis all at the same time. It may seem like the distant future, but in California, the future is NOW. Made from 100% cannabis and coming in four different varieties, Hollister's Purple Cross Rx has upped the ante by introducing California to America's first Medical Marijuana Cigarette Packs. Offering flavors like Grand Daddy Purple, OG Kush, Blue Dream, and Train Wreck, California Finest has made buying, containing, and consuming cannabis as easy as 1-2-3. Tested at labs and containing highly monitored strains, you actually know what's in this kind of pack--and it's 100% herbal, medical, and good for the soul. If you're a California resident, you can order California Finest online or stop by the Purple Cross Rx when you're in the area.

Vermont's First Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Open!
Vermont just became the latest East Coast state to take the jump from decriminalized to medicinal marijuana. This week, the state's first two dispensaries opened their doors to medical marijuana patients, and a third dispensary is also expected to open shortly.

The 710 Cup: 30% Off VIP Tickets!
In just two weeks, the first ever 710 Cup is set to lift off--and we've got a special discount for the ENTIRE WeedMaps community, friends and family. Just go right here to purchase your tickets, enter the code "vipweedmaps" and you will get 30% off 3 Day VIP Tickets. The offer stands till the end of June, and The 710 Cup VIP Packages are flying off the shelves. Just use the promo code "vipweedmaps" and we'll see you in Denver, or as we call it: DAB CITY!

We're not only bringing events to MMJ friendly cities, but we're bringing them to the deep sea as well: literally. While we're powering The 710 Cup in Denver this July, we'll also be firing up a 450 person boat cruise out of Long Beach on July, 6th, aptly titled "Boatylicious." As indicated above, the cruise will have two stages and six live DJs, and blazing anything from a joint to a Vaporizer Pen on board is totally kosher with this captain! If you're looking to have a good time 4th of July weekend in the Los Angeles area, this boat is a kush option. You can purchase tickets right here and we suggested acting soon as this event WILL sell out.

10 Medibles That Look Like Real Food
As marijuana moves mainstream, the rise in branding will come along with it. Cannabis lends itself very well to pun-filled named, and ganjapreuners use of these catchy play-on-word slogans can be seen no better than in the Edible (Medible) sphere of the industry. Whether you’re looking to play a trick on Trick or Treaters (discouraged), or simply want to spice up your next party or picnic with fun treats, here’s a list of ones that you can easily disguise as “normal” food. Once unwrapped, all of these these Medibles appear to be normal, every day snacks.

Strain of the Week: LA Confidential
As busty and voluptuous as Kim Basinger in the film of the same name that brought her to fame, LA Confidential does its home city of Los Angeles proud. With a seductive musk, LA Confidential is both naughty and nice, an Indica-dominant heavy Hybrid indicative of Los Angeles’ at times breezy beaches but at times overwhelming Hollywood hustle. Whether you’re dealing with intense migraines or life’s daily grind, a nice bowl of LA Confidential can turn your frown upside down. And help you reach a sedated state of bliss.

WeedMaps TV: Venice Caregivers
Los Angeles' West Side has many dank dispensaries, but few can compare to Vineland Caregivers, a medicinal hub in the heart of Venice and Culver City. Chalk-full of high grade, lab-tested medicine and a knowledgable, friendly staff, it's a place any patient simply must visit when he or she finds himself on the West Side. Go find what's right for you at Venice Caregivers!

Denver Relief's Green Team!
Denver Relief, one of the city's most compassionate clinics, does something truly special to spread good will and keep our city clean: they clean! Their legendary Green Team goes across Denver, making sure that our cannabis community does not make a mess of and embarrass of ourselves (like a recent event did.) While you can keep up with the Green Team on their Facebook team, you can also expect to see them lending their caring hands at and after The 710 Cup. Our image to the outside community is of the utmost importance as we attempt to legalize cannabis--and people like the Green Team help us stay classy.

Join Team WeedMaps!
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Breaking Dab
With the 710 Cup just around the bend, this offering from Portland's own Collective Awakenings is a proper outfit to celebrate Denver's finest Dabs in.

WeedMaps Doctors
Did your recommendation run out? Well, good thing we've got you covered with Weed Doctors!

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