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Main Feed

  • Add signup for newsletter CTA (call to action)/form recurring in load-more cycle. Notes: Andrew hasnt attempted to add this into a counter system, since toggling between all stories and categories may end up being a filter of main feed, rather than loading the actual archive view loop. The latter is preferable, if done with Ajax, but speed trumps Ajaxiness.
  • Category filters curently not Ajax. Filter DOM until user goes to category-specific feed via breadcrumbs/post-meta/what-to-read-next links? This way, initial experience is as fast and slick as possible, but would not play so nice with recurring newsletter CTA if done in PHP, since we want to maintain consistent number of posts between recurring CTA. Maybe that gets javascripted in, every Nth post?

Single Post

  • Can it load from feed via Ajax without too much trouble? Notes: there are a lot of articles on how to approach this. Meanwhile, we are using Jetpack's settings to do continuous scroll, and some of the simplest implementations (plugins) Andrew tried for single post ajax load seem to conflict with the Jetpack Ajax scrolling functionality or are slow. Jetpack is a good choice for continuous scroll because it is maintained by the makers of WordPress, so more likely to always work. However, It might be a bad choice because it is also an API, which could slow things down a bit (so far, no problems on that front, but we will be looking to speed things up)
  • Instagram share link? What exactly is the goal? afaik, instagram doesn't have a way to add blog posts directly, unless part of 'stories'. Am I wrong?  We're killing it. Andrew will remove.
  • Close/Back Button(s)… If article link is shared rather than clicked on from within, back link should not go back, but go to either or weedmaps news main page (back would be leaving the site)
  • Finish social links on tiny screens (in left drawer nav). Almost done. Andrew finishing this up.
  • U Like up-vote system: doesn't work when set to log by username. We wouldn't want that anyway, because it would prevent anonymous participation. Right? Also possible conflict wih WPEngine Caching. Notes: Andrew has tried a handful of other solutions and likely has a better solution.
  • 'What to read next' categories section needs finishing up. Notes: Currently just a paceholder. Already added special field to Category Edit screen for Category Thumbnail upload.
  • Fix Find/Order/Enjoy section for tiny screens (remove phone graphic and center text)
    Newsletter needs correct form from Iterable  Done AAP

Author Functionality

  • Can we add an Author-Order? Content Team would like to be able to control order in which Authors are listed on Author page. Currently, they are listed by number of posts, most first.


  • 404 needs cleaning up.
  • Mobile footer links need +/- icons
  • Author page contact form needs Captcha.
  • Connect all Header, Footer, and Mobile Nav menu links. Note: where geolocation is used on, we are using /in/united-states/

Account/API Tasks

  • Need Weedmaps in-house Typekit/Adobe Account and Typekit styles recreated there and Andrew's Typekit Stylesheet link replaced.
  • Need Weedmaps in-house Account for Jetpack.
  • Need Appropriate Newsletter Subscribe Form.

Current Bugs

  • Problem with Android Link in Footer? (investigate)... was possibly a fluke...Firewall?
  • Nav links to main weedpaps  (addressed above)
  • Like Count (addressed above)
  • Close Button on posts (addresses above)
  • Instagram links on posts (addressed above)
  • Facebook and LinkedIn Buttons need connecting
  • About Us in Footer needs connecting.
  • If Google Fonts is enqueued, let's kill that for speed. Investigate.