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8 of our favorite strawberry scented strains 

Are you a big strawberry fan? Learn about our top 8 favorite strawberry scented cannabis strains and their reported effects.

The 8 best fire strains

Fire OG is a contemporary strain with genetics featured in several heady, powerful, and uniquely complex cultivars. Learn about eight incredible strains with Fire OG parentage.

10 LGBTQ+-owned brands to support this month and every month

Discover these LGBTQIA+ cannabis growers, artisans, and crafters you can support all year long.

The 8 best mint strains

Mint cultivars share a common attribute: a minty exhale that belies a super dank high. Learn more about our favorite mint cannabis strains.
The scene is set: your weed is rolled or packed, cushions are fluffed, your plateful of snacks is piled high and ready to be indulged — all you need now is something to watch.

The 8 best Diesel strains

If your local dispensaries are like mine, they probably stock some variation of Diesel: Sour Diesel, NY Sour Diesel, East Coast Diesel, East Coast Sour Diesel ... you understand. There's…
To the sophisticated Zodiac stoner, Aries season is the landrace strain of astrological signs — not only is it wild and explosive, but it also comes first. The Zodiac wheel…