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The magic hours spent at the Weedmaps Pipe House on the North Shore of Oahu provides lots of time for athletes to surf, hang out, ponder life, and as the gentle rumble of Pipeline's legendary waves break just a few yards away, smoke marijuana.

Though recreational cannabis is still not legal on the islands, travelers with medical conditions eligible for medical marijuana will be able to apply for a temporary card when the state's reciprocity program launches. Officials estimate the program will launch in the first half of 2019. Recreational smoking in public is not allowed in Hawaii, but if you're respectful and discreet, it can be an unmatched experience.

We asked some of our Weedmaps Sports team members, assembled for the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout surfing event, about their favorite spots at and around the Pipe House to partake in some herb. And they didn't hold back.

The beach, between the Pipe House and the world famous break, is an obvious spot to enjoy the sights while toking up. Finnish skater Marius Syvanen; California skaters Boo Johnson, Chase Webb, and Tommy Sandoval; South Carolina skater Clay Kreiner; Connecticut BMX rider Brandon Begin; and California motocross rider Colby Raha all mentioned the beach as one of their favorites. And speaking of the house, the guys all spent time in the jacuzzi and the game room lighting up as well.  

Clay Kreiner, left, Chase Webb, and Jimmy Hill relax with a joint in front of the Weedmaps Pipehouse in Oahu, Hawaii. Weedmaps surfers, skaters, BMX cyclists, and motocross riders attended the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout surfing event.

The big back porch of the Pipe House is also hard to beat, according to the crew. With its open view of Pipe just over the hedge, it's easy to think about all of the legendary surfers who have stood there watching the action. Syvanen, Kreiner, Begin, Webb, and Raha like kicking it on porch with a joint or two.

Tommy Sandoval, left, and his Weedmaps Sports teammates share joints while receiving intravenous drips in the Weedmaps Pipe House.

Away from the Pipe House, the team members keep busy doing what they do best, and find a few spots to smoke out, too. Raha's spot was Kahuku Motocross Park in Haliewa. The smoke-friendly red dirt jungle track is great for its remote beauty.

Chase Webb, center, passes a joint to fellow Weedmaps skater Tommy Sandoval.

Syvanen's hot spot is Banzai Skatepark, just down Kamehameha Highway from the house, as well as Wallows Skate Ditch. Webb and Sandoval skated and smoked at the private backyard setting of Cholo's Bowl near Turtle Bay. For those who get permission to skate the two private bowls, your good fortune can be celebrated with some carefully chosen buds.