The wide world of cannabis is extremely vast — and it’s only growing. More states are legalizing and allowing retailers and delivery services. New brands and products are created seemingly by the minute. There are more deals than you can keep track of and they are gone in a blink of an eye.


Don’t fret. Weedmaps can help you with all of it. For nearly a decade, Weedmaps has been the go-to online resource for millions of users to find nearby retailers and doctors, incredible deals, the top brands, and much more!


Ordering weed online

With more people taking part in a #seshfromhome, online orders offer convenience without the contact.


Browse online menus, find products from your favorite brands, compare prices to find the best deal, and order online for pickup or delivery (not available in all areas) on the Online Ordering page. 

How Orders Work

    1. Go to
    2. Choose delivery or pickup. Select whether you want to start a delivery or pickup order.
    3. If Delivery, enter your address. See only delivery services that are in your service area.
    4. Find a listing. Browse businesses and select one for your order.
    5. Order from the menu. Click on a listing and view their delivery or pickup menu. To add an item to your order simply tap the “Add to Cart” button. You can either select more items to add to your cart or proceed to checkout. 
    6. Check out quickly and easily. Tap on the shopping cart at the top right hand corner of your screen to proceed to checkout. You can review your order summary, customize the order by adjusting quantity, enter your delivery address if applicable, and add special instructions. When your order looks good, click “Send Order” to submit. If it is your first order on Weedmaps, you will need to add required profile information, such as Medical Recommendation cards and photo identification. After your first order, you can securely save this information for even faster checkout during future orders.
    7. Track your order. Receive notifications as your order is being processed so you know when it’s being delivered or available for pickup.
    8. Pay and enjoy. Make payment directly to the delivery service or dispensary when you receive your products.

Finding cannabis products near you

Weedmaps gives you the information and tools to find cannabis brands, delivery services, dispensary storefronts, deals and medical marijuana doctors wherever you are.


On the website’s homepage, or the app’s home screen, verify your location on the topmost bar. (You may be asked to give Weedmaps permission to share your location.) If you want to search in a different area, simply enter the city and state name, then click or tap the location you want.



Once you’ve verified your location, the homepage shows you everything in your area. You can quickly see the business information summarized on “cards.”


Each card shows you:

  • The name of the business
  • Its city and state (where applicable)
  • Its star rating, based on customer reviews
  • The distance from your current location (where applicable)


Understanding dispensary storefronts, delivery services and doctors pages


You’ll find the following information on dispensary storefront and delivery service pages:

  1. Basic information about the dispensary or delivery (logo, name, star rating, store hours, recreational or medical, about us)
  2. Quick reference to whether the business is Open Now or Closed
  3. Google Maps directions to storefronts
  4. Order Online button available at participating, licensed retailers, allowing you to easily order your favorite products with a few taps and securely store your information for fast checkout
  5. A follow button to track your favorite dispensary or deliveries in your Weedmaps profile.
  6. Additional business information about the dispensary or delivery (menu of products, announcements, deals offered, user reviews, and photos and videos they’ve posted)
  7. A notification about verified products on Weedmaps — looking for the Weedmaps Verified Seal on dispensary and delivery menus gives you the peace of mind that you are only browsing products from brand-authorized retailers
  8. A search field where you can enter in part of a word or a full phrase to quickly find a product on the menu
  9. A way for you to sort the menu by:
    • Featured (default setting)
    • Most popular (sorted by number of favorites)
    • Recently added
    • Name: A – Z
    • Name: Z – A
  10. A way for you to filter the menu by:
    • Product category (Flower, Wax, Concentrate, Edible, Drink, Tincture, Topicals, Gear, Preroll)
    • Cannabis brands the business carries
    • Price range
    • Weight (available for Flower, Wax, and Concentrate product categories)
    • Verified products
  11. Information about each product listed on the menu
  12. Prices

Understanding the Doctors Pages

You’ll find the following information on doctors pages:

  1. Basic information about the doctor’s office (name, star rating, location, hours)
  2. Quick Google Maps directions to the doctor’s office
  3. All detailed information about the business (phone number, email, website, social media, amenities, hours, address, and directions)
  4. Additional business information about the doctor (announcements, deals offered, user reviews, photos and videos they’ve posted, and disclaimer)
  5. A follow button to track your favorite doctor’s office in your Weedmaps profile

Using maps to find retailers nearby

With the Maps view, you’ll see a local map of your area as well as markers, or pins, to show where deliveries, dispensaries, and doctors are located. Storefronts, commonly called dispensaries, are indicated with a “cannabis leaf” icon. Delivery services are indicated with a “vehicle” icon. Doctors are indicated with a “stethoscope” icon.


You can zoom in and zoom out using the “+” and “-” buttons on the upper right-hand corner of the map. On your mobile device, simply expand and contract your fingers on the screen to zoom in or zoom out.



You can adjust the map to show only the things you want to see using filters. For example, if you wanted to only see delivery services in your area, you can set your preferences using the “toggle” under “Business Type.” You can set your search preferences on the map using combinations of filters.

Business Type

  • Storefronts: Check the box to see dispensary storefronts in your area.
  • Deliveries: Check the box to see delivery services in your area.
  • Doctors: Check the box to see medical marijuana doctors in your area.
  • Medical: Check the box to see businesses that serve patients with medical marijuana cards or recommendations.
  • Recreational: Check the box to see businesses that serve customers, regardless of whether they have a medical marijuana card or doctor’s recommendation. 



  • Order Online: Check the box to see businesses in your area that offer online ordering for pickup or delivery.
  • Open Now: Check the box to see businesses that are open when you are searching.
  • Verified Seller: Check the box to see businesses that sell authentic products, verified by your favorite brands.
  • Lab Tested: Check the box to see businesses whose products have been lab tested for terpene profile or cannabinoid potency.
  • ATM: Check the box to see businesses that have an onsite ATM.
  • Photos: Check the box to see businesses that have photos of their establishment and cannabis products.
  • Videos: Check the box to see businesses that have videos of their establishment and cannabis products.
  • Accessible: Check the box to see businesses that are wheelchair accessible.
  • Security: Check the box to see businesses that have on-site security.
  • 18+: Check the box to see businesses that serve patients and patrons ages 18 years and older.
  • 19+: Check the box to see businesses that serve patients and patrons ages 19 years and older.
  • 21+: Check the box to see businesses that serve patients and patrons ages 21 years and older.

Claiming deals on cannabis

Find deals, perks and discounts from dispensary storefronts and delivery services in your area on the Deals page. See deals for your favorite products by using the topmost filter bar (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Wax, etc.).


Once you’ve found a deal you want, claim it by clicking or tapping the Claim Deal button.



You can print the deal or have it emailed to you; just be sure to show your budtender the printout or the email from your phone.

Discovering brands

You’ll find thousands of cannabis brands on Weedmaps. If you’re looking for a particular brand you already love, click the All Brands filter on the topmost bar or search for it by name in the search bar. If you want to discover new brands, use the other filters to search by product type (flower, concentrate, vape pens, edibles, medical).


You’ll find the following information on brands pages:


  1. Basic information about the brand (name, star rating, number of reviews)
  2. A list of the products cultivated, manufactured, processed or sold by the brand
  3. Reviews written by individuals who’ve used the brand’s products
  4. Videos posted by the brand
  5. Information about the brand (background, history, its products, lab testing and so forth)
  6. A navigation aid to show you where you are on Weedmaps
  7. Information about each of the brand’s products
  8. How many locations in your area carry the brand’s products
  9. A View All button to see all the brand’s products for that category
  10. A Follow button to track the brands you love in your Weedmaps account


You can search for a specific brand using the Brands Directory, which lists cannabis brands in numeric, then alphabetical, order by name.


You can use All Categories filter to see brands listed by the type of products they have. For example, if you want to only browse brands that have concentrates and edibles, check the Concentrates and Edibles boxes. You can sort your results to show the brands with the highest review scores, the most products, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a retailer that will allow me to place my order online through

There are many ways to find retailers who offer the ability to place pickup and/or delivery orders on Weedmaps. 


To quickly find deliveries or dispensaries that allow for online ordering, you can select “Order Online” from the site navigation on the Weedmaps homepage, on both web and mobile sites; alternatively you can select “Order Pickup” or “Order Delivery” directly underneath the homepage banner. Orders-enabled retailers will also display an “Order Now” button on their listing card, as well as “add to cart” buttons on their menu pages.


On the Map, you can use the “Order Online” filter to highlight orders-enabled retailers, and further filter on “deliveries” or “storefronts” for delivery or pickup orders.


On the Deliveries tab, Orders-enabled retailers will display an “Order Online” button on their listing card.


You can also place orders directly from your “favorites” found in “My Account”. You can save items you’d like to order in the future to your “Favorites” by clicking on the heart within the product details page. 


Why is my favorite delivery service not appearing on the map for my address?

Your favorite delivery service or dispensary may have chosen not to utilize our online ordering option at this time. That said, other retailers may have the brands and products available to order online for either pickup or delivery in your area.


Can I order products from multiple retailers at the same time?

To help keep delivery times and fees to a minimum, you can only add items to your cart and place orders from one retailer at a time. If you cannot find a single retailer in your area that sells all of the products you are looking to order, then you will need to place an order from each retailer consecutively.


How do I place an order?

After you have selected your orders-enabled retailer on or in the Weedmaps  Android Application, you may browse the Retailer menu, select items and specify quantity, and put your desired items in your cart by clicking “Add to Cart”. Once you are finished adding items, select “Proceed to Checkout”


Once you’ve verified that all of your information is correct on the checkout page, select “Place Order”.  From there, your order will be sent to the delivery or dispensary to get fulfilled. 


I have the Weedmaps iOS App on my iPhone, but I can’t seem to place an order. How do I order on my iPhone?

You can place orders on on your iPhone’s browser. To make online ordering as seamless as possible, save onto your homescreen, as online ordering is currently not available through the Weedmaps iOS Application.


I live in a jurisdiction where recreational cannabis is legal, but I am still asked to provide a medical recommendation; however, I don’t have a medical recommendation. How do I purchase from a recreational listing?

In order to purchase from a recreational listing, simply upload your ID in both the “Medical Recommendation” and “Driver’s License” fields. 


Is Weedmaps charging me for my order? Will you provide a refund?

Weedmaps does not collect payment. The retailer is responsible for collecting payment for the products. Weedmaps does not provide refunds or exchanges; if there is an issue with your order, please contact the retailer directly.


Can I apply a deal I found on Weedmaps to my online order?

Deals found on Weedmaps can only be redeemed at the retailer at this time.


Is the driver an employee of Weedmaps?

Retailers found on Weedmaps are not owned or operated by Weedmaps. Each retailer is operated independently and is responsible for hiring its own employees.


What if I don’t feel comfortable giving my address to a stranger?

Only licensed retailers are able to offer online ordering on Weedmaps, and delivery drivers are directly hired by each licensed retailer. However, If you don’t feel comfortable providing your address, you can order through a retailer that offers a pickup option. 


Do you deliver to hotels, workplaces, schools, or parks?

Each retailer is responsible for delivery, and delivery regulations differ by jurisdiction. In many jurisdictions, it is illegal to deliver cannabis products to schools, federal and state lands (parks, prisons, government buildings, etc). In order to find out about delivery options, reach out to the retailer you would like to purchase from.


How long will the delivery take?

Many factors affect delivery times, such as day of the week, time of day, holidays, and retailer capability. Once you place an order, the retailer may provide an ETA for delivery.


What types of notifications should I expect to receive during my order process? 

In order to receive updates on your order we do require you to have a mobile device with a United States phone number. Throughout your order you should expect to receive text messages to provide you the status of your order, such as when your delivery is arriving or when your order is ready to be picked up. 


Can I opt out of receiving text notifications related to my order?

These notifications are for the dispensary or delivery service to communicate with you regarding updates to your order. The first message you will receive from Weedmaps is an order confirmation, after which you may reply ‘STOP’ to opt out of future messages.


Why am I getting text notifications after I have received my order?

If you receive a text message after your order has been completed, that is an indication that the order has been closed out on the Weedmaps platform. 


How can I be sure I’m getting the best price for the products I’m interested in ordering? 

Weedmaps has among the largest selection of cannabis retailers in the industry. The best way to compare prices at different retailers is to first input your address in the address bar on Weedmaps to see which retailers are in your area, and then look at each retailer’s menu individually to compare products you are interested in ordering.


How do I know the products will be up to my standards?

Look for products that have the blue “verified” seal, which appears only on products sold by brand-authorized retailers. Also read reviews from the Weedmaps community regarding the retailer and its products before purchasing.


What if a store is out of an item?

If a retailer is out of an item, the retailer will contact you directly to make an adjustment to your order. If you would still like to purchase the out of stock item, simply notify the retailer that you would like to cancel your order, and shop on Weedmaps for other orders-enabled retailers in your area that might carry the product(s) you are interested in ordering.


Does Weedmaps guarantee my order will be correct?

We work closely with retailers to ensure their menus are up to date; however, since Weedmaps is not the retailer, we cannot guarantee order accuracy. If you have an issue with your order, reach out to the retailer to rectify the situation. If you cannot reach the retailer, or you cannot resolve the issue with the retailer, please reach out to the Weedmaps order support team at


What do I do if an item is missing from my order?

We recommend that you check the contents of your order at the time of your transaction to ensure that your order is complete and correct.  If an item is missing from your delivery order, reach out to the retailer you ordered from. If you cannot reach the retailer, or you cannot resolve the issue with the retailer, please reach out to the Weedmaps order support team at


I’m having trouble logging into my account so that I can place an order. How can I get assistance? 

If you are unable to log into your account please email for further assistance. 


How safe is my information on the website? 

Your privacy is important to us. For additional information please visit our privacy policy at