ˈdē-zəl | Noun

A name that is commonly used to describe the intoxicating fuel aroma and flavor of certain cannabis varieties. Similar to dank, diesel weed was originally used to describe high-quality cannabis of any origin.


“This Chemdawg is the best quality diesel weed I ever smoked.”


“My diesel joint smells like fresh fuel from the gas pump.”


What Is Diesel Weed?

Diesel weed is so named for its distinctive aroma of diesel fuel. Cannabis varieties classified as diesel are known for their rich potency, pleasant taste, and trichome-dense buds. Diesel weed is known to have more sativa-leaning (psychoactive) effects due to its higher levels of THC and terpene content. 


Popular Diesel Strains

Sour Diesel, Chemdawg, GG4, Original Diesel Strain, and Bruce Banner are a few of the most common diesel strains. In addition, Strawberry Sour Diesel, Original Glue, and Cannatonic are other popular diesel strains known for their sharp aroma and flavor.