ˈba-t(ə-)rē | Noun

A vape pen battery, sometimes also referred to as a dab pen battery, is a power source used to heat and vaporize the cannabis concentrates inside a vape cartridge. Manufacturers craft various types of batteries, but the most common are 510-threaded and pod compatible. Some batteries activate with a button, while inhaling from the mouthpiece activates others.


“I use a 510 thread battery with my vape cartridges.”


“My friend has a really fancy vape battery that I like to borrow.”

Most Common Weed Vape Pen Batteries

While every weed battery ultimately accomplishes the same thing, there is still a wide degree of variance between different models. This gives consumers a lot of flexibility to tailor their vaping experience.


The threads used to attach the cartridge is arguably the most important feature of any vape pen battery. If you seek a weed battery that’s compatible with the widest range of cartridges, buy a 510 thread battery. From there, the vape cartridge battery you choose is all about preference.