Noun | ˈanTHər

An oval-shaped sac located at the end of the stamen in which pollen is produced, stored, and later released from the male cannabis plant. If left undisturbed in nature, anthers will release pollen grains into the air. If the cannabis plant is being used for breeding purposes, the pollen can be collected from the anthers and applied to female cannabis plants to produce a cross of those two strains.


“The anthers were full of fertilizing pollen.”


“There were multiple anthers on the end of the stalk’s filament, which resembled a bunch of bananas.”

What Is the Anther of a Flower?

The anther of a flower comprises the part of the stamen where pollen is produced. The pod-like anther is attached to the stamen which presents as a slender filament. Most plants have about half a dozen anthers encircling the flower’s center. The anther may appear in a color range from light yellow to deep red. 

What Is the Main Function of the Anther?

The main function of the anther of a flower is to produce the pollen of flowering plants. The pollen contained within the anther provides the sperm necessary for reproduction. The anther functions to attract pollinators, such as bumblebees, to the flower and reproduction would be impossible without this crucial part of the flower’s anatomy.